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Found 3 results

  1. There is a way to exploit a bug / glitch that allows counselors to install the fuse in the fuse box without triggering the traps in front of it? At the end of a match where I was Jason, that they called the police without triggering or disarmed two traps I had placed in front of the fuse box. It was the second time that this occured... I did not understand their explanation. I heard this from a few players when I questioned the fact... But it seems that they can install the fuse from inside the house (through the wall behind the box) or take advantage of a bug, crounching in two, in front of the fuse ... They started to explain to me, but changed the subject. The fact remains: There are players taking advantage of some glitch/bug that allows counselors to ignore Jason's traps by a dishonestly way. I play on PC - Steam Please, if you know what I say and have seen it happen, post exactly how they do it.
  2. I just played a game with a player that ran down everyone he could until all counselors were dead with the car and then drove to Jason's cabin where the sweater is and blocked himself inside the cabin by using the car. Is this a bannable exploit?
  3. Well we have all been there, you and a buddy (both as counselors) are playing the game like it is meant to be played and you are getting good loot, a battery the keys, and finally gas! Now you are at the car and suddenly two other counselors attack you - thats ok and you die... now spectating them you realize , wait they are walking next to jason , talking to him in proximity,,,, what the fuck? why isnt there some failsafe to allow players who wont do this to play together and to keep all the teamer shifty assholes on another mode if they want to ruin the game? It totally breaks the immersion for me and many others im sure when you are attacked by both a jason and a counselor , or even if you realize a counselor is working with jason and just not attacking the counselor. Please add another mode made for "free for all" if these barbarians want to ruin the fun of the original idea of the game, that way we can ban those trying to play jason/counselor teams on the mode that doesnt allow it. Real easy fix , thanks for reading.
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