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  1. Hardcore mode includes: no walkie talkies, less melee weapons available/weapons break often, crawling through broken widows automatically puts you on your final hit, jason hears (the car start, when you're on the phone with the police, the boat engine) or his mother helps him by saying "they're trying to escape jason. Stop them." (When repairs are made), jasons rage activates automatically when any counselor escapes. (Rage activation increases his walk/run speed, can sense all counselors even with sense avoidence perks, abilities cooldown time decreases to a 3 second wait), slim to none chance the radio to call tommy jarvas will be on the map, 7 min wait for police and jason already knows where they will show up before they get there, if jason is "killed" the counselors will have 2 mins to escape (in a boat, with police, or in a car) before he automatically revives, jason stun time lasts 5 seconds( 3 in rage mode), each hit jason takes increases rage meter more (after 5 hits rage mode activated), everyone is prone to fear and loses mini map automatically when jason is nearby or dead body is seen, if jason stops car 3 times all repairs to car has to be done again, police will only pick up the counselor who called and 2 others and will have to be called again to pick up more, if there are 3 vehicles there will only be 2 gas containers (2 vehicles 1 gas container), as added fun the boat will already have the bolder and chain in it so counselors will have the choice to "drown" jason or escape ( "drowning" jason will be the only way to "kill" him and will consist of a "button mash contest" for the counselor trying to put it on him and jason trying to flip the boat over), survivors will gain triple XP and double CP for surviving hardcore jason will receive normal if anyone escapes and triple XP and double CP for all counselors killed, tommy can only be called when 3 or more players have died, jason can grab counsors from a downed position for quick kill (stops counselors from ganging up on him and t-bagging him), if Jason's mask is removed counselors will stay in fear, and last but not least weather conditions will alter the game (strong winds will radomly open unlocked doors, thuderstorms will radomly destroy power boxes/generators, power is needed to call police, running in rain off road will incrase stumbling, running outside with rain and strong winds will decrease counselor speed from cold, weather does not affect jason).
  2. Hey folks, I've never done a poll on here, but I figured I ask a few questions and see what kind of feedback people give. Looking to the future for F13:TG, what kinds of improvements would you like to see? Edit: you can select multiple choices.
  3. Only in private match remove penalty for team killing and re add the team killing off and on check box back!! I have been saying it but falls on deaf ears if it MY private match should be MY choice!!
  4. I figured I'd just consolidate my ideas and feedback into a single thread. I'll just add to it if something pops in my head. Thanks for dropping in for a read. Revamping Counselor Statistics: Composure – stoicism and resolve; ability to resist fear and think clearly under pressure 1. Determines Fear accumulation/reduction rate. Higher score = slower Fear gain, faster Fear reduction. 2. Higher score equates to greater Fear pool. (Can absorb more before moving to next Fear level) 3. Inverse of score determines stumble/mumble chance. “10” = 3% +1% for each fear level gained. “9” = 5% +1% for each fear level gained. “8” = 8% +1% for each fear level gained. Et cetera. Inverse of the score also determines if the stumble actually becomes a fall to the ground. “10” score = 3% +1% for each fear level gained stumble chance and the same odds (second RNG event) that it becomes a fall down rather than a stumble. Stumble/mumble chance should be determined once every 20 seconds of jogging, sprinting, or remaining in a hiding spot. 4. Higher score speeds up the time make calls for Tommy and the Police. Increases call speed by +2% for each point of Composure (max 20% of course). 5. Passive Sense avoidance chance equal to the Composure score. Athleticism – raw athletic potential/capability; ties partially into overall physical strength 1. Higher score determines swim, jog, and run top speeds. +2% bonus for each point in the score. 2. Higher score determines dodge speed in combat stance. +2% bonus for each point in the score. 3. Higher score determines how fast a counselor recovers from the prone position (i.e. jumping through a window or getting up from a stumble fall). Recovery speed is boosted by 1% per point in Athleticism. 4. Higher score impacts melee weapon speed. +2% speed boost for each point in the score. 5. Higher scores boosts how fast a counselor climbs through a window or barricades a door. +1% speed boost for each point in the score. 6. **The combination of Athleticism and Conditioning determine the base melee damage dealt by the counselor and the % stun chance bonus for melee weapons. If a counselor, say Kenny, has a 5 in each score. He would have a combined value of 10/2 = 5 for determining melee damage. However damage is determined by the Devs???. Kenny would also have a default +5% stun chance using all melee weapons. If Bugz had values of 8 and 10, he would have a value of 18/2 = 9 for determining damage and a default bonus of +9% stun chance. Lastly, the counselor would have a % bonus to break-free from Jason’s grab equal to their combined Athleticism and Condition statistics, minus 2% for each fear level currently experienced. Using Kenny one more time as an example, he would have a 10% bonus to breaking free of Jason’s grab at 0 Fear, but would incur a -2% penalty to this passive bonus for each level of Fear he gains. Conditioning – endurance and recovery; ties partially into overall physical strength 1. Determines Stamina pool size. 2. Determines how fast Stamina is used and regenerates. 3. Determines how much damage is reduced by blocking in combat stance. +2% per point in the score. 4. Determines how much Stamina is recovered by stunning Jason, crawling through a window, breaking free of a grab, and resting in a hiding spot. 5. Inverse of score determines speed penalty. “10” = 2% speed penalty for crouching, jogging, sprinting, crawling through windows, etc. “9” = 4% penalty. “8” =6% penalty. Et cetera. Determines how fast a counselor can move when carrying the battery or gas can. 6.**The combination of Athleticism and Conditioning determine the base melee damage dealt by the counselor and the % stun chance bonus for melee weapons. If a counselor, say Kenny, has a 5 in each score. He would have a combined value of 10/2 = 5 for determining melee damage. However damage is determined by the Devs. Kenny would also have a default +5% stun chance using all melee weapons. If Bugz had values of 8 and 10, he would have a value of 18/2 = 9 for determining damage and a default bonus of +9% stun chance. Lastly, the counselor would have a % bonus to break-free from Jason’s grab equal to their combined Athleticism and Condition statistics, minus 2% for each fear level currently experienced. Using Kenny one more time as an example, he would have a 10% bonus to breaking free of Jason’s grab at 0 Fear, but would incur a -2% penalty to this passive bonus for each level of Fear he gains. Any half increments for determining strength/stun chance would be rounded up. Acumen – critical thinking (good judgement) and quick decision making 1. Determines the number of “pie slices” in the repair quick time event (QTE). 2. Determines the size of the “pie slices” in the repair QTE. 3. Determines the speed of the dial progress for a repair QTE. 4. Increases the speed to disarm Jason’s traps. Perhaps a 2% speed increase for every point in Acumen. 5. Increases the “break free” duration/difficulty of setting a counselor bear trap for Jason. +2% difficulty for each point of the Acumen score. 6. Increases the utility of melee weapons (knowing how to get more uses out of them). +3% bonus chance (per successful hit) the weapon does not break when out of durability for each point of Acumen. As an example, Deborah with Acumen 10 would have a 30% chance her melee weapon doesn’t break when its durability reaches 0. Stealth – the ability to reduce detection and go unnoticed 1. Determines the size and detectable range of sound pings. Detectable range of pings is reduced by 3% per point in the Stealth score. Size of the detectable pings is reduced by 2% per point of the Stealth score. 2. Reduces the in-game audio noise generated by the counselor (opening/closing drawers, doors, entering and exiting hidings spots, etc.) by 2% per point of Stealth. % chance equal to Stealth score certain actions will be completely silent (climbing through a window, opening/closing window or door, enter/exit a hiding spot, repair failures, stumbling/recovering from a jump-through-window.) 3. Each point in stealth improves crouching movement speed by 2%. A.J. with Stealth 10 would have her sound ping detection radius reduced by 30%, and the size of the pings reduced by 20%. Her in-game audio noise cues would have their volume reduced by 20% AND she would have a 10% chance (RNG) to make ZERO noise when completing certain actions. A.J. would also have her crouch speed increased by 20%. EXAMPLE:Grants a % chance equal to the Stealth score certain actions will be completely silent. A) Entering a window, Entering/Exiting a hiding spot, stepping in one of Jason’s traps, or failing a repair QTE. Counselors would have a total of 25 statistic points and counselor creation would follow a few simple rules. 1. No counselor (except heroes like Tommy) could have more than one stat with a value of 9-10. 2. No counselor could have more than one stat with a value of 7-8. 3. No counselor could have more than one stat with a value of 1. EXAMPLE Conversion of A.J. to new format: 6 Acumen: 2 Athleticism: 4 Composure: 3 Conditioning: 10 Stealth: So what does this mean for A.J. with her new stats based on the example? 1. 12% speed bonus to disarming Jason’s traps. 12% chance her weapon does not break when it reaches 0 durability, allowing her an additional usage of the weapon. 2. Sound ping detection radius is reduced by 30%. Size of the pings produced is reduced by 20%. In-game audio noise for actions will be reduced by 20% for proximity detection. Finally, there would be a 10% chance (per instance) that entering/exiting a window, entering/exiting a hiding spot, stepping in Jason’s traps, and failing a QTE repair check will be completely silent (non-detectable by sound or notification to Jason). 3. 6% of Jason’s melee attack damage would be blocked when using the block function. 16% speed penalty when carrying a gas can or battery. 4. Swim, crouch, and run top speeds gain a 4% bonus. 4% bonus to dodge speed while in combat stance. Climbs through windows, barricades doors, and recovers from the prone 2% faster. 5. 20% chance to stumble/mumble +1% per fear level gained past 0 fear. 20% chance that a stumble instead become as fall. 6. Speed for calling Tommy or Police is increased by 8%. 7. Passive Sense avoidance chances of 4% is always active. 8. A.J. would have a 5% stun chance bonus with all melee weapons and a 5% bonus to break-free attempts from Jason’s grab. Her effective strength score would be equal to her Athleticism and Conditioning (2+3) divided by 2 = 2.5(rounded up to 3). 3 would determine her base melee damage (Strength 3 as we know it currently). Counselors should also each have a specific unique trait that differentiates them from the playstyle and theme of other counselors. Here are a few ideas that might work: Unique Counselor Traits to go with re-vamped statistics: Adam Trait: Gearhead; if it has an engine, Adam can make it purr. · Vehicle start time is reduced by 20%. A.J. Trait: Wallflower; A.J. is an outsider and knows a lot about getting around un-noticed. · +10% movement speed when crouching. +10% stamina regeneration when alone (nobody with 30m) Brandon Trait: MVP; Brandon is a star player. Respect the Champ! · +10% melee damage. Can block Jason’s grab while in combat stance Chad Trait: Egotistical; Chad is special. You are not. That’s why Chad is rich. · +10% to all movement speeds when Jason is close AND other counselors are close (within 30m). Vehicles move 10% faster when Chad is a passenger. Deborah Trait: Quick Study; Deborah learns how things work quickly. · +10% speed boost to all non-movement actions Deborah has already done once before during the match. Eric Trait: Natural 20; Eric has faced the worst role-playing games have to offer. His lucky D20 will see him through. · Eric will automatically succeed at the first repair QTE each match. Jason will receive a sound notification (as applicable) 10 seconds after the repair has been completed. Fox Trait: Sassy; Fox isn’t afraid to get in anyone’s face. · Pocket Knife stun duration is increased by +20%. 10% chance to start match with a pocket knife. Jenny Trait: Final Girl; She is a natural survivor, even if she doesn’t realize it. · +10% sense avoidance chance when Jason has Rage. 30% chance that retrieving Pamela’s sweater from Jason’s shack does not notify Jason without his mask. Kenny Trait: Pragmatic; Kenny knows how to utilize what he has to maximum effect. · 5% chance to gain a second use out of a one-time use consumable item (shotgun, flare gun, firecrackers, med spray, etc.) Mitch Trait: Stoned; the drugs and music expand the mind dude… · +10% fear resistance. +10% chance to detect Jason in Stalk when within 10m. Tiffany Trait: Popular; Tiffany is popular for her good looks and outgoing personality. People want to be around her. · +20% fear resistance if Tiffany is not alone. This applies to her and all counselors within 10m. Vanessa Trait: Gym Rat; Vanessa takes working out seriously. It pays off. · Sprint speed increased by +10% when at maximum fear. Stamina depletion reduced by 30% when swimming. I guess then all we need is a revamped perk system, but I would recommend that no perk offers a bonus greater than 20% or has a penalty greater than 10%. Perks should make meaningful adjustments to the counselors and stack with their existing strengths. EDIT: A few unique one-use items for each counselor to start with. Unique Counselor Items – One time use/non-droppable A.J. Elastic Bracelet: The first time A.J. is grabbed by Jason, A.J. won’t drop her carried item. Adam Screwdriver: If Adam installs the car batter or boat propeller, he gives the vehicle a quick tune-up. The vehicle’s start time is reduced 5% for all counselors. Brandon Championship Ring: The first time Brandon hits Jason and breaks a counselor free from his grab, Jason’s stun time is increased by 25%. Chad Money Clip: The first melee or knife attack that hits Chad ignores all damage. Deborah Chemistry Book: The first flare gun or firecracker used by Deborah will put all his abilities on cooldown for 10 seconds in addition to the normal stun effect. Fox Flask: The first time Fox runs out of Stamina, she will regain 25% of her maximum Stamina. Jenny Family Picture: The first time Jenny reaches maximum Fear, her Fear level will be reduced by 25%. Kenny Padlock: The first door that Kenny barricades or locks has its hit points tripled. Door cannot be unlocked again. Mitch Rolling Papers: Mitch will not cry out, regardless of Fear level, the first time he is in a cabin when the power is cut. Tiffany Hairspray: The first time Tiffany is pulled from a vehicle, she will automatically break free of Jason’s grab. Vanessa Granola Bar: The first time Vanessa is reduced to limping, will be healed 25% of her maximum health. Balancing Jason v. Counselors To balance Jason, we need to establish a couple key baselines related to speed. Let’s take a minute to look establish basic movement speeds. It appears the Devs are using metric units of measure so I will do likewise. Base Counselor Crouch Speed 1 meter per second (m/s) Base Counselor Speed (walking/limping) 1 m/s Base Counselor Jog 3 m/s Base Counselor Sprint 9 m/s Base Counselor Swim 2 m/s Base Counselor Fast Swim 3 m/s All of these basic speeds are unmodified bases assuming a stat score of “0”. Individual counselor stats would modify the baseline. EXAMPLE: AJ’s base speed would be 1.04 m/s after adjusting the baseline for her Athleticism statistic. Her Jog would be 3.12 m/s, and her sprint would be 9.36 m/s. Any penalties to her speed would be assessed AFTER calculating what her base stat bonus would be after being modified by her ability score. So simply put, if her Jog Speed were penalized (such as carrying a gas can), the 3.12 m/s value would be penalized; not the unmodified baseline shared by ALL counselors. In all instances, a penalty would always be applied AFTER bonuses, regardless of the source (stats, traits, perks). This is to ensure that penalties never become trivial by being outpaced by bonuses. Jason Jason’s Slow Walk would be the equivalent of a counselor with a “0” stat in Athletics (the unmodified baseline = 1 m/s). Jason would be slow enough that even a limping counselor would still put distance between him moving at his slowest movement value (assuming no movement penalties). This would be offset by Jason have 75% reduced movement noise (footsteps) while moving at his slowest movement value. Additionally, Jason would not have his marker icon show up on counselor maps if spotted while moving at his slowest movement value or while more than 5m from an artificial/natural light source (regardless of movement speed). This adds tactical value to using his slowest form of movement. Jason Fast Walk 1.75 m/s Jason Jog 2.75 m/s Jason Swim B – 2 m/s | B + 0.25 m/s | B + 2.25 m/s Boat (B) Baseline 9 m/s Car (C) Baseline 12 m/s Jason SHIFT C – 0.50 m/s | C + 1 m/s | C + 2.50 m/s Initial balancing of Jason vs. Counselors needs to happen at the movement interaction level between him and HOW fast they can move (at an unmodified level). Weapon and Environmental Damage for Jason: Jason, counselors, and environmental objects (barricaded doors and walls) would all default to “100” hit points. When Jason reaches 100 hit points received, he loses his mask. Allow me to explain. Jason Weapon Strength Trait 20 | 25 | 34 = damage per hit A Jason with neither Weapon Strength as a negative nor positive would kill an un-perked counselor in 4 hits (25 damage). He would break down a barricaded heavy door in 4 hits (1 hit for a light door/all Jason’s). It would take 3 hits for a +Weapon Strength Jason and 5 hits for a – Weapon Strength Jason. Un-barricaded heavy doors would have 50% less hit points (50). Counselor Weapon Baseline 3 | 6 | 9 |12 (The raw strength calculation between Athleticism and Conditioning would be added to the value for the damage of the weapon used. A.J. as an example would add “3” to base damage for any weapon used. Other Jason Traits/Abilities: ALL Jason’s would have 4 Strengths and 4 Weaknesses @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow has some pretty in-depth ideas regarding how Jason could have 4 Strengths and Weaknesses. Check out his ideas HERE! Morph (cooldown 30 seconds neutral): Jason’s should have a negative/neutral/positive attribute for almost every trait and ability. +Morph: Cooldown reduced 20% (24 seconds), precision increased (more grid points per map position). -Morph: Cooldown increased 20% (36 seconds), precision remains as neutral Shift (Cooldown 30 seconds neutral): Base speeds are determined relative to car movement speed unmodified. +Shift: Cooldown reduced 20% -Shift: Cooldown increase 20% Sense (Full recharge from 0 at 30 seconds): Sense radius is tied to Rage meter accumulation. Radius minimum starts at 100m and increases by percentage equivalent to the Rage meter being filled. 25% chance to detect in hiding spots Pre-Rage, 100% detection in hiding spots Post-Rage. This is mitigated by perks, traits, and base sense avoidance chance. There is no basic auto-detect radius. Jason has a base 50% chance to detect counselors at 0 Fear anywhere inside the detection range. For each Fear level gained, detection chance increases based on sense positive/neutral/negative attribute. +Sense: +10% detection chance per Fear level; Full recharge rate increased by +10% Neutral Sense: +5% detection chance per Fear level. -Sense: +1% detection chance per Fear level; Full recharge rated decreased by -10%. Stalk (cooldown 30 seconds neutral): +Stalk: Cooldown reduced by 20% -Stalk: Cooldown increased by 20% Rage: Increases all Jason ability cooldowns by 10%. Instant smash through doors and walls. Melee/grab/and thrown knife damage increased by 10%. Hit Points (Jason has a base of 100 hit points/masked knocked off at 0): + Hit Points: Hit points increased by 25% -Hit Points: Hit points reduced by 25% Defense: Jason default blocks 25% of all incoming damage when using the “block” function. Counselor Weapons incur a 25% degradation in durability. Block button response time .5 second. +Defense: Jason blocks 35% of all incoming damage using block; Counselor weapons incur a 35% degradation in durability. Block button responsiveness .25 sec. -Defense: Jason block 15% of all incoming damage when using block/ Counselor weapons incur a 15% degradation in durability. Block button responsiveness 1 sec. Stun Resistance: Jason’s default stun time is 6 seconds – unless he has room to fall back, in which case the duration increases to 10 seconds (this a "break free" stun which means he can get up faster, but he will auto-recover at 10 seconds). Jason will not get the option to “recover/break free” of a stun unless it is a bear trap, Pamela’s sweater, or unless he falls down. Default button taps needed to recover, for Jason, would be set at 30 taps. +Stun Resistance: Stun duration reduced by 33%; recovery difficulty, for Jason, by button taps reduced by 20%; Counselor weapon stun chance reduced by 5%. -Stun Resistance: Stun duration increased by 33%; recovery difficulty, for Jason, increased by 20% for button taps; Counselor weapon stun chance increased by 5%. Grip Strength: Jason’s default grip would deal 5 damage to a grabbed counselor; requiring 30 button presses to escape at 0 Fear. Each Fear level would increase escape difficulty by 10% of the base requirement (30/33/36/39) +Grip Strength: Button escape difficulty increased by 30%; Inflicts 10 damage on a successful grab. -Grip Strength: Button escape difficulty decreased by 10%; Inflicts no damage. Traps: All Jason’s would start with 5 traps by default. Traps would deal 50 damage when triggered. (Counselors would limp when they lose 50% of their hit points). Difficulty to escape traps is equal to difficulty to escape Jason’s grab (30 button presses base). +Traps: +2 traps over the default; difficulty to escape traps increases by 20%; Jason ALWAYS notified when the trap is triggered (pocket knife triggering is not silent), Stealth attribute of counselors can still offer a chance at non-detection. -Traps: -2 traps under the default; Difficulty to escape traps is reduced by 20%; Traps deal 30% MORE damage. Throwing Knives: Jason default starts with 2 throwing knifes. Base damage for a knife is 20 hit points. Base range for a knife is 25m. Each knife has a 5% chance to slow a counselor by 25% for 3 seconds. +Throwing Knives: Jason starts with 4 knives; base damage is increased by 20%; 10% chance to slow a counselor 25% for 3 seconds. -Throwing Knives: Jason does not start with throwing knives; based damage is reduced by 20%; No chance to slow a counselor. Menace *NEW*: All Jason’s scare their prey. Baseline Fear triggers related to Jason (as per how the Devs have it designed); baseline percentage to place a counselor at maximum fear after a grab = 10% +Menace: Counselors accumulate 20% more Fear when they see Jason, see Jason kill somebody, and when Jason breaks a window, door, or wall within 10m of them. 15% chance that being grabbed by Jason results in the counselor peaking to maximum fear. -Menace: Counselors accumulate Fear 20% less for certain Jason actions (see above); 5% chance being grabbed by Jason results in the counselor peaking to maximum fear. Awareness *NEW*: Jason’s can detect sound (by pings) at a default range of 200m. Rain reduces detection range by 10%. Noise pings of counselors will show on Jason's map if they are within 50m. +Awareness: Jason’s sound detection range increased by 25%; Sound pings show approximate position on Jason’s map out to the maximum detection range. Rain reduces detection range by 5%. -Awareness: Jason’s sound detection range decreased by 25%. Rain reduces detection range by 15%. Items: Pocket Knife: Limit of 3 per match (drawer randomized). Auto-break free from Jason’s grab. Can be used to disarm Jason’s trap; consumes the knife. 30% chance the disabled trap will not notify Jason, otherwise the notification is delayed by 10 seconds. Firecrackers: Limit (4-8) per match (drawer randomized). Affected radius 1.5m. Firecrackers will Stagger Jason (2 second recoil unless holding a counselor) and place his abilities (Morph, Stalk, Shift, Sense/not Rage) on cooldown for 5 seconds. While Staggered Jason cannot used grab-kill executions (gives counselors more chance to break free). Finally, Jason will be marked on counselors maps for 5 seconds. Flare Gun: Limit 3-5 per match (table and shelf randomized). Marks Jason on counselor’s maps for 10 seconds. Staggers Jason (2 second recoil/ will cause Jason to drop a counselor unlike Firecrackers) and will place his abilities on cooldown for 5 seconds. Deals 5 damage to Jason. Med Spray: Limit 4 per match (drawer, campsite, and bathroom randomized). Heals 50 hit points by default. Hammer and Nails *NEW*: Limit 3-5 per match (Campsite, table and shelf randomized). Can be used to fortify a locked/barricaded door. Increases hit points of a locked door by 75%. The door can no longer be opened (must be broken down). Fire Extinguisher *NEW*: Limit 3-5 per match (cabin wall mount). Hand carried. Trigger to create a dense white cloud with a 3m radius. Blocks line of sight and grants 100% sense avoidance in the area of effect. Dissipates after 10 seconds. Bear Trap: Limit 3-5 per match (dispersed in cabins). Locks Jason in place until he breaks free. Game Mode Idea from August 30th. Essentially a Check Point Run. Ok, I was giving some thoughts to potential new game modes that might be interesting. An idea popped in my head for a checkpoint run that would take place on a map. Not sure what to call this idea for a mode. Maybe "Death Race"? 1. There would be 13 checkpoints scattered throughout the map. Each counselor could see the next checkpoint that they needed to reach by arrow indicator on their mini-map and as an icon on the mini-map when they were close enough to it. 2. When a counselor reaches a checkpoint they have to interact with it to get a token (checkpoints can be indoors or outdoors). When they get the token, the next checkpoint will be annotated on the mini-map. Each checkpoint they reach they will get an XP award in addition to the token. 3. When a counselor gains all 13 tokens they can exit the map at one of the points where the cops would normally arrive. 4. Jason's task of course is to kill all of the counselors before they collect the necessary tokens and escape. 5. The whole of the map would still be usable, so counselors can hide and move through cabins as normal, or use any means they can to reach the next checkpoint to get their token. 6. No other escape options would be present on the map. No phone. No cars. No boat. No Tommy. 7. Jason would know where all the checkpoints are, but not in which order individual counselors will have to reach them. The order of checkpoints randomizes every match. What to do with bodies lying around> I was just thinking. The bodies pretty much lay around and act is fear landmines in-game. They cause the counselors to have a little jump and Fear spike, but that's about it right now. It might be pretty neat if after say ~3 minutes a body will get "moved" and strung up at a traverse-able window or in a doorway on the first floor of a nearby cabin. This could represent Jason "relocating" the counselor's corpse. Make it so the body blocks the window or door, but can be ripped down by a counselor using a simple QTE (based on Composure NOT Repair). Doing so would spike the counselor's Fear and clear the body. Make it so Jason can just approach a body in a doorway and tear it down with a button press (like breaking a window or generator). You'd have to have a few rules governing the mechanic. 1. Bodies will relocate only if no player is in line of sight to the body or the location it will randomize to. If this cannot happen, the body will not relocate and remain where it was originally. 2. Bodies will only appear on the first floor of structures. No need to have people complain how a body got nailed outside the 2nd story window at Higgin's Haven main house. 3. Bodies missing arms won't relocate. Need something to tack it up with. 4. Bodies killed outside will appear nailed up outside of cabins. External window and doorways only. Keep it randomized but bodies will not show up over shuttered windows. 5. Bodies killed inside will appear over windows and doors. The doors can be internal to the cabin or over exit doors. 6. Moved bodies will show up as a green marker on Jason's map. That way the Jason player is aware of new obstacles he has ostensibly set-up. Essentially, the bodies would become delay hazards for counselors that cause increased Fear accumulation in their radius (think radiating Fear landmine). They can be torn down but they also act it inhibit counselor's movement. Counselor's failing checks on the QTE won't notify Jason, but their Fear will spike drastically with each failure. It is a bit disconcerting tearing your buddy off of a door frame or window frame.
  5. It seems that we only really deal in black and white with this game in terms of some mechanics. Jason is either stunned or he isn't. The following things can "stun" Jason: 1. Melee Weapon hits 2. Firecrackers 3. Shotguns 4. Flare Guns 5. Bear Traps (more of a delay than an actual stun) 6. The Sweater 7. Pocket Knives With counselors, high damage taken leads to a limp. Counselors cannot be "stunned" except by Jason traps (more of a delay, but it deals damage). Essentially, counselors are either fine or they're not. I personally would like to see more varied interactions that could lead to different and interesting strategies. I've mentioned this before, quite awhile back, but I thought I'd get a pulse on what everyone else thinks in this regard. Do you think it would be nice to have varied effects for items and attacks? Here are a couple thoughts I have. Please share yours. I'm curious to see what more minds than one can come up with. 1. Stagger (Melee Weapons/Jason Knives): Melee weapons would have a stun chance and a stagger chance. Just going to throw out some random numbers here: The Branch 20% Stagger chance/20% Stun chance. The percentage roll for RNG would be a single roll. Jason could not be stunned and staggered by the same hit. Stagger would place Jason's kills and abilities (except Rage) on cooldown for X seconds. This would be a delaying effect against Jason. It could give a grabbed counselor time to break free without that instant kill polishing them off; but it would allow Jason to still grab and slash with melee (assuming he wasn't holding a counselor). Jason's throwing knives would have a modest chance to Stagger a counselor (maybe 15%). In this case, the counselor would have their Sprint put on cooldown for a short duration. While Jason would face a Stagger/Stun possibility, counselors would face a Stagger/Slow possibility. 2. Dazzle (fire crackers/flare guns): The crackers and flares could have a disorienting effect. Have the POV of Jason and counselors too close to the receiving end of firecrackers or a flare impact be washed out and skewed (double-vision). Flares could still do a modest amount of damage (for a direct hit) and mark Jason on the map. 3. Slow (Throwing Knives): Small chance (maybe 5%) that a throwing knife impact will Slow a counselor (reducing them to a limp) for a very short time (maybe 3 seconds). Do you all think that we should have different conditions to give more meaning to different items and how they are used?
  6. Is there any way we can have the player name display bigger? It is so hard to read the player’s name even when they are standing right in front of me. If they are speaking, it’s easier to tell since I can look at the scoreboard. But it is so tough trying to squint my eyes to see who is who. Just me or....?
  7. I’d like to take a moment to address the Devs directly. @Gertz@GunMedia_Ben@[IllFonic]Courier For those who are not aware, I have spent the better part of 20 years working in various fields in some form of analytical role or as a developer for training related materials for the military. I have spent, literally, days at a time doing trends analysis, statistical assessments, and developing courses of action based on changes made within a given “system”. I provide feedback, suggest changes, and develop workable changes to improve performance. I’m going keep this brief, but I’d like to suggest a couple things: 1. If you are working with a system that has a ton of consequential interplay between mechanics, don’t change too much at one time. Before you make any changes, assess what implication that change will bring. Figure out what other factors within the system will be affected and forecast the most likely outcomes. Make the change and observe. Keep the change modest. 2. Adjust that single change as needed until you get the desired result. (the extremes on both sides of the coin quit being the only voices that ring loudest) 3. Make the next change. I will say I generally don’t have much issue with this last patch in regards to the changes, though I’m still developing an opinion on the grab mechanics as they are now. There has been a lot of negative and positive feedback regarding the implementation of grab reach/area changes, traps changes, Jason’s melee hit detection, and posting icons on the map. The one mistake that I think you have made is that you are tweaking too many things in a single instance without finding that “sweet spot” with your players. It is much easier to do this kind of work when you are not beholden to pleasing a rabid fan base. For that, you have my sympathy, because it is a battle you cannot win…completely. I would suggest the changes you should focus on are those that were complained about most. I get that is why you tackled the grab reach debate. That is fine. You should have singled that mechanic out and fully sorted it before addressing anything else. Using the method of tossing enough stuff at a wall and finding out what will stick will end up costing you more time than just methodically fixing one key issue, then moving on to the next. As it is now, you are creating tons of different feedback trains, with each one focusing on a different change. Plus, there are a few other trains still rolling in regards to previous adjustments (or lack thereof). As you’ve told us before, you are a small team. Please be cautious about how many fires you light at once regarding game mechanics hot buttons. It creates a very fluid dynamic and a ripple effect in gameplay. More importantly, it makes it harder to figure out exactly what you NEED to fix when so many different factors are altered regarding gameplay. Just some food for thought. The new DLC’s are nice. Thank you. Keep up the hard work. TL;DR Don’t make too many changes to gameplay mechanics at one time. It makes it harder to sort out issues and fine tune functionality. You’ll also get less backlash from the players.
  8. 10.25.17 PATCH FEEDBACK: A Now-Broken, Counselor-Favored Mess That We Must Fix Intro As a person who has over 400 Hrs. in this game and has played it from launch, I have genuinely enjoyed this game, and want it to stay that way. We have a problem; The number and severity of complaints coming from the preferred-counselors is causing Jason to be weakened such that the game is breaking. The movies feature 1-2 survivors per movie and the game should average that. An F13 game that cares enough about the movies to base the levels on blueprints of buildings from the sets would be remiss to neglect on kill count similarity. Survival should be earned and valued. There are too many others, however, who just want counselor survival to be too easy, and in doing so, are not only defeating the purpose of the game (survival horror), but are breaking it and creating an environment where they themselves (human nature) will soon become bored and leave it all together as there will be no challenge left for them. This cannot be allowed to happen. We must push back against this, especially we preferred-Jason's, as this is becoming a pattern that is genuinely ruining the enjoyment of the game for too many preferred-Jasons. First it was - Jason can no longer block flare guns and firecrackers (Shotguns and bear traps I can understand) Then it was - Jason can no longer use combat stance on doors without issue as there is now a hit-detection issue with doors that is still present and has been since the small maps patch where Jason hits the top of the threshold to no effect on the door. (Using the standard animation forces Jason to leave himself vulnerable to a stun once the door breaks) Now it's - Traps are useless as they can be beaten with a single pocket knife, and can no longer alert Jason as multiple traps is not an option, counselors know where everything is located except for spawn, and Jason gets NO buffs to compensate for any of this. Jason is being made weaker and weaker and it absolutely must stop. Sometimes I think that these incessant nerfs are trial balloons being sent just to see how much we Jasons will take before there's push back; Well I'm there. Before donning your hockey mask and performing the Head Punch on me, please hear me out as I come with solutions to many of the problems I am seeing in a game I am enjoying less over time, but really want to stay in love with. Again, let's keep it civil so this thread doesn't get closed. 1. Counselors leaving/suiciding not FULLY solved yet Giving Jason credit at the beginning of the kill is a step in the right direction, but it's not enough: A. Counselors can and still do leave when being grabbed but BEFORE execution, and even when being simply pursued. Evidence: 1. Quitting During Grab 2. Quitting Before Grab During Slash (Ignore Podcast Audio) B. Counselors jump out of second story windows to suicide and cost Jason the kill. C. Counselors repeatedly cross broken glass windows to suicide and cost Jason the kill. Suggested Possible Solution(s): 1. Give Jason credit for a kill if/when someone leaves the match while Jason is within Music range, irrespective of stalk silence, grab or execution. 2. Make it so jumping out of second story windows and climbing over broken window ledges reduces your health, even to the minimum, but it will not kill you, making so that those who try to suicide are merely gimping themselves and making themselves easy prey. 3. Program the "Leave Match" option with an irreversible 20-second countdown timer where the counselor can no longer move, allowing Jason to finish killing the counselor if a person tries to quit. 4. Tag counselors with a 30 minute cool down for leaving a match with Jason within Music range. Increase the cooldown by 30 minutes for each subsequent quit within a 1 week period for a maximum for 24 hours of cool down if need be. 2. Trap Radius Renders Jason Traps Almost Useless A. Jason can no longer properly protect objectives or receive alerts. This works in synergy with visible items to make Jason's job too much harder without any compensating buff for Jason. Have a look: Trap Issues Suggested Possible Solution(s): Restore previous trap function. Simple as that. 3. Grab Distance Was Problematic Enough with Lag Issues A. Period. As it was, skilled counselors were able to stay out of the range of both weapon slashes (Dear everyone, stop complaining about slashing, period.) and grabs. Skilled counselors could kite a Jason for days as it was. Bad ping and connection issues naturally nurf grab as it is. I've missed counselors after two and three grab attempts if the ping is high enough. Suggested Possible Solution(s): Reset full grab distance, at least until dedicated servers are in place. 4. Change Item Visibility on Maps A. This is far too powerful and easy as it is. Even as a counselor I feel as though I am cheating, and I've noticed myself and others being far more reckless than before and still surviving. The first match, we got both cars started very quickly and everyone escaped. The match even ended when I spawned back in as Tommy because there was no one to save. This was a private match, the Jason was frustrated, and we didn't blame him. Consider doing one or a combination of the following. Suggested Possible Solution(s): 1. Getting rid of it all together, thus forcing counselors to communicate as before. Don't rage, it's makes the game much more immersive. 2. Counselors with fear level below X amount can see items on their minimap and/or large map however, as fear increases, items further from the counselor either begin to fade away and/or disappear all together as the counselor loses track as he/she panics more. Item visibility comes back somewhat if fear is decreased. This would make Composure and related perks more relevant. 3. Only counselors with walkie talkies can see items (simulates communication). Can be used in conjunction with #2 where fear screws with visibility even with walkie talkie. Jarvis would naturally be able to see all items from the start as he spawns with a walkie and no fear. 4. Tommy Jarvis is the only person who can see all of the items while no one else can, by virtue of the fact that he is Tommy Jarvis. Limiting this ability to him only would enhance his status as a "Hero" class. Can be used in conjunction with #2 where fear screws with his item visibility. 5. Only items spawning back into the match from counselors who have left are visible. 6. Only items that haven't been picked up in 60 seconds or longer are visible. (Prevents trolls from hiding items) 5. Un Movie-Like Counselor Cockiness/Carelessness especially near Police exit. A. Counselors do not fear Jason like they do in the movies and even engage in a tactic called "bullying" where counselors can gang up and stun Jason in a chain. Have a look: https://youtu.be/QDZlHze4TpA?t=588 B. This cockiness is especially bad near the police exit where everyone decides they want to use up all of their guns, flare guns, and pocket knives on Jason for EXP. This is when Jason then becomes the punching bag as counselors get away anyway. Suggested Possible Solution(s): 1. When Jason is knocked on his back, allow him to build rage faster based on how many counselors are standing within 10 feet of his body, the more, the faster. Instead of tea bagging, counselors will want to stay away from Jason as they would in the movies. Jason would get pissed if he was being taunted. 2. When the police arrive, Jason gets Rage if he doesn't have it already. Jason would get pissed by police arrival. 3. In Rage, increase stun resistance and reduce stun time by a sensible percentage. 4. When Jason is knocked on his back, make it so there is a %chance (based on proximity to rage) he can quickly reach up and strangle-execute a counselor standing above him. Counselors will want to stay away from Jason as they would in the movies. 5. When Jason is stunned, make it so there is a %chance (based on proximity to rage) he can reach and grab a counselor standing near him, only to have the counselor in hand where normal rules apply. Counselors will want to stay away from Jason as they would in the movies. 6. As counselors build fear, their pocket knives have less of a chance to fire when being grabbed by Jason. This will stop counselors from letting Jason grab them near the police or for free EXP. 7. Bring back a modified, LIMITED, friendly-fire mechanic, for ONLY when Jason is nearby. (Hear me out). When Jason is within 20 feet, counselors can accidentally damage each other with weapons and must now be more careful when hitting Jason back-to-back as opposed to all at once. This will also bring back the need to aim carefully when shooting Jason if Jason is holding a counselor. The 20 feet proximity requirement is meant to protect counselors from team killing since there is no reason to be swinging a weapon if Jason isn't nearby. For those who are worried that this would be exploited for team killing,... it would require that someone work with Jason, which is a ban-able offense anyway; Record, report, ban. 6. Fast Paced Maps (Fast for everyone except Jason) A. 40% Smaller means faster objective completion for counselors. While there is less space for Jason to hunt players, there is less he can do about the faster objectives as abilities build at the same rate. It's not balanced for Jason. Suggested Possible Solution(s): Reduce the amount of time Jason's abilities are gained to compensate for this. I recommend by 10%-40% depending upon what would be most balanced according to an objective analysis, not whatever easy-button preferred-counselors want. Above all else, stop making Jason weaker. Know that for every counselor buff, there must be an equal and opposite Jason buff. This last patch is a doozie where counselors are stronger while Jason is weaker.
  9. After spending time playing Friday the 13th on PS4, I've come to realize that this is a one player objective game. Most players do not have or use microphones to communicate. Everyone is working toward random objectives, which leads to no team work and end result death by Jason. I've survived only a few times and all of which could of been prevented with communication from other team members. There are a few ways I believe that this "one player" game can be helped: Have on screen notifications when players find items with the players name and item found and a quick chat system for those who do not use microphones Show dead bodies on the map so players don't spend 20 minutes searching cabins for the battery that is next to the dead body beside the car On the map and mini map show player names to the other counselors If this can't be achieved then at least create more 1 player geared objectives that require 2 steps or less for escape. You can't work as a team in this game if there is no way to communicate therefore there needs to be objectives for one player to make it out on their own, or for 2 people that doesn't require finding 3 items. Finding a map should give you a general area of where items are located to complete objectives Fear should not be as high when running around alone if using flashlight Other things that I feel would make for a better game: Cars easily get stuck on roadside rocks, this should be addressed It's nearly impossible to get out of Jason's grab The spectating view should show a mini map and highlight the player your watching and the option to see objectives. It would be more enjoyable to watch other players after my death if I knew what they were actually working towards! Bear traps should be slightly more visible Locking doors and jumping through windows often requires double interaction and is too slow. This leads to people not taking the time to lock doors. House that have been fully searched and all items taken should change color on the map and minimap Connection issues constantly, takes forever to find a match and often when it does and the map loads I get connection issues Stop making 1 player the host of a game. If they leave whole session ends, requiring another 5 minute wait to start a game Perk update for counselors Jason should not be able to kill you from your hiding spot, instead you should get a chance to jump out and run Jumping from a 2 story window should not result in suicide Ability to carry objective items and a weapon is necessary since your often running around alone Every counselor should have 1 special ability that can be triggered with Right and left triggers together. Example: invisibility from Jason for x amount of time. You should not drop your weapon if Jason grabs you. If the game can't require team communication then it needs to allow for one player survival. Otherwise everyone is set up to fail.
  10. Hello developers! So yesterday, the new patch included french translation for the game. Here is some feedback about this change. First of all, I think it's a great thing to translate the game in french, as the majority of french player don't speak english. However, the overall quality of the translation is bad, there are too many literal translations, like it was done by Google Translate. I'll try to be constructive though. Perks The perks descriptions are actually good. However, you also translated the perk names. It is gonna be harder for foreign players to talk about perks, because they will have different names. Bad grammar Many things have been literally translated. For instance, when you survive a game, it used to display "You survived". In french it shows "Vous survivant" : both words were literally translated, but the result does not make sense in french grammar. Misleading translations There are other translations that are misleading. When someone leaves a lobby, it actually say that the only remaining player is the one who left. That is because the english word "left" can be used in many ways, you can write "he left" meaning he is not there anymore, or "only one left" meaning he is the only one remaining. They literally translated the word "left" to the word "Restant" which means "remaining". So "Player1 left" is translated to "Restant : Player1" which means that player 1 is "remaining" in the lobby. Another bad translation is at the end game screen, where it shows your XP. "Offense" is translated to "Insulte". Yes "Insulte" means insult. Offense was literally translated to insult, because the translator thought it was that kind of offense. Conclusion Translation is a good idea and will help many understand the game. However there are too many obvious translation errors that need to be fixed. I think we should be able to select the language because I'd rather have the game in english, perk names and locations in english, so I can communicate with my teammates. Cheers
  11. This game is really good and ,much fun overall but there is alot of glitch spots on this game. First of all the glitch to get on top of the packanack lodge By going into combat stance tune crouching behind the door on the second floor to the very left where a window is where the balcony is at then continue to crouch until you get out of the door, It is really annoying primarily because of this glitch, there is 2 on Higgins involving the 2 storied place, the one being by the chair of the left of the second floor haven also in combat stance then crouching on the chair you would proceed into a room where Jason is unable to get you in unless you by the walls of the room, another one is to the very right of the room next to the bookshelf go into combat stance again and proceed to crouch the you could glitch through the wall and I assume you can move behind the bookshelf I dont know because I didnt see the person who was in it get in it in the first place he just showed me how to get in the wall. Apart from thst the game is really good and fun one of my suggestions and since I dont want this to be very long I was wondering if by chance you couled add more Councilers especially the poor guy that died in the cut scene, if by chance able to change weapons for Jason, a perk rarity chance where you can roll a perk and the chances of getting said perk would increase for example 600 for uncommon 800 for rare and 1000 for epic and 500 for common and poor, and Jason's father to be in this game. And this is my first post on this website I hope the developers could read this and fix the glitches and would by chance implement the suggestions I mentioned that would be good
  12. Before I give out my suggestions for ONLY Single Player......I already searched the forum and there is no real discussion about this other than "Updates" for/about so here is my suggestions...... Weapon Switchability: We know for Online its not possible but why not for Single player only? something unique to one mode but not the other? Part 9 Body Switch: We know in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday we know jason has this power so why not in the game? Trap Selections: Giving jason the ability to switch up his traps? like snares? nooses? and other such traps to give us more feel for jason as a killer who knows the woods. Is anyone has any suggestions for single player?
  13. Just a thought. Each counselor is made unique due to their stats, but couldn't we take it a step further. Perhaps each counselor could also have an ability unique to them. Here's some ideas..... Adam Palomino, The Edgy Guy: Once per game, when Jason is near you, you may taunt Jason to draw his attention to you for three seconds, similar to a female counselor who uses Pamela's sweater. A.J. Mason, The Rocker Chick: Has a fourth item slot that is taken up by a walkman. Can throw the walkman on the ground. From there on out, the walkman acts just like a radio turned on until Jason destroys it. Once the item is used, the extra item slot disappears. Brandon "Buggzy" Wilson, The Jock: Can preform a melee attack without a melee weapon, instead choosing to use his fist. Since all melee weapons have a damage and stun value of 1-4, the melee would have a damage and a stun of 2, but would have increased recovery time and stamina used if it misses. Chad Kensington, The Preppy Guy: "The 1%" - The Chad player receives a 50% bonus to total earned XP for that round. Deborah Kim, The Bookish Girl: Has a fourth item slot that is taken up by a encyclopedia. The encyclopedia can be thrown and has a high chance to stun while also having low damage. Once the item is used, the extra item slot disappears. Eric "JR" LaChappa, The Nerdy Guy: The first repair you make every game is instantly repaired, saving valuable seconds. Jenny Myers, The Girl Next Door: "The Final Showdown" - If you are the last player (at the location), other than Jarvis, if you knock Jason down or stun Jason, you "kill" Jason (but the XP isn't worth as much as the sweater kill). The stunning condition will require a minimum of 5+ accumulated Jason stuns through the match from any player(s). Jenny matches the type of F13 movie character to kill the villain at the end. Kenny Riedell, The Head Counselor: Has a fourth item slot that is taken up by a pocket knife. Once the item is used, the extra item slot disappears. Tiffany Cox, The Flirty Girl: Once per game, Tiffany may strip from her shirt, shorts, and shoes. This raises her stealth beyond maximum, making her incapable of making noise that Jason can track for ten seconds, even when sprinting. Vanessa Jones, The Athletic Girl: Has a fourth item slot that is taken up by an energy bar. When used, Vanessa's stamina is restored to full. Once the item is used, the extra item slot disappears. Thoughts? Opinions?
  14. Hey , Devs and people here a list of what i've encounter myself or seen and what to fix and change. - Suggestion - - Add environnement change such as rain on all map. - More random change for car part , weapon etc... - Add a window (notification) for each cloth , DLC added or unlocked after getting a level. - Add new weapon. - Add part 4 map and part 4 jason. - More distraction items for counselors. - New way to kill jason with Tommy or counselor. - Add Pamela Voorhees. - New counselors. - New perks. - Add host migration. - Add wet effect on counselor and jason when in water and after getting out of water. - Feedback - - When spawning as tommy make him spawn with a pocket knife. - Remove some Tommy quotes such as i have to escape by adding another. - Change Tommy fear meter by angry meter more angry he is more damage he do and break free more easily. - Increase Tommy status as a hero. - Reduce Jason's grab range - Add a cooldown between each grab as jason - Make combat system more dynamic as both counselor and jason. - In private match add a setting allowing to set who is gonna be tommy jarvis once two players is dead requirement is the assign player to be dead or the game will choose randomly. - Fixes - - Fix a glitch allowing player to get out of map on packanack as counselor. - Fix a glitch allowing Jason to get out of map on packanack. - Fix a bug that occur when jason is grabing a counselor in a car and make flip the car. - fix an animation when jason is grabing a driver he look as he is grabing passenger. - Fix a flying corpse when grab killing as jason. - Reduce latency. - Fix an exploit allowing Jason to be immune from bear traps when in combat stance. - Fix hitbox when jason have grabbed a counselor as a another player try to help him he does not hit him. - Fix a bug that allow counselor to avoid trap set by jason near driver door if he got the key. - Fix facial animation on counselor (chad and bugzy mostly). - fix an issue when getting a disconnection to not be able to join game you have to restart the game to work again. It's everything i've seen and encounted for bug , exploit and glitch as for feedback and suggestion tell me what you think.
  15. After putting in 150+ hours in this game, there is one thing I can unequivocally say is a legitimate problem with Jason. His grab radius is too large. Countless times, I've seen counselors grabbed where the animation for Jason's hand stopped a good foot away from them. The grab hitbox is enormous for such a powerful ability. I escape plenty of times, so it's not like I'm super salty about it. I just see it for what it is. Of all the claims that "Jason is OP" I think the grab radius is the one of the few arguments to that effect that holds water.
  16. There needs to be a system for reporting players I'm sick of playing and some guy blocking my car from moving cause I don't want to run him over then Jason maganing to get me then I escape them one guy gets pissed off and hits me with his bat then drives away. Getting proper bored of it already. People who also think it's funny to kill you right before you reach the cops...anyone any thoughts?
  17. Last night during a period of 5 hours after the patch, many players encountered dead bodies with items next to the corpse that could not be picked up. The items were almost halfway between the environment and the player in some cases. For example, someone died at Packanack on the porch and fuse was lodged on the floor deck and facing up but couldn't be picked up (almost like it was half viewable, half not). This happened multiple times with sprays, keys and fuses. You can view the item on the ground but unable to be picked up or added to inventory. I tested it having all 3 inventory slots full and allowing Jason to kill me in an open location and my friend was not able to select the items after my death. Just wanted to share. Thanks.
  18. I absolutely love friday the 13th and enjoy playing as the counselors and Jason, but there's one problem, the hosts. When I'm playing as a counselor and fight Jason, call the cops, and call tommy Jarvis, I don't want the host to rage quit before I get my xp. I would have done all of that for nothing. That's why I think we need host migration so the host doesn't ruin the game for the rest of the players just because Jason killed him. Thank you for reading this, I really hope you guys add this into our game. Goodbye.
  19. Friday the 13th the Game, letter to the makers. I will simply skip the part about the problems of the game, you guys know them, it’s all over the place, but I believe that in due time everything is going to get sorted out and the game is going to grow better from all this. Why do I believe it? Because you guys must be the biggest fans of your game, and it shows. After playing “a lot” to be honest, yes… I’m amongst the lucky ones with enough friends that bought the game to play full privates without looking around too much… You know… as an 80’s kid, it also helped having friends with the same “hype” for the franchise. After playing so much, I was compelled to re-watch the movies, something I haven’t done in about 20 years. After watching Part 3, I just couldn’t believe how much of the essence of the original products you guys could replicate in this game and this is no small feat… It made playing the game even better since now all I’m looking for, is how much of the movies was put into the game. Compare about ANY games ever made based on Movies or hell… any game based of something else that isn’t an “Original” product of its own, they almost always fail to capture the essence of what they’re based upon. And most of the time they just want to ride on the money the “franchise” will bring them, I never felt that way with this game and it makes dealing with the problems more “reasonable” I guess… I would also like to say, I was not a backer for this game and to be 100% honest I didn’t even know it was a “thing” before it showed up on the PS store, I bought the game, I couldn’t get into a Quick Match, I did some research online, my friends did some too, we tried private match, we were sold to the concept, but not blinded by it. This game has the potential to become the best “Friday the 13th experience” but its not quite there yet, and I think this is why there is so much of an uproar about the game at the moment. All-in-All, my friends and I, are really enjoying the game, and all we wish is that everything gets fixed and sorted out to the point that finally more can be added and built upon so the game can live on for as long as the franchise… While playing, of course we are coming up with ideas like: “What would be good additions to the game?” “What would we like to see added to the game?” “What would respect the essence of the franchise?” “What would really make for better game play mechanics?” We have no pretension in thinking that our ideas would make things better or that they are better than others, we are just big fans of the franchise & love the game, so we thought that sharing some ideas and maybe a little constructive criticism could be nice. Suggestions: Jason could pick up corpses & do various stuff with it. He could drop them where he wants to induce fear. He could throw them inside windows to break them & induce fear. He could throw them at other counselors “over a short distance” to make them trip. Nail corpses to window & Door frames to stall/trap counselors & Raise fear levels. Context Kill Re-Work/Additions. The window context kill is a bit lame and not gory enough, I would rework the whole mechanics of the windows context kill on Jason’s side. As stated above, windows could be broken by throwing corpse through them. If window is Broken, Head could be smashed in broken window borders. If window is on Second Floor, Counselor dies from floor impact, but add flare to the landing, something like the counselor body crashing head first and bending legs over head snapping the spine. If window is not broken Jason simply throws the counselor through it Dealing damages to the counselor, if that damage would kill a counselor so be it if not let him run. To make Jason’s Grasp less of a sure shot, make the Composure stat more relevant and give a better window for Context kills: Make it a power struggle between Jason & the Counselor instead of Jason having to press 1 button to enter the kill animation. Example: Once Jason Grabs a counselor they each get to spam “X” Button to win the struggle. If the counselor wins he escape, if Jason wins he gets “X seconds… let’s say 5” window to do whatever he please with the Counselor. Trap Mechanics Re-Work/Additions. Jason could “re-arm” traps but not pick them back. Jason could pick up traps that haven’t been “triggered” or “re-armed”. Sometimes misplacing traps sucks since you only have 5 and once used they are wasted. Lose your virginity to taunt Jason. If 2 players enter the same bed or same tent, “they lose their virginity” we all know that means certain death. Both players are always shown on the map for Jason, this would introduce a new mechanic, will Jason Kill them right away, or keep them for last since they can’t hide? Taunt/Bait. Only 2 player can do this once per match, giving them some XP 50-100, for their sacrifice. I'll admit this one is funnier than good, but could still find its place some how, if more ideas are put into it. Bath Tubs. Hide inside bath tubs &/or close the Shower Curtain, it would make for another place to hide &/or another place to fool Jason into looking for hidden counselors. Add a “context kill” for catching a counselor hiding inside it. Turn the shower on to make some noise, but covering less distance than a radio. Or simply show the Cabin in Red like there was someone inside. Medium. A Character or Point of interest in each map, where we could hear the dead speaking. Could help locate items lost by the dead, and make the game less dull for them. It could also help having "something" to do while dead. Maybe hear the dead while in the cemetery Or when inside Jason's Shack, The shrine to his mother looks like a decent place for seance with the spirits of the dead. For the dead. Able to see the map, objective list, and corpses with names on the map. Something to do. Movable Camp Site cameras even if only by a few degree. Better Barricades. Have some furniture movable in front of some doors. Small Item -> Nail Gun, could be used like the pocket knife to escape Jason once &/or upgrade barricades if you have a plank in hand. Giving 1 or 2 more hits to a barricaded door &/or making the “Rage mode” Animation different &/or Longer even if only by 0.25 - 0.5 Seconds. More freedom of action with some game items. For more randomness and creativity. One of the first thing we tried with the gas for the car? Shoot a flare at it… Shot a throwing knife at a Counselor trap to disarm it... Shot a throwing knife at the tires to make the car harder to drive… Shot a throwing knife at the Counselor inside a fleeing car… More Item Variation. I don’t mean finding more, just “not always the same item” with the same effect. Pocket knife -> Ice pick -> Screw Driver -> Bowie Knife -> Kitchen Knife. Shotgun -> Bow & Arrow -> Crossbow -> Magnum. This would allow different Item spawn location like: Can’t find a pocket knife, go look in a kitchen or in the barn for a Knife or a screwdriver maybe you’ll have more luck. Can’t find a shotgun? Keep looking maybe there is a magnum in a drawer. Or a bow/Crossbow at the shooting range. Flare Guns could be able to spawn inside drawers, instead of all over the place, Would make for less empty drawer. Car keys, am I the only one wondering why they are in drawers when Key holders are near almost every door in almost every cabins? TL;DR: Keep up the good work and add more good stuff in the long run. Update:(07/06/2017, matchmaking problems has been solved for me with the PS4 1.04 patch, matchmaking are now less than 1 minute for me since then.)
  20. This is more of a question on what would make a good perk build and I would like help. So, I'm a Bradon player. Which means I'm ready to fight Jason at most times. So no mater what I'm running Thick-skin, that leaves open two spots. Hear are my perks HEAVY HITTER: Incresses stun time with the baseball bat by 31% Stamina recharge rate decreased by 7% MAN AT ARM: Incresses weapon duribilty by 14% No penailtys. MEDIC: Get two uses with a healing spray and Incresses healing by 7% No penaltys. SWIFT ATTACKER: Incresses attack speed with all weapons by 14% Decresses weapon damage by 1% Which two perks seems the best and would work well with THICK-SKIN: Take less damage by 36% Love for your guys feedback. I really need some advice.
  21. I do not agree with the Physic perk . I feel like part of the charm of the game is the proximity chat and having to discover items in game to assist yourself. That includes finding other players with your voice to communicate and then a walkie is a good find to help progress the match. Starting with a walkie just removes that whole aspect of the game to me. Imagine later in the game everyone owns that perk and then you lose that charm when a match starts. It is just my opinion personally. If anything I think the increased range of your voice on the perk should stay just remove the start match with walkie feature. I should also note it is hard enough to get people to use in game audio we should not have a perk that discourages the use of in game chat further. I can see it now "well we have this perk anyways might as well use party chat instead i.e. (Discord, PSN, Xbox Live chat)". Just my two cents.
  22. Despite the server issues, I'm been having a good time with the game. While the game is fun to play, here are a few observations on my part that I feel could make the game better: 1) Morph feels overpowered. Being able to instantly teleport literally anywhere in the game, anytime you want, is a little immersion breaking. It seems like Morph and Shift are practically interchangeable, when they should serve two similar, but distinctive purposes. Two examples: I'm running away from Jason, and he suddenly appears right in front of me, grabs me and kills me. No chance for me to react. The other instance when I'm actually trying to fight Jason, and he just disappears right when I'm in mid swing. Sorry, but to me that feels cheap. Morph should be used to rapidly cover large areas of map or to strategically place yourself to execute an ambush, not to actively peruse councilors. That should be what Shift is for. In my opinion, Morph should be one of those mysterious powers that Jason has that shouldn't be directly observed by anyone. Too many times I've seen Jason vanish into thin air; the way it's implemented in the game makes it look like some kind of glitch. My suggestions to balance out (or "nerf", depending on your viewpoint) are as follows: a ) Only allow Morph to be used when Jason is not in the direct line of sight of councilors. This applies for both initiating the power, as well as where you want to end up. b ) Create some kind of "mist" or "fog" around Jason when he uses the Morph power, so it appears like he's walking in/out of some mysterious fog when he uses the power. It would certainly look better than just blipping in/out of existence. c) Increase the cooldown period between uses. Also, make Jason take second to walk into the fog, and one second to walk out of it on the other end. This would give councilors just enough reaction time to make a split second decision on what to do next. 2) Allow players to attack Jason when he has a chokehold on other players. Other councilors should be able to disrupt Jason's chokehold if they attack him from behind. I think this would actually encourage players to stick together and work as a team. As it stands right now, if Jason grabs one of your friends, there is literally nothing you can do about it. At least give us the option to gang up on Jason if we want to. 3) Allow moveable furniture. It's easy to just run around a table or other object to escape Jason. Not only is it annoying, but it's just silly looking. Jason should be able to either break furniture, or toss it aside. Councilors should be able to drag furniture around, so they can barricade cabin doors or create additional layers of protection in case a door is already broken down. The effectiveness of the drag mechanic can be based on the strength of the councilor, so a weak councilor may not be able to move a heavy dresser, but a stronger one can. 4) Tommy Jarvis should have more ammo. Tommy should be a special character, with at least some minor, enhanced abilities. He's faced Jason before, so why wouldn't he be more prepared when called upon to fight? Give him at least a handful of shotgun shells, at least. Make it feel like he is a unique character, instead of just a second chance.
  23. Ok, why is it Jason's are killing everyone without once using his "sense" ability, these new changes to the noise system are strange (Jason CAN NOW see constant pings for counselors during match and never really has to use his sense ability). Not to complain, but shouldn't his sense ability be like it was in the beta; he can use it like every 6 seconds, then hold it for up to 4 seconds (example, not exact). I never saw a single post or forum about someone thinking the previous noise mechanics were broken? It just seems that they made a whole function of the game not needed anymore, that and majority of the games are over in ten minutes (before rage). Keep in mind, these streamers have been actually playing for a while, they're not just now playing, so, don't think it is because they do not know how to play. Anyone notice what I am talking about, please only comment if you know about the changes to noise system with the final product, or noticed what I saw as well.
  24. I've been meaning to write up this post since the day the beta ended, though due to christmas and then school i really haven't had the time. Now luckily i saved a few things here and there regarding videos so i could refresh my memory and not come across as having my head completely up my ass. Anyways i had a few thoughts about the beta. Overall impressions from the get-go was from "get this on two platforms" to "i'll stick to steam kthx" and while there are bits and pieces of things that i'd like changed, most of it has been posted at some point around here, so i'l just stick to my "main" points and maybe incorporate some sub-points in there where applicable. SO without further ado, here's my list of shit that i hope gets changed before release (or else)™ JASON The basis of jason is very clear to everyone that are even halfway aware of the franchise. He's coming for you and he's going to kill you, that much is certain. If you escape it's just postponing the inevitable. However, in a game sense, the "postponing" part should be the escape part, not necessarily the in-game part unless there are certain criteria met (out of stamina, caught in the wild unaware etc). Now, jason has several things that can aid him in the quest for dead teens, but there are still things that should be overhauled in order to provide a more enjoyable experience for everyone. Sense Overview The idea of sense is solid,but as a game mechanic it completely breaks everything from the get-go. Not only was it on a low cooldown (i know this will be changed in the full game, but still) but it gave you the opportunity to see literally everything within a certain radius. And it was HUGE. The thrill of the hunt wasn't even present, because there was no "hunt". You just saw them. Part of the hunt in my opinion is finding your prey, not just seeing it there. Also from a gameplay perspective, there will be a huge majority that'll just stick around in an area they assume someone will be, pop sense, and if nothing move around a bit and pop sense again until prey is found, like a flight radar. Also, the aspect of escaping jason is completely bumfucked thanks to sense. As soon as i pop sense, a big red light will let me know exactly which cabin they are in. now you might say that the fact that i don't know WHERE makes it balanced, but the cabins themselves aren't big by any stretch of the imagination. Take for instance the higgins haven cabin. Once you go inside from the terrace, you have immediate vision of all 3 rooms on the ground floor. You also have time to check all the rooms, and since counselors aren't the smartest of the bunch they often leave the door open,so you know if someone has been there already. If the ground floor turns out to be empty, there's only one way to go. And that's 2 rooms and a closet. Does this take a bit of time? sure. But the payoff is that you immediately find someone. Even if you don't, you'll at worst have sense to see them running away and get an idea of where they're going, but more often than not, they'll jump out the window because the closet is useless (more on that later) So overall, sense is just absurdly broken. I know this isn't trying to be a super competitive MLG game, but there's a balance that needs to be upheld. Proposed changes First off, the sense needs to be rehauled. It still needs to lead to counselors, but it should by no means pinpoint their exact location. My first proposed change is this: Instead of sense lighting up where the counselors are, make it highlight a tracked path. See image for example There can either be footprints of a scent type thing going on, but either way it'll change the dynamic without messing with the trigger, namely fear. A strong fear will have a long lasting scent you can follow, or deeper footprints (when stressed you put more weight into steps for example...could be science i dunno), while a stealthy char will at best leave smaller, less discernable prints. It'll force the jason player to pay attention to his surroundings more. Maybe even have color coding for who you're chasing, so that eventually you'll be able to pick your target. At first the footprints will all have the same color, but as you attack and "learn" your prey, they will get a separate color so you can pick up the chase whenever you decide to do so. It has several uses if you spot a chad from a long distance with a shotgun, you can decide to not engage yet, or maybe take him out first. It makes the game more about stalking and killing, but hopefully there's some feedback on this post as well. Alternate solution if the above doesn't work out, how about instead of the lights and stuff, there's a ring on the map you can check? The higher the fear, the smaller the ring. You still have to FIND the counselor, but the area gets restricted. Sense will have a bigger mini map pop up so you can assure yourself you're inside that ring. It'll be a bit more intrusive HUD wise, but the payoff is a greater sense of hunting, which wins out for me personally. obviously. Either way, as the way things are right now, sense will be a game ruiner. It's just not fun to play with or against. Chase When spotted, you start running. Or trying to hide. Either way the problems that ocurr when this chase starts are numerous. You're basically on a doom timer. This is a good thing. The more the chase lasts, the more you as a human get tired and unable to think clearly. That much is fine. However, when jason can teleport right up to you, grab you and kill you in less than 3 seconds despite having ample distance, there is something wrong. Now, i never saw anything claiming that the grab/instant kill was intentional or not, but i REALLY hope it's not a thing that's going to stay there. Also, the music just kills any ambush opportunity. I was hiding by the barn in higgin's and the jason creeped up on me. The music was a dead, instant giveaway. While it sucks to die, it also took away the potential to be encouraged and applaud the fact that a jason snuck up on you. It's literally impossible when you decide to roll it like metal gear solid. it NEEDS to change in order to be useful. good music or not, the fact that it shows up when jason sees you instead of when the counselor knows he's there is wrong, wrong, WRONG. The Grab So jason got his hands on you, and there are now 3 things that can happen. You stab him with a pocket knife, you wiggle out or you get rekt. When jason has you, i was under the impression that you were given a brief moment to struggle and get away, but due to the previous (hopefully) bug, you just get fucked right there on the ground. Now this is a two pronged problem. For one, it just destroys any fun when you know that you die immediately when jason grabs you if you don't have a pocket knife. But the worst part is, jason won't get to use all the amazing enviromental kills that the devs themselves hyped up. I don't care about seeing them in an empty sandbox against an NPC counselor, the real thrill comes from pulling off that sick kill against a real, live opponent and maybe hearing the whining through the headset. Also the macros will be real if the "mash to survive" is still implemented by release. There is NOTHING stopping me from having a script tied to my "n" button and just hold it in for the maximum possible presses at any given moment to escape as soon as i can. exhaustion doesn't even come into it, it's just another button. Like opening a door. So what i propose instead is something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQ-DIVYu7-0 (Just watch the first 30 seconds, that's plenty) Now, the system in this particular game (dragon ball budokai 3) is a guess the button, but with a twist. To be more accurate, it works like this: Attacker has to win 3 rounds of this "minigame". Defender only needs to win 1. Attacker presses "square" to attack Defender anticipates square as well, and gets free and even counters. alternatively: Attacker presses square Defender guesses circle Attacker wins and starts hurting defender, building up to the ultimate. Repeats up to 2 more times. Also, keep in mind that once the attacker chooses a button (square) and wins with it, he can no longer choose the square as an attack. So there's now even higher odds for the defender to get away. Now, in the game, the damage the defender gets is calculated by how many times he loses this minigame. If the defender guesses the right button immediately, he takes NO damage, and counters the attacker, leaving the ATTACKER with less health (and wasted his energy required to pull off the move) If the defender guesses right the second time, they both reset. The defender gets away, nobody takes damage (but attacker still wasted ki) If the defender guesses right the third and final time, he takes a LITTLE bit of damage, but gets away and the fighters reset to a neutral stance. I feel like this could be modified in a few ways (make it a shorter process for one) to help friday the 13th becoming better in regards to the grab system. Using the system in the video it'd work something like this: Jason grabs counselor "minigame" starts Jason selects M1 Counselor guesses M2 repeat x2 times and jason now has "free reign" for a little bit to actually pick an execution instead of doing the same 4 ground executions over and over. Now this by itself solves the macro problem, because you can't just mash rock and think it helps you more than once, AT MOST if you're lucky. Now obviously this won't work if you straight out ripped the system from dragonball and implemented it in friday the 13th. You can't expect both of them to just stand there and have a minigame going on oblivious to the rest of the game, so the counselor would need to "trigger" the start of the minigame. Maybe with a smaller bar that you can fill, and then it starts off. If you win, you move on to the next "level" of it, if you lose, you have to fill it up again, with a bigger penalty the more jason wins. It also let's grab be a risk instead of the sure kill it is now (barring counselor interference). Converted into an example, it'd be something like this: Jason grabs counselor Counselor has to mash to fill up a small bar Jason gets a prompt to select his "attack" Counselor selects a counter button If counselor doesn't select the same as jason, he gets choked a bit harder, and has a bigger bar to fill up, or a small penalty before he can start struggling properly again. Repeats until esacpe or death. As for counselor benefits to escaping (other than being alive a bit longer) the counselor should be outright rewarded for being able to escape quickly in my opinion. So again following the system in the video: Defender gets it right in 1 try - Escapes and stuns jason, lowers fear momentarily and gives a boost of stamina (fills up alot, lasts longer for x amount of seconds) Defender gets it right on 2 - Escapes, minor stun to jason, small recovery for fear, minor recovery for stamina (adrenaline burst) Defender gets it right on 3 - Jason drops counselor, but is hurt in the process, now has 1 point of damage to him, no otherwise recovery and stamina bar takes a hit for x amount of minutes (can only fill up to say 80% maybe) Jason on the other hand: Attacker gets 1 - Counselor gets penalty to fill the bar in order to try again from the beginning Attacker gets 2 - Counselor gets a bigger penalty, has to start from the beginning Attacker gets 3 - Counselor almost passed out, requires help from others to escape This system would allow counselors to get a second chance at life, but also allows a jason player to (if lucky) be able to actually treat them like animals for a bit, and would allow a person to carry some guy from outside the higgins house to inside to stuff them in the fireplace if they want to, while stll preventing him from carrying them from one end of the map to another. Now obviously what i suggested above is just that, a suggestion. The third attack for jason is a potential for griefing if pulled off against the last remaining survivor, just being carried around for eternity unable to do anything. It's just spitballing. Maybe the third attack, when left to the last survivor, just gives a very big penalty instead for example. Or it changes depending on the character grabbed. Survivors I have less to say about the survivors, but i'll try to keep it shorter than jason, if nothing else because i've written a wall already (thanks for reading so far!) Stamina The stamina usage system as it is, is...flawed. Using stamina for running, sure. However i don't think it's fair to spend that much stamina for jogging alone. I get that it's realistic, but there comes a point where realism clashes with fun gameplay, and it's not always good. ARMA 3 is a good military sim, but even that has leeway with realism to provide fun gameplay. What i propose instead is to allow survivors more options regarding how to spend their stamina, namely what they can do when chased by jason (or do otherwise if they want to for some reason) Things like: Running through a door and slamming it shut behind you (creates a loud sound, still have to lock and barricade it manually) rummaging through desks faster (again, makes sound because you do it in a hurry) make the skill ring move faster (sound...alot of it) and more! The point is that you spend a chunk of stamina to do things faster, and the cost is less stamina and the heightened worry that jason is on to you due to the noise you make as a result. It's a risk vs reward. Do you do it slow and steady, or do you hurry the fuck up and risk jason finding you quicker, but now with less stamina? Also there should be a snack you can eat to increase stamina regeneration for a while. Just sayin'. Put some red bull in the camp i dunno. Repairing The phone needs more steps before it's fixed, or it needs decoy phones that are ruined. That's it. Any object you need to interact with to escape should either have decoys, or have more steps than 2. It just funnels the game into particular things, ignoring everything else but calling the cops, calling TommyJarvis and only caring about the car if someone else stumbled upon the pieces they need while finding the phone. It wasn't necessarily the case in the beta, but there's nothing preventing this from being the meta at release and for a long time, and by then people will get sick of it and leave. It's a multiplayer game and repetition is to be expected, but when you have all these choices to get out of there, why should there be a funnel like this? Hiding Hiding, just like in dead by daylight is useless. At BEST it buys you seconds. I say seconds because if you hide inside a closet, and jason shows up to rip apart every other closet and bed in the cabin, you're not further away from him. It's just, again, postponing the inevitable. I did not see a single juke created by utilizing the closets or beds while playing the beta, and sure players aren't good yet, but that's still a dynamic that worries me when hiding will actually be more prone to giving you away. I couldn't think of a single time where hiding would give me any advantage, since as soon as i left the closet, jason would at best see me popping out the window anyways, while he was busy ripping out the beds looking for me. I was tempted to try the second story closet by the window at higgins once, but because i knew it was nothing but a deathtrap, it's just wasted potential. It's the exact same issue dead by daylight has with the hiding spots. Most of the issues stem from the fact that you breathe like a dragon when hiding. ANd i get that fear is supposed to make you more stressed and give off more sound, but as it is right now it's nothing but a death trap. might as well hide inside an iron maiden and wait for jason to close it on you (haunting ground anyone?) I have no proposed fixes for this as i feel completely removing sound when entering or leaving or even staying inside it will solve anything, but i hope the devs will come up with something that works better than this, 'cause right now i don't see many people using it aside from streamers because "lolimhidingXD" (because that's funny for some reason) Finding survivors I'll be touching more on the map in general shortly, but one thing that bothers me constantly is the fact that every survivor is always aware of every other survivor. The walkietalkie is a great item until you look at the map for 3 seconds and then it basically doesn't matter because even though you cant hear them, there's nothing stopping you from just walking up to the dot at the map. The change i propose for this is simple. Make it so that every character, including jason, pop up as an icon on the map once close enough to be within hearing distance, but don't let the player know who it is. It creates tension, it creates a risk where you might want to interact with another survivor, but you don't know if you're walking straight into jason (see; map tagging) Again using higgins as an example, imagine going into the first floor, seeing some doors open already, and proceeding to search a bit at the first floor since some things are unopened and then hearing the creaks of foosteps upstairs. You can call out on the mic, but the other played can be a mute (jason or another player without a mic), So you have to decide to you run away and check from a distance or do you approach and risk suddenly being ambushed by jason? I'll put more into tagging underneath, but a safety measure to help not walking into jason all the time would be being able to tag who it is for x amount of time, so you'll know on the map until they either walk too far away or too much time passes without seeing them in person. Also you'll have another advantage in knowing that groups of 3 are most likely counselors. Probably. Or there's two of them dying and they need help. Common issues Now, i THINK i've covered atleast a LITTLE that's not been mentioned 1000 times already (stamina i'm sure has been a big thing, and sense, but hopefully not in the exact same way) There are still some general issues that plague both sides. The map Now, the map is a thing everyone has within their mind from what i gathered, it's not a physical object the counselors or jason carry with them. That's to be expected. The issue i have with it is how everyone knows where the cars are, and how jason automatically knows where everything is. Now this is mostly fine for jason, but for gameplays sake he should not be aware of where the functioning phone is. Jason is a good killer, and very creative at it, but is he really that smart to recall exactly which phone he fucked up just enough that it'd need fixing? adding the decoy phones would certainly give a seasoned killer atleast a little room for doubt? The cars have a similar reason. Within the game world, all 8 counselors couldn't possibly have driven around at the same time all day. Somebody could have moved the car, they don't all line up and drive behind eachother until one car is parked, then drive back just to make certain nobody goes off in less groups? Jason should be able to see a relevant object and tag it, or burn it into his memory if you will, on the map. So he still has to find the car and boat like everyone else. Static objects like power boxes and phones are on the map from the get-go, but he still won't know which phone works, so he has to go between them to find the right phone, then tag it with vision and from there it'll have a different color than the rest so you'll know it's the phone to look out for. The counselors however have their own separate maps, but can still tag them, either permamently or for a while based on a stat. This provides more options when cooperating. Maybe map remembering is basedon intelligence. A high intelligence character that has a car tagged will remember it for 10 minutes (admit it, you went into the kitchen and forgot why you were there atleast once, short term memory DOES happen) while chad is more busy worrying where the girls are at than where the car is parked, so he only remembers it for a minute at a time. Now they can refresh this for eachother constantly, so a chad can come up to an a.j, refresh his memory by interacting for a moment, and if a.j is running low on "time" for the tag, she can ask chad about it and then have a sort of symbiosis like that. If time runs out for both, best find someone that knows or recall where the car is yourself. unless it moved. Jason still has the advantage in these scenarios, after all he will remember it for the rest of the match, while the cooperation aspect between counselors are strenghtened. If they stick together because of memory, that's a win, since it naturally discourages running off on your own and dying in a random campsite. Music Touched briefly on earlier. The timing for when what music hits needs to be changed. Jason spotting someone should not be the prompt for starting chase music, it should be with the counselors locking on to him visually. The stealth aspect is completely lost as it is, but when the fucking violins pop off like an m16 everytime jason looks in the general direction of a fart, it just mocks it. The stalking nature of what jason is dissappears and is permamently ruined. Once the realization sets in that you CANNOT ambush someone properly because of music, then everything else falters. Hearing the crackling from the fireplace, the slow paced steps as you search a cabin, the soft creaks as you check for supplies just ruined because Niccolo Paganini rose from the grave, took 8 hits of speed and played until his fingers caught fire. All because jason was on the same continent. Phew, that was a handful to write. If you read it to the end, well done! thanks! I might update this later as i come up with something else but for right now i think i'll be heading off. Again, thanks for reading and i hope to recieve some constructive feedback on my..feedback. Also i posted it here under general feedback since the beta players were not under NDA, and i'd like to reach as big a crowd i can in the forum, but if it's wrong, give me a heads up.
  25. So, the beta ended. I was able to play a lot of games, even with the server issues, and I think I'm more than capable now to freely talk about what I like and what I don't like, and give feedback based on my experience. Sorry if something is badly written, English is not my mother tongue and I still have a few mistakes. First things first, I love the game. I can't explain how much I enjoyed the beta and I want to make that clear. Yeah, I'm going to criticize A LOT of things, but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoyed the experience. And you're going to notice that I'll talk about the BETA and not the GAME itself. Let's get started... CHARACTERS +Counselors +STATS -COMPOSURE: Reduces fear build-up and makes easier to escape from Jason's grab. Pretty self-explanatory. A good stat, but his secondary use was completely useless in the Beta. There's no way you can escape from Jason's grab if he doesn't lose time looking for an environmental kill, even with Jenny Myers (10 Composure). A "good" Jason will just grab you and instantly spam his Choke to kill you. -LUCK: Increases weapon durability and gives minor increases to many other stats. By far the worst stat in the Beta. It doesn't matter to increase weapon durability because we can't fight Jason in the Beta, it's impossible (and I will talk about it in the Gameplay section). About the minor increase to other stats, I can't really tell if that worked in the Beta because there's no way to notice them, and, if they worked as intended, they were RNG. In my opinion, RNG shouldn't exist in something so important in the game- -INTELLIGENCE: Increases repair effectiveness. Very useful stat. Makes repairing a lot faster and easier. The main problem with the stat is that there's only four things you can repair in the Beta (Gas, Battery, Phone and Electricity) and that there's no real drawback for low intelligence counselors for repairing. A 10 Intelligence counselor will repair something in 5-10 seconds and a low Intelligence one will do it in 15-20 seconds, so it's (almost) not a big deal. -SPEED: Increases overall top speed. Good stat. Simple. Working as intended. Useful. Moving on. -STAMINA: Increases overall stamina pool and reduces the stamina cost of actions. Hands down the BIGGEST PROBLEM of the counselors. Before the 25th Patch, every single counselor besides Vanessa and Tiffany had two choices: 1, walk all the way from one camp to another to save stamina so you can run if Jason appears, or 2, jog/run from one camp to another and lose all your stamina halfway. After the 25th Patch the problem was kinda solved, everyone could move from camp to camp and at least save half of their stamina, but now there's counselors with more Stat Points than others. Before the patch, everyone had 35 Stat Points. After the Patch, Vanessa and Tiffany have 32, Kenny has 36, and everyone else has 37. Even so, the Stamina System doesn't convince me in its actual state, neither as counselor nor Jason. I'll talk more about Stamina in the Gameplay section of the post. -STEALTH: Reduces the amount of noise generated and Jason's ability to sense. A good stat overall, but 80% useless because of Jason's Sense ability in its Beta state. With A.J. Mason or Tiffany, both 10 Stealth characters, sometimes you could evade Jason's Sense and sometimes you couldn't when crouching/walking/hiding, so I have to suppose that Stealth, Noise and Sense evade are RNG. I've tried a lot with different characters. I've evaded Jason with Vanessa hiding in a closet but he caught me when I was doing the same with A.J. . I sincerelly don't know how it works, so I'm going to blame RNG and Jason's Sense in its Beta state. Please I'd really appreciate if someone corrects me if I'm wrong. I'll edit the post ASAP. -STRENGTH: Increases weapon damage reduces the stamina cost of combat actions. Like I said when I talked about Composure, counselors couldn't fight Jason in the Beta, so I can't say if it' s good or bad. I guess it's good, but I couldn't test it in a 1v1 situation against Jason, because in the Beta that was instant death. +PERKS I'm not going to talk about every single perk like I did with Stats. I think most of them are good and some of them are completely useless. I'll group them in three: Stamina, Item and General perks. -STAMINA PERKS: Aquanaut, Marathon and Restful. Besides Aquanaut (which isn't useful in the Beta map), Marathon and Restful are extremely good because of the current state of the Stamina System and if it doesn't change they will be used together 100% when the game releases, restricting build variation and creating a Build Meta, which I personally think it's bad, at least so early in the game. -ITEM PERKS: Firecracker, Hypochondriac, Medic, Pyro and Slugger. Good perks but they depend in the item usefulness. I'll talk about items in the Item section. -GENERAL PERKS: Level Headed, Low Profile, Scout, Spatial Awareness and Thick Skinned. Good perks too, but I have to talk about three of them: -Low Profile: It's badly explained and creates confusion. The 50% chance of evading Jason's Sense only happens while crouched. -Scout: Could have some use if Jason could use bear traps like the counselors, but not in the Beta. -Spatial Awareness: Stumbling is not a big deal in the Beta. Doesn't briefly slow or stuns you so no one bothers about it. +Jason +ABILITIES -MORPH. Jason is slow and has to kill 7 people in a big map, so I think he really needs this. -RAGE. It states it heightens Jason's other abilities, but I don't really know how. I suppose its cooldowns, but I can't notice it. Bursting through walls and doors is really useful. -SHIFT. Jason's "Chase ability" and I'm not going to lie, I don't like it. It's difficult to control and it breaks Jason's immersion (in my case at least and in its actual state). You rely on this skill to catch people on the run and make a good grab or attack the moment you exit the Shift. I'll talk more about this in the Gameplay section. -SENSE. Jason's most unbalanced ability in the Beta. You sense people fear and noises around you, and I think Jason needs this to find counselors, but in the Beta you don't sense them. You basically see them marked in glowing red through everything. +DIFFERENT JASONS In the Beta, Part II and III Jason were kings because of their ability to "run". Part VII Jason is EXTREMELY slow and relies on Shift even more than the other two, making him the worst Jason in the Beta. ITEMS -Firecrackers: They're supposed to distract Jason, lure him and mask your own noises, but with Jason's Sense actual state, they doesn't have much use. -First Aid Spray: They're useful, but they could be even more if Jason attacks more than he grabs and/or if we could use it on other players and gain experience by healing them. -Car fixing items (Battery, Gas, Keys): Nothing to say here. -Walkie-Talkies: I think they're useful and they were kinda glitched in the Beta. I could hear other players from the other corner of the map because they had walkies but I didn't have one. I think there should be less of them too. -Bear Traps: Good and useful items but their usefulness is "capped". First, Jason can't use them, and I think it'd add more tension to the game and give the Scout perk some use. Counselors place them in front of locked doors and covering the whole entrance to the barn. There isn't a lot of strategic points to place them. -Pocket Knife: By far the best item in the Beta and the only real way to escape from Jason's grab in its actual state. -Weapons: There are several weapons counselors can use to fight Jason, but you can't fight Jason in the Beta. I think they're good, some weapons deal more damage than others and some have more stun chance than damage. GAMEPLAY The gameplay experience overall is decent, but lacks pressure and possibilities. I'll divide this section in three: Counselors, Jason and General. -Counselors We have a list of objectives to escape: Fix the blue car, Fix the yellow one, Call the police and Call Tommy. The cars were ultra glitched in the Beta, but I managed to escape twice, and the experience is good, a lot of teamplay. Police is by far the easiest, faster and safest way to escape in the Beta. The two final days of the Beta were basically everyone rushing the phone, looking the outside of the cabins for the generator and escaping, ending in a 5-10 minute game. I think this should be changed, because it isn't fun for Jason and even for the counselors. You just fix it, call the police, move to the north cabin and camp them until police arrives. When this happens, there's no reason to keep searching for items and exploring, just wait 5 minutes, stall Jason and run. Tommy Jarvis is listed as an objective to escape but it didn't felt like that in the Beta. Lore-wise, Jarvis comes to help the counselors and fight Jason, but in the game's actual state the Jarvis player joins and feels like it's another counselor with more stamina and a one bullet shotgun, because fighting Jason is impossible in the Beta. Also, his voice line doesn't help. He is supposed to fight Jason and insult/provoke him, but the moment he sees a dead body he's like "Oh my god! Jason is killing people!?" and you're like "NO SHIT SHERLOCK!?". Running from Jason is a game of jogging, crouching to recover some stamina, jog or sprint a bit again and dodge Shift+Grab combo. It isn't fun at all. You don't feel any pressure. Also, if Jason focuses you, it's IMPOSSIBLE to lose him, even with Vanessa. You can sprint the whole map from one corner to another but you'll never be able to lose him because of the actual state of Jason's Sense. Hiding. Like I said in the Stealth section, I feel like sometimes it was useful, and sometimes wasn't (which is good, but I think it has a big problem of RNG and Jason's Sense Beta State). Again, if someone can explain how Stealth and hiding exactly worked in the Beta, please enlighten me. Fightning Jason in the Beta was instant death. Counselors take AGES to swing their weapons and we can't almost control the direction of the swing, and while we are swinging, Jason just attacks or grabs us, stopping our animation and killing us if he grabbed. We have a combat stance, dodges and blocking. Swinging in combat stance is the same than doing it normally, or at least I can't notice any difference. Dodges felt clunky and were useless against Jason, I think because of hitbox issues. I think blocking was working as intended, but it was useless anyway. In the case you have a 1v1 situation against Jason without grabbing, block all you want, but you're gonna fall eventually because Jason swings instantly and without any recovery and you take ages to swing and recover. Also, if you're grabbed by Jason, it's IMPOSSIBLE for you to escape, even with 10 Composure counselors. Mash E all you want, the moment Jason hits the grab kill button you're instantly dead. Interaction with other players is almost non-existent. Besides working together to fix the car, there's no point in trying to help your teammates from Jason. The only way to stun Jason and save a grabbed teammate is that Jason loses time searching for an environmental kill, because if he decides to do the Choke Kill (for example) he activates his I-Frames and the kill animation instantly and you are either arriving or in the middle of the 21847198651 years you take to swing your weapon. Also, you can't heal injured teammates, only throw the healing spray to the ground, which I think it's silly. We have very few actions granting experience. The only ways counselors can gain experience in the Beta are: blocking a door, placing a bear trap, Jason stepping in the bear trap, fixing battery/gas/phone/generator and hitting Jason (I'm not including the experience from escaping). We need more ways to gain experience and ways to interact with other players, and this I think it's high priority. In-game voice comms are great, but it also has a problem: Trolls and open mic-people. In the Beta, we couldn't mute people in-game and I encountered a few trolls than annoyed me a lot (Music, screaming...) and people who doesn't know that there's an option called Push-to-Talk and I could hear their whole house. This shouldn't be a big problem in any other game, but in Friday the 13th The Game Jason is supposed to Sense noises, and voice comms are supposed to generate noise, resulting in Jason's attention. -Jason Jason gameplay experience is less complex than the counselors. Just chase and kill everybody. Let me clarify, that isn't bad, is what it should be, but in the Beta it felt kinda frustrating sometimes. First, after joining the game, you are FORCED to immediately Morph to the phone and guard the area until Morph is up again or you've scared nearby counselors, because if you don't, you'll probably have a 5-10 minute game. Chasing counselors isn't fun at all, especially with Part VII. There's NO WAY you can get to counselors without doing a Shift+Grab/Attack combo OR surprise them behind a a corner when they walk (and this doesn't happen often). Yeah you can eventually catch them if they are out of stamina, but when the jog-crouch-sprint was discovered, it was impossible (I'm talking about Part II and III, VII will never catch anyone even if out of stamina). When counselors are out of stamina, they tend to stumble, which I suppose it's some kind of punish for counselors and an advantage for Jason, which is good, but in the Beta stumbling didn't do anything. Didn't briefly slow nor stun the counselor, and if it does, it isn't noticeable for Jason and he can't take advantage from it. And, as Jason, seeing people jogging away from him like they're doing excercise instead of sprinting and screaming is silly. Like I said before, I don't like Shift, just because if I want to play a teleport+attack combo killer I'll play Dead By Daylight's Nurse, which is EXACTLY this. I want Jason to be unique, and every Jason to have his own playstyle, but in the actual state of the game Jason feels like the Nurse from Dead By Daylight. That's the harsh truth. Sense in its actual state isn't fun. Rather than use the ability and think "Where can they be?" it was like "Lets see where they are". I think I don't need to explain more. Environmental kills feel extremely situational and doesn't happen often. I've already said that counselors are unable to escape if they are grabbed, but that changes drastically when looking for environmental kills. You have almost NO TIME to search them before the counselor escapes, so if you don't happen to grab him just right to one, you are forced to immediately do a grab kill if you don't want him to escape. Also, in the case of the back-break one when you throw them to a cabin wall, you can't do it in any point of the wall, you need to search for a very specific point to perform it. -General Gameplay Procedural generation its just for items, generators and radio. The map itself is always the same, three camp hotspots with three cabins, the middle big house, the barn and the graveyard, always everything in the same place. Jason's shack and the cars always have two potential spawns, same for the radio and generators/phone. I feel like the cabins are always the same in the inside too. I'm not critizicing anything, just explaining how it is, and I will give my suggestions later. This kinda leads to the second topic. The forest feels empty. There's absolutely nothing you can do or interact with in the forest. Yeah, the forest is Jason's domain and you're kinda fucked if you stay in the woods, but I also think there's a lot of wasted space in there. Easter eggs are very good and add a lot of life to the game. I loved how the community were exploring every single corner of the map looking for ways to kill Jason, Pamela's shrine, her sweater, the graveyard. The more easter eggs, secrets and hidden mechanics in the game, the better. Jason player being chosen randomly I think it's a HUGE mistake. There are two "factions" in the game, Jason and the counselors. There's going to be people who likes to mainly play Jason (like me), people who likes to mainly play counselors, and people who likes to play both equally. With the actual system, you're basically forcing a counselor player to play as Jason or vice versa. In my case, for example, I've played around 60 games during the whole Beta test (sadly because I suffered the server issues more than others) and I've been able to play Jason only 10-15 of them. Don't misunderstand me, that doesn't mean I didn't enjoyed those games, but I personally prefer to play as Jason and I couldn't enjoy him as much as I wanted. Also, this could lead to problems with premades. I've played with a friend a lot and sometimes one of us was Jason and the other a counselor. We played fairly, we muted each other in discord. But other people may not be like that, and ruin the entire game for the counselors by giving Jason indications. SUGGESTIONS In this section I'll post my suggestions to improve the game based on my own experience from the Beta. +About fighting Jason and combat: - Add recovery time to Jason's attacks and grabs so he can't spam them and punish him if he fails, giving counselors a slight chance to fight back. - Speed up (maybe a 20%?) counselor's swing animation and grant us the ability to control the direction while swinging. - Reduce Jason's swing speed. +About counselor stats: - Stamina needs to be reworked or changed. I sincerely don't know how, but counselors besides Tiffany and Vanessa need at least more stamina. - Luck needs to be changed. +About Jason: - My biggest suggestion is to give every Jason a unique chase ability which isn't Shift. Maybe a charge or a weapon throw. - Zombie Jasons needs something to not completely rely on Shift. - "Human" Jasons should run at least like a counselor with 3 Speed, so he can perfectly chase people without stamina or jogging and doesn't rely on Shift for the entire chase. - Sense needs to be reworked so we only see sounds, not counselors in glowing red. Houses with sound inside could be marked as red like in the Beta. - Give Jason the ability to use bear traps like the counselors. +About Counselors: - We need more things to interact in the map to give experience. - We should be able to heal our teammates. - Stumbling when jogging/sprinting without stamina should briefly slow or stun the counselor. - Tommy Jarvis voice lines should be more aggresive towards Jason. He is supposed to fight him and he shouldn't be afraid of him. +About gameplay: - The buildings and the graveyard should be completely procedural, not the same buildings in the same places every game. Every building should be completely procedural in the inside. - Add one or two more cabins or a useful building to use some empty space in the forest. Maybe a nursery cabin? - Counselors shouldn't be able to see the map in the case it is 100% procedural. Add a new item "Map" to grant them that. - A couple new items to give some more variety. - Add a new item "Toolbox" which should be needed to fix the phone. I think this should be a good way to stop the "Rush Phone Meta". - Phone, Radio and Generators should potentially spawn in every cabin, not the same three every game. - Let us choose what we want to play before the game: Jason or Counselors. And that's all. I'll add more suggestions if I think new ones. I'm eager to see what do you guys think. We all want this game to be the best game possible, and we can help with our feedback.