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Found 9 results

  1. I just thought of an idea to have F13 game accounts so that you can transfer game data over to another console or PC rather than starting again. What do you guys think?
  2. So I was watching someone play f13 on twitch ( I think he was playing on pc but it could have been PS4 ) that he could use a pocket knife to get rid of the trap and I can never do this on Xbox. I also notice that in someone’s inventory they had two health sprays in one slot which is another thing I can’t do on Xbox. Does anyone know why this is?
  3. This has been brought up quite a few times in other threads but there is no official thread for this so I thought I would make one. A while back in the dev diary #1 it was said they were working on a sandbox mode where you get to free roam around any map without any objectives, Jason hunting you etc. I think this would be a good addition to the game. You would be able to just hang around with friends and drive around in the cars and ride the boats. @MichaelMemers suggested to me that it would be good for practising driving off-road in the cars. I also thought there should be a switch for daytime and night time so you can choose either one or a switch for both where it gradually changes from daylight to night time and vice Versa. Also include rain. There could also be counselor bots wandering around the maps. what do you guys think? Apart from daylight, I don’t think this would be too difficult and it would be a great way to explore the maps without the worry of being slaughtered lol.
  4. Hey guys, sorry if there is a thread already about this but who do you guys think is the next new upcoming counsellor after Victoria? For a female I would personally like to see Trish Jarvis (Tommy’s older sister) but since it was announced two days ago that another female counsellor ( Victoria Sterling ) is coming to the game, I think it will most likely be a male counsellor. for a male I know that a lot of people want Mark ( the counsellor in the wheelchair ), I would love to see mark but I can only see him being in the Single Player challenges unless they form something great that will make him work in multiplayer. What do you guys think?
  5. I know this may sound random but has anyone heard about any counselor action figures or collectables to be expected in the near future? I think it would be awesome if Jason Savini to also be collectible
  6. Hello Campers! I'm wondering if any of you have noticed some ps4 Players recently that use Brandon/Adam with special looking outfits? Ive never seen before and i play quite alot. *LvL 81* Brandon counselor being a "LIFEGUARD JUMPSUIT" ADAM "WHITE Sleeves /BLACK Jacket" DLC?????
  7. Just thought it would be a neat if when you make your city map, you see a cool animation that has Jason kicking boomboxes out versus the regular stereos we get to smash in the current maps lol, just a thought, u guys are awsome!
  8. I think that if Jason gets shot point blank in the face it should remove his mask instantly, increasing the chances to kill him by atleast 10 percent! I think it would be a great buffer and something that wouldn't change the difficulty of the game by much, thanks u guys, absolutely love the game, keep up the great work!!