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Found 1 result

  1. So i was mulling, what would i like to see in a friday the 13th film, how would i make it different, remain true to the films but make it stand apart from the others. Now i'm sure not many would go for it, but for me. Really trying to grasps Jason's emotional state and motivation for his killings is where i would delve. I'm sorry sean.s but jason like the shark from jaws i get, but it isn't enough. Even the shark has a motivation, he is hungry. So what is jason's gig. Well i would do a core movie with most the same established rules of genre in place. Jason is still living in the wilderness and along comes some teens. He could let these guys and gals be, they'll be gone in a few days but he won't. Why? To figure it all out we have to go back to the beginning. His relationship with his mom. Really pick that scab off and let it bleed. I would have scenes of recollection and memory. What was christmas like? Did she read to him? Deep stuff. The film i'd like to see is jason the brute in one moment and a jason that has you feeling truly sympathetic to him. I imagine scenes with him in his shack he has broke his shrine in anger because he truly understands she is dead and that is the end but he cant get over it. Imagine a jason looking somewhat beaten clutching his mothers head, audible gruntish sounds that are clearly a man in pain. Oh but here they are the teens...he looks at his mother, the hate burns in his one good eye and he sets off. I would try to iterate that each kill is not vengeance for mom but a reliving of her demise a chance for him to change history. I would try to convey that if he inherited anything it was her overwhelming protectiveness and in each kill that is what he thinks he is doing, Protecting his mother. He can't ignore the tresspassors. They will hurt his mom again. It's all they are there for (in his mind) he is not being territorial he protecting his only family. Alive or dead, but in order to see and understand that. We have to see him at his weakest. Oh but the kills they would be hate filled and brutal!...
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