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Found 2 results

  1. Since playing the game and as a fanfiction writer myself, I've read some... how shall I say this politely... #!@*^&!! awful fanfiction of everyone's favorite hockey mask wearing killer. I'm just wondering what the overall feeling here on the forum is towards Friday the 13th fanfiction and fanfiction in general.
  2. Please note that what follows is all UNOFFICIAL, and a hypothetical, fan-based assessment on possible backgrounds for the Counselor characters presented in Friday the 13th: The Game. It is not intended to be definitive, and I am in no way affiliated with the game's creators. Chad Kensington – After a series of horrific occurrences in the Crystal Lake County locales associated with Jason Voorhees(namely Camp Crystal Lake, Packanack Lodge(the one-time locale for missing Camp Counselor Paul Holt’s Packanack Lake Region Counselor Training Center), and Higgins Haven), the Kensington estate has picked up the lease on all three locales, hoping to revitalize them as independent camp locales despite rumors that the American Camp Association has recommended permanently decommissioning all three sites. Chad has agreed to serve as overseer for a “final check-up night”, which is essentially a final evaluation of each one of the sites that have been restored following the renovation process, alongside a group of his friends…and one or two counselor aspirants…before announcing official reopening dates. Chad also intends to have the check-up night serve as a kind of training process for any potential camp counselor hires. Kenny Riedell – Stemming from his single experience serving as the Head Camp Counselor at a posh summer camp outside of Crystal Lake County, he is constantly reminding people about “the thrill of being in the Great Outdoors”, and endlessly sharing advice and personal experiences regarding wilderness survival techniques and methods even when he is not asked. He is a veritable one-man cornucopia of such facts and snippets and he is confident that in the wake of rumors regarding the apparent demise of Jason Voorhees that there will be a reversal of the bad luck and the spilled blood that has been plaguing the camp locales acquired by the Kensington estate. Chad has assured Kenny…despite disputes by another experienced counselor named Jenny Myers…that he will serve as Head Counselor when Camp Crystal Lake begins its first season as a Kensington property. Jenny Myers – Jenny has worn the mantle of Camp Counselor at summer camps before, and as such is an experienced hand in the management of a camp site. During her childhood, she was to be among the campers at Camp Crystal Lake the year the water was revealed to be unsafe. She distrusts the Kensington Estate, particularly in their unwise ignorance of safety precautions in the unlikely event that Jason Voorhees…if not a copycat killer…should plague any one of the Estate’s new camp properties. She is particularly irritated at Chad’s deference to Kenny Riedell over her in the establishing of a Head Counselor, and plans to raise the issue once again during the final check-up gathering. Vanessa Jones – Vanessa is Jenny’s best friend from Lakeview High School, and she is similarly intrigued at the idea of working as a Camp Counselor. She’s also aware of how much of a jerk Chad can be, and has anointed the egocentric Daddy’s Boy the unflattering monicker “Silver Spoon”. Vanessa plans to lend her voice in the dispute Jenny plans to take up with Chad regarding Kenny Riedell’s qualifications as a potential Head Counselor. Deborah Kim – It was not easy…at all…for Chad Kensington to convince his girlfriend Deborah to take part in his crazy desires to revitalize not one, but three blood-soaked murder sites, but the annoyingly persistent Chad finally managed to convince Deb to at least join him for the final check-up night. Kim is among those who are unconvinced that Crystal Lake County has seen the last of Jason Voorhees, and a part of her fears that Crystal Lake’s ubiquitous psychopath will once again rise up to continue his hunt for anyone foolish enough to violate the grounds upon which he stalks his potential victims. One reason Deborah has relented to Chad’s invitation, however, is because she plans on dropping a bombshell regarding their relationship: she wants to end it and break up with him. Brandon “Buggzy” Wilson – Lakeview High School’s top jock and Vanessa’s ex-boyfriend, Brandon has been trying to convince Vanessa to give their relationship a second chance. As a test of his potential to change his problematic ways, he has convinced Chad to have him on as a counselor-in-training, citing his willingness and eagerness to work with kids(which he is certain will endear him to Vanessa once more). His nickname is one he hopes to popularize as a rapper should his athletic aspirations fail to earn him a decent living. Tiffany Cox – Another of Jenny’s High School friends, but only because Tiffany is more of a follower than a leader. The materialistic young woman prides herself on her looks moreso than her grasp of academics, and it is only because she thinks working with kids “is cool” that she signed up for counselor training. She feels that since she has been to a summer camp as a child as one of the campers, that gives her all the qualifications in the world to become a counselor. She is similarly well aware of the effect her looks have on men(particularly the geeky Eric Lachappa), and she revels in it. During the final check-up night, she plans to get very flirtatious around Chad Kensington, unaware that he already has a girlfriend. A.J. Mason – A goth and a social outcast at Lakeview High School, A.J. ironically shows raw potential to become a very good camp counselor. Unlike her other goth friends, she likes being around kids, and it was at the invitation of one of her non-goth friends…namely Jenny Myers, who is aware of A.J.’s potential…that she joined Chad’s group for the final check-up night. The goth in her obviously finds the prospect of visiting mass murder sites intriguing enough to accept the invitation, if only to say that she had actually gone someplace where so many people had been brutally slaughtered. Eric “J.R.” Lachappa – A geek from Lakeview High School, Eric has had his eye on one girl in particular: Tiffany Cox, who he refers to as his “princess”. He has daydreamed of earning her love one day and marrying her, even though she has zero interest in any of Eric’s geeky endeavors. Eric’s therapist suggested that one way he could earn Tiffany’s affections would be to take part in something she herself enjoys doing, even if Eric has little interest in it. Acting on this advice, he has learned that Tiffany plans to become a camp counselor. Fending off any and all fears from his understandably wary parents, Eric bravely makes the requisite inquiries about becoming a potential camp counselor, and much to Eric’s surprise, he receives an invitation to join Chad Kensington’s final check-up gathering. Eric even confirmed...through Chad...that Tiffany plans to be among the potential counselors in attendance. Adam Palomino – A High School drop-out, the self-styled lone wolf roars around Wessex County...and the neighboring counties, Crystal Lake included...on his bike, going where he damn well pleases. His presence at the campgrounds is his latest curiosity, and if only to deliberately pester the man who he remembered gleefully bullying around during his elementary school years(that man being Chad Kensington), he plans on showing off his rebellious nature at the campgrounds, and watching Chad squirm over his unwelcome antics. His on-site activites, however, go from being a deliberate jerk to developing an interest in A.J. Mason as the sun sets during the final check-up night. Mitch Floyd – The weed Chuck Garth and his fiance’, Chili(who were among the victims in Part 3D), had acquired were purchased through this notorious Wessex County resident, who has been in hiding from the law given the obvious illegality of his contraband. As his two best customers have gone missing, Mitch pays a visit to the campsites, hoping to link up with them once again. In the absence of Chuck and Chili, he’ll likely see about earning some potential new customers among the current flock of visitors to the notorious campsites. Tommy Jarvis – Why were security concerns minimal when Chad started promoting the potential re-opening of the campsites? It’s probably because the Estate made a special arrangement with the person who had been credited with being the one who finally killed Jason Voorhees: Tommy Jarvis. Chad has placed a radio at all three sites…and has even set one up at the Jarvis house…which has been set to a specific frequency. Upon a report that Jason is on-site by any one of the counselors that uses the radio, Jarvis…armed with a provided shotgun…is to join in and help the counselors either escape from the masked murderer, or even assist in the killer’s demise. Fox and Shelly Finkelstein maintain their defined roles from the movies, and as such do not require definition here. It should be noted that the characterization of Eric Lachappa described here was inspired by livestreams of the game by the Canadian YouTube web-caster known as “Typical Gamer” who has quite entertainingly defined the character as noted during the livestreamed games he participated in alongside his girlfriend, Samara Redway. It should also be noted that this assessment is based purely against material from the movies and the game itself, factoring in the noted roles of each counselor(the notable exception being Jenny, who seemed a little more to me than just "the girl next door". )