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Found 3 results

  1. What if the developers Received permission to create a game mode that utilized John Carpenters the thing. One person starts out infected in Antarctica, and tries to infect others. You could sabotage any plans and have little things you can do for tests to see if someone else is infected... I would buy it again for something like that.
  2. I've been working on a mock expansion for the game every now and again in my free time. As "features" are completed, they'll be added here as both suggestions and examples of concept. Please enjoy. Misc. Placeholders: More to come! *Similarity to any other previously offered suggestions is purely coincidental.
  3. I was hoping maybe in the future we could get more game modes, so I thought I'd share a few suggestions. - A player versus player match, two teams of 4 have to wait for an escape vehicle that only has 4 spots. All while surviving Jason (CPU) each time a person dies the longer the respawn process takes. The aim of the game is to have all members of your team secure the 4 spots in the vehicle. If team A got 3 counselors in the vehicle but team B only got 1, Team A would win but team B would still get some points, each place secured on the vehicle adds XP which is spread amongst the team at the end of the match. - A daytime map that involves surviving against Pamela (Undead?), Where your goal is to survive the round with no vehicle escape. Unlike Jason, Pamela relies more on swift weapon based attacks as her grab is extremely weak, she is far more agile and can dodge counselor attacks far more easily than Jason aswell as climb through windows. She is able to drive her own car around the map aswell as shift aslong as she is not in view of counselors, another possible ability is that she can temporarily disguise herself as a counselor on the mini map. She can kill you if she either slashes you to death or overpowers you with her grab if you are weakened. The only way to win is to survive the timer, or to damage her enough that she drops her car keys, which only lets two people escape. Just a few, add your own suggestions, this game has so much potential.
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