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Found 7 results

  1. Since the release of f13th on the switch, have you played multiple matches and had teamers on there? Me, playing 17 matches, only two matches, I only saw two people teaming. I've haven't seen frequent teaming on the switch version yet. I also saw that the Window Dive glitch came to the switch version, even though it got patched on ps4, x1, and PC version.
  2. So F13th came out on the switch, What are y'alls thoughts on the game being ported to the Nintendo Switch? Gameplay, Graphics wise? What I've seen is that when loading into the lobby screen after loading screen disappears, match start countdown starts instantly. Also the menu music is delayed when it goes to the loading screen for a few seconds.
  3. I'm just curious how is the community on the pc version on this game is? Is it okay, bad, in between? Ever since I signed up for steam to play this, all counsoler players I came across were half of the time were either trolling or teaming with jason and other times were coordinated, escaped. I've seen people who hacked the games files to get jason x, instant break free when they're counsolers, and full item esp, map radar, and undetected aimbot programs.
  4. Hey Guys, I wanted to introduce a new Fan page up on Facebook for all PS4 Friday the 13th gamers out there.. who are looking for friendly people to match up with and game on too! this group has over 1,000 members and is growing and we want you to be Apart of the experience come join us! our page is at : Friday the 13th PS4 Fan page! In this group you will meet many different people who love to test thier skills again the immortal Jason, or even take a chance at being Jason and trying to massacure the lot of them in any event this group is very active and would welcome any new members who wanted to join so come on down and meet a new sense of players a game changing experience you have to be apart of to believe thanks for your time Derrick
  5. When I originally pre-ordered the game, I chose the physical copy for Xbox one, but yesterday I was sent the download code for Steam. Anyone else have this issue or know who to contact about it???
  6. NB!First off this is not that kind of thread that asks you which platform are you gonna buy it on. Im asking on Which PLATFORM should I (ME - GRAYFOXXOFLIGHT) buy the game on.What i mean by that is that the thread isnt a repost of any other thread. I can buy the game on pc and xbox one.Which you do you guys suggest.? i dont want to buy both platforms. My pc specs i3 6100 3.7 ghz dual core rx 480 8gb nitro+ 8gb ram monitor : vg245h 75 hz asus OR XBOX ONE S. Thanks" This is the last time i post on this forum asking on which platform to buy the game on. Thanks
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