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Found 101 results

  1. I just today did a FULL 100% in this game and what a GRIND it was! All Badges MAXED! ALL TAPES! All Challenges COMPLETED (All 3 Skulls and Objectives Done). COMPLETED Virtual Cabin 2.0! EVERY SINGLE ACHIEVEMENT! EVERY DLC! MAX RANK 150 (As of this post 150 is Max can change). I was wondering who else has made it to this point! This was on Xbox! Link below with pics of PROOF! https://ibb.co/album/f5wAdv
  2. So I have just seen that after the last patch on May 4th, the forum will be archived no more than a week later! It is so sad that the game was affected by the lawsuit but I will forever love this game and cherish the times I had while playing. This is my goodbye to the forum before it is archived for good and I just want to say thank you to everybody I communicated with since I first joined, so until next time, goodbye everybody!
  3. So I was wondering since the F13 game Counselors are original characters made by Gun (except Fox, Tommy and Shelly) could they be included in the next project? I mean say if the next project does end up being Halloween, could say Tiffany or Chad pop up as a playable character again or do they now count as “F13 property”? I only ask this since I think it would be cool if Gun included some of their own characters again.
  4. Dear Gun Media, Would you consider opening a GoFundMe page (or the like) for a monthly quota for maintaining dedicated servers? I know times are tough and financial hardship is seemingly imminent for some. But players would perhaps opt in for donating specifically to keep the server sessions dedicated (possibly including maintenance and or additional patches and updates). as they're more reliable, less laggy, and will not be interrupted by host-migration. Please consider this proposition. Fellow players such as myself are highly appreciative of the current content that's available and would thoroughly enjoy the sustainability of your game in the foreseeable future. -F13 Fan
  5. It can be any match that you can think of, either you survived or got killed in the match it doesn’t matter.
  6. Basically the title of the post why can't I invite my friends on the Nintendo Switch Version of Friday the 13th, all of the other versions have it, so why not this one? I'm just curious, since I have no clue why we can't invite people on this version.
  7. Hi people, after playing a lot of Friday The 13th over the past few weeks I have come to really enjoy it, I would say it can be very nerve racking when Jason is trying to decimate you but I feel it like it would be more of an immersive and a scarier experience if you could play the game in first person. I've talked with a few random people on the game about it and they agree it would be cool, anyone else think this would be a cool idea? I would certainly love to see it.
  8. For anyone who hasn't seen this, here is Larry breaking down the oral arguments portion of the lawsuit that took place on thursday. Side note is that he clearly says that even after the lawsuit comes to an end, there WILL NOT be any content coming to the game, none at any point. Hopefully for those who for whatever reason keep holding out foolish hope understand that the game will remain as it is from here on out.
  9. i was wondering if there was a way in the future that we can choose the counselors we want in the Offline Bot mode same way as selecting the maps.
  10. With the all new Friday The 13th Patch, 1.31, Jason can now not be stunned when in rage mode, unless a counselor has a shotgun and blasts you in the face. Thats if you are Jason . He is still able to be killed in the time that Jason is working his way to rage, but it is certainly a challenge.
  11. This is what roy would look like, if he was actually being based off movie accuracy.
  12. Given the dismal news about the future of the game, I thought I'd do a little something to cheer up the community. I'm gonna put together a little awards ceremony in honor of our favorite guilty pleasure of a game: Friday the 13th. This will be the first of three posts. Consider this the nomination part of the process. I'm gonna list 10 categories that anyone can chime in on. If you consider a category that I don't list, feel free to share and I may consider adding it. There are a few rules for this so keep these in mind: 1. Any category pertaining to members of the community, you cannot nominate yourself. 2. PM me directly with your nominations. If you are nominating for multiple categories, keep it in one PM. 3. Keep any posts here civilized. I'd rather not have any arguments/negativity. If you don't wish to participate, then don't post. We're trying to boost morale here. 4. Some categories are too big, so to keep it simple, the most nominations for certain people will get them added to the ballot. 5. All nominations must be received by Tuesday Oct. 9th no later than 6pm EST. Without further ado, here are the categories: 1. Favorite Jason (Top 5 nominated will be voted on, Retro Jason will be treated as Part 3) 2. Favorite Jason Kill (Top 5 nominated will be voted on) 3. Favorite Female Counselor (Top 3 nominated will be voted on) 4. Favorite Male Counselor (Top 3 nominated will be voted on, this excludes Tommy Jarvis) 5. Favorite Map The 5 most nominated people will be on the final ballot for these next few categories. 6. Most helpful member of the community 7. Funniest member of the community 8. Realest member of the community (Telling it like it is) 9. Most laid-back member of the community 10. Favorite live streamer (Must be a member of the forum to be nominated) Good luck to all those who are nominated!
  13. I have a quick question. I know that this question has bound to have been asked at some point... but I've yet to see it answered. When playing a match in which I am NOT the host.... If I die, and then leave the match before everyone else dies.. let's say that I've died a couple minutes in.. and instead of waiting like ten or so minutes for the match to end.. so I leave the room, leaving the other players Unaffected... Will I still gain salt for that???
  14. Friday the 13th is awesome with the hud and stuff but i think that the title menu it too little detailed. I think there should be a certain thing's like i'll show different jason's or show the counselors (with your customization on them if you can) in the back round, and add new stuff to it.
  15. I wanted to see if anyone else has noticed this. Ever since Christmas the number of squeakers playing Friday the 13th has doubled or maybe even tripled. When this game came out (at least for me) it was very rare to find a squeaker online and now it's almost impossible to find a lobby without at least one kid under the age of 12 playing the game. I've been in lobbies where I'm the host and a whole group of kids joins that are sometimes even as young as 7 or 8. It's not that bad because they're fun to mess with especially when they're playing as Jason and you basically get free exp from killing them.
  16. I have an idea to let friends join in, in the offline mode (or private match) as coop or vs. To play against a bot Jason, or to play as Jason against friends and bots. Of course that would be an option in offline mode to accept/invite players or not, as you would want to play offline mode offline as well. To be able to fill empty playerslots with bots in both offline mode and private match/quick match. Notified the devs and got an answer on twitter. Hope something might happen soon. https://twitter.com/F13GameSupport/status/873181714671120385?s=09
  17. 2 Gameplay Ideas Tommy AFK System One of the more annoying things in the game is when another person is picked to be Tommy, only to be AFK. An idea I had is when someone in the lobby was AFK during the game, they can't be picked as Tommy, or, if Tommy spawns and doesn't move for a certain amount of time, Another person takes control of him. Create your own Jason or Counselor I doubt this would happen, but I think it'd be cool if we could create a Jason or Counselor with an avatar maker type thing. For the stats, the player could add stats freely, but can only have a total of 35 stat points. The player would also get an option for a random avatar or random stat generator. If having stats become too OP, there could also be a rule that players can't have too much in one stat if they already have a lot in another. I feel like adding something like this would really add some spice to the game, as well as some more player involvement and creativity.
  18. I enjoy all parts of this update. The single player challenges were amazing, I loved hearing the counselors interact, talk, and move with the corresponding situation. I couldn't help but think how amazing it would be for there to be a "director mode" or replay editor, where you can play as Jason or a counselor and record the gameplay and go into an editor where you can change the camera angles, add sound effects, cut out unneeded footage, change the speed of the video, and overall create a cinematic video. I believe this is a great idea because the player will be able to fulfill his/her dreams and create their very own Friday the thirteenth film. Please take this idea into consideration while working on your next update. Thank you.
  19. Well there's not much to know about me besides the fact that I'm a big fan of horror. On Steam, you can usually find me on F13 more than Dead by Daylight or others. Also play Sea of Thieves a lot. People describe me as crazy and strange. And Jarvis House is the best map, I don't care what anyone says. Hahaha. I'm filled with sass as well but I love to use it for jokes. I like to livestream on Twitch from time to time. And cosplaying is something I enjoy doing. In real life, I'm the Harley Quinn of the group, since I can do her voice spot on. Hahaha. Also, to be honest, I suck at these so if you want to know anything, just ask and I'll answer. lol (Picture ain't mine.)
  20. In this thread I will be giving my thoughts on every F13 starting at Part 2 as I watch them. (Might go back to the original 1980 version). So far only planning on reviewing 1-8, but if people like these reviews I will consider JGTH,X,JVF, and the Reboot I will not give a numbered rating such as scale from 1 to 10 as I personally believe that is a highly inaccurate way of rating and reviewing a film. I will give my thought on how much I like the Jason, the characters, the final girl, and of course the movie as a whole. So if you want to follow my journey watching and reviewing each movie follow this thread. At the end I will rank the movies from what worst to best imo and rank the final girls the same way Feel free to comment on my "reviews" or ask any questions
  21. Does anyone know any good game genie codes for this game?
  22. I'll start off by saying that I wasn't sure where to post this and I know this is something that's bound to happen anyways but just know that there's a few out there who already have managed to hack into it. Here's the screenshots from my Steam. It's just a heads up before it actually comes out. (By the way, the guy did admit that he hacked it.) [Content removed by moderator] He used a Part 5 kill on me, a Part 4(?) kill on someone else, Part 8 on a third person and then a Savini kill on a fourth person.
  23. ● Make more cells for skills for counselors and give them one cell for item like (knife, sprey or firecrackers) in the start; ● Make one or two police officers when you call the cops as a support, like Tommy Jarvis (Like cops from part 6); ● Do so that the ability "Sence" can watch through the objects only in the side where looks Jason (Not a player) like a flashlight in "Alan Wake"; ● Fix bugs with Jasons traps, when i play as a counselor i cant disabling it; ● Make animation when Jason teleporting or start shifting.
  24. Hey folks, I've never done a poll on here, but I figured I ask a few questions and see what kind of feedback people give. Looking to the future for F13:TG, what kinds of improvements would you like to see? Edit: you can select multiple choices.
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