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Found 4 results

  1. After completing the Virtual Cabin, i realized that the game would be much better if the counselours only see in first person. As Jason i think that third person is fine, even more to surprise counselors in corridors or corners. What would be the benefits? 1.The game seems to have a bigger suspense in the first person. 2.Physically speaking the game would look more beautiful and realistic, whoever played the Virtual Cabin knows what i talking abou it. 3.This would even work as a form of balancing the gameplay, one of the biggest problems from Stalk ability of Jason, is the reason that the counselours can see in third person! For example, in one of the challenges in Single-Player mode, you have to surprise a counselor while he is repairing the car battery and the goal is not to be seen, until u grab the individual. Why this kind of insane and cool gameplay wouldn't work in multiplayer games? Well, counselours can see everything that happens while they're fixing things! (like an onipresent god) Wouldn't we have a much greater suspense not knowing what's behind us? In my opinion, we should care less about ideias that will directly benefit us as a counselor or as Jason, and try to give ideas that would make the game more interesting and frightening, as is shown in the atmosphere of the Friday the 13th movies. Examples for people who didn't play the Virtual Cabin: Looking trough a window: Puting gas on the car: View of the docks: Get killed by jason: Fixing the boat: The woods: Killed by jason again:
  2. Didn't see a topic for this when I searched, but I think this game would be waaaayyyy scarier in first person and even more so in VR. The virtual cabin 2.0 gave a small glimpse of what it would be like and it was lit AF. Thoughts on this?
  3. I feel like weather and first person would make the game way more immersive and more scary. For the first person part look up: First person Friday the 13th the game on youtube, doesn't that look way more scary? Lemme know if you would like to see some weather and FP
  4. Please let us change the perspective in the car. I had a round where I sat on the back with another guy and the driver got pulled out, I ran to the drive seat and I couldn't see if the other guy got in again or not. I have no idea when a person got into the car with me or not in that horrible first person perspective, you can't see anything. Please give us a third person perspective at least as an option.
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