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Found 5 results

  1. I've been working on a mock expansion for the game every now and again in my free time. As "features" are completed, they'll be added here as both suggestions and examples of concept. Please enjoy. Misc. Placeholders: More to come! *Similarity to any other previously offered suggestions is purely coincidental.
  2. Taken from a dead thread, someone posted this back in October that we need to be able to customize matches. Sonce no new game modes are actually coming, please give us advanced options to customize matches. Here were just some suggestions and what I just added: ADVANCED OPTIONS Rain: ON / OFF / RANDOM Item Spawn: NORMAL / LOW / RANDOM Weapon Spawn: NORMAL / LOW / RANDOM Vehicles: +2 SEATER / +4 SEATER / +BOAT / RANDOM Pocket Knives: ON / OFF / RANDOM Medical Sprays: ON / OFF / RANDOM Jason’s Music: ON / OFF Phone Authorites: ON / OFF Radio Tommy Jarvis : ON / OF With just the option to customize matches, players could control the difficulty level of each match or lobby. This will completely invigorate the game with no additional content or game modes. Basically, you could create a match with no Jason music, no pocket knives, no med sprays, and no way to escape. Welcome to hardcore mode and trial by fire. What do you guys think?
  3. Credit to @TWarner for giving me the idea. Here's a list of current in game features that are missing from the game. These include kickstarter stretch goals and promises made during development. Let's start with kickstarter. *NOTE* This is in no way a hate thread. This is merely a "one stop spot" for all features currently missing from the game. This list will be updated overtime. Mirror Smash Kill Head Crush(Current in-game kill doesn't have the popping eyeball) Rip Your Heart Out(Current in-game kill is just a punch through the sternum) In Game Twitch Support (Intentionally removed) Fresh Meat(Unique Skills missing) Savini Workshop (Behind the scenes documentary) Missing Male Counselor Voices (Kenny, Buggzy, Adam, and Eric) FIXED Rotating Jason Skins in the Menu (promised during development) Dedicated Servers on Consoles *UPDATE* dedicated servers are confirmed and coming. As of 1/3/17 no dedicated servers Part 9 Missing His Own Music (Stated all Jasons will have unique music during development) FIXED NES Jason missing intro/outro *UPDATE* retro Jason (supposed to be) removed for TLC 8/28 as of 1/3/17 he has not been revamped. Multiple intros (Promised different intros during development) FIXED multiple intros included with small maps 8/28 Hearing Exclusive Music for Jason as Jason (Currently always plays part 3 music) Different Outfits (Stated during development that there would be different outfits. Possible bad word choice and we got reskins instead) *UPDATE* first new outfits (bathing suit DLC) is in game. Highlight Reel at the End of Match (intentionally removed) Weapon Switch Option for Jason (trailers show Jason using different weapons) Again, this list will be updated overtime. Feel free to mention anything left out and I will add it in.
  4. In this topic I will be talking about features I think should be implemented, fixed, or outright removed. 1. Counselors should be able to disarm Jasons traps. Reason being is that if he puts a trap right in from of a car or the phone box "which they always do" its virtually impossible to fix it because you are forced to step into the trap which then alerts Jason and then you're screwed. 2. Players should not lose control of there counselor when they see a dead body. Reason being is that from a game play perspective it doesn't really make sense because in the beginning scene you see your fellow counselor being killed so I dont think you would freak out every single time you see a body. The other main reason is that if Jason grabs someone and you go to save whoever was grabbed by hitting Jason sometimes that swing brings you into line of sight with a body and it stops your character mid swing to say "Oh my god is that a dead body" causing your friend to then be killed. Also if you are running for your life from Jason and you see a dead body and your character stops dead in his tracks to freak out over a dead body then getting you killed is so stupid and doesn't make sense. Its fine if its just an audible thing and or increases your fear level but to stop your character from doing anything for a short time is dumb. 3. I believe stamina needs to be reworked it seems to me that it runs out a little too fast even form good high stam characters. 4. I dont think players should have to wait til a vehicle is started to enter it, they should just be able to get in. 5. I think Tommy Jarvis shouldn't be able to leave until all other counselors are either dead or escaped, because his whole purpose is to help others escape and all to often we see someone come back as Tommy just to escape.
  5. Disclaimer: I have search for a thread about this topic on this forum and what not and couldn't once find one thread about it and I tried to look on youtube videos FOR hours about this being a concept and nope....no real subject but I hope the staff wont be irritated about this question/suggestion if it was asked or posted and lost......... We know a single Jason Voorhees has a machete in the game and the others don't but what if we can switch from a "Primary" to a "Secondary" weapon? Example (For those who dont understand): jason with an axe switches to a Machete. Thoughts? Feedback? its all open!