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Found 3 results

  1. This will fall on def ears cause the only ideas these developers listen to are stupid shit ones, anyway they should do week events like some battle royal games!! Like a event were all weapons are removed from map for campers except sticks and cooking pans while Jason is on a buff. small maps were one way to escape and turn team killing on Iam begging these developers to be creative!!!!
  2. As the developers have said " Our team is making this game as a passion project and we fully hope to expand the game after launch ", having seasonal and special events are the perfect way to expand, it will keep the players interested and stop the game from becoming a bit dull overtime, this is a fantastic game and I only wish to pitch this idea to help keep the game alive for years to come. ------- Every season such as the start of spring or winter, the maps will change slightly in appearance (For a limited time only), and for every special occasion such as Christmas or halloween, the cabins will be furnished with things like a christmas tree, or pumpkins and so on. This will give people something to look forward to. Maybe not that drastic of a change, but small things. Each season, counselors get 1 or 2 costumes you can unlock by doing certain challenges. Aswell as one for Jason. Some examples of this could be: Spring themed dead rose skirt for A.J Mason Christmas themed gingerbread sweater for Deborah Kim Halloween themed devil top for Tiffany Cox. --------------------------------------------- Please do give feedback if you like it, let's see what will happen and hope the developers hear it! @GunMedia_Ben @wes @Randygbk (None of the images in this post are mine, counselor clothes edited on Paint.Net)
  3. Queer Cave, we are an international multi-platform LGBTQ+ gaming community, we’re accepting of people from all backgrounds and that includes straight members as well. We won’t ask about your past, but we want you to be a part of our future here at Queer Cave. Our primary focus is to gather players from around the world to create an immersive, fun and memorable gaming experience. Join Q U E E R C A V E - Gayming Discord Now!
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