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Found 5 results

  1. Good Afternoon I trust you are well. More and more in recent weeks I have come to realize that the trolling of Jason is becoming a larger issue once more, like with the pocket-knife debacle not so long ago. Almost every match as Jason over the weekend had counselors group up and actively pursuing me as Jason, stun-locking and taunting me. One thing I do feel has to change is the fact that counselors teabag Jason when he is down. If this were like the movies, you would want to be as far away from Jason as possible. I suggest adding a new environment kill to the game, where when Jason is stunned laying on the ground and a counselor comes to squat over him you should be able to hit 'E' and kill them in some horrific way to punish them for coming so close to you. Also, along the lines of being stunned. I suggest one of two changes: Either diminishing returns, or a rage builder. What I mean by diminishing returns is that if Jason gets stunned, it last for the full duration. If he gets stunned again with a certain amount of time after the first stun, it is halved. If he is stunned for a third time after that within a certain amount of time, it is a quarter of the duration. Or stunning Jason should be adding to his rage timer. Each time he is struck with a weapon and stunned, his rage should increase faster. When he hits enraged mode, he should be resistant/immune to stuns from this point on to make him more menacing. Would love to hear your feedback!
  2. Not sure if these have been listed but... Would like to see lightening and thunderstorms in multiplayer and not just single. Other weather effects such as wind and snow. Also light or immense fog in areas of the map (or the entire map) either throughout the game or at some point during would be pretty cool. As the night progresses the sky should slowly become lighter as the moon sets. At the end of the match when you "survive the night" you will see the sun start to rise. Different phases of the moon such as crescent, full, or new would also be an interesting addition. Or even a solar or lunar eclupse and super moon. Environment ambient sounds from animals such as crickets, owls, or coyotes. Adding simple animated animals in such as rats, rabbits, squirrels, birds, deer...but this may be asking a bit too much Probably more I cannot think of at the moment but think these would be some nice additions. A few other things that just popped in my head... Create your own counselor but for your skills, you may only select from a pre-made list. A way to shock (stun) Jason with electricity (such as a puddle of water on the ground) Hiding under boat docks as a counselor with jason stabbing you in the head through the planks. A map featuring the ship from part 8...although I'm not sure how this would turn out. Staying alive till the ship reaches Manhattan, escaping via lifeboat, or sending out an SOS (like phoning the cops in any other map).
  3. As the developers have said " Our team is making this game as a passion project and we fully hope to expand the game after launch ", having seasonal and special events are the perfect way to expand, it will keep the players interested and stop the game from becoming a bit dull overtime, this is a fantastic game and I only wish to pitch this idea to help keep the game alive for years to come. ------- Every season such as the start of spring or winter, the maps will change slightly in appearance (For a limited time only), and for every special occasion such as Christmas or halloween, the cabins will be furnished with things like a christmas tree, or pumpkins and so on. This will give people something to look forward to. Maybe not that drastic of a change, but small things. Each season, counselors get 1 or 2 costumes you can unlock by doing certain challenges. Aswell as one for Jason. Some examples of this could be: Spring themed dead rose skirt for A.J Mason Christmas themed gingerbread sweater for Deborah Kim Halloween themed devil top for Tiffany Cox. --------------------------------------------- Please do give feedback if you like it, let's see what will happen and hope the developers hear it! @GunMedia_Ben @wes @Randygbk (None of the images in this post are mine, counselor clothes edited on Paint.Net)
  4. I apologize if this has been talked about before, but I couldn't find anything. The small rocks and hills need to be reworked as to allow both counselors and Jason to simply walk over them, plain and simple. I can't say how many times I'm running away from Jason and my character just stops going forward, I look down and notice there's a tiny rock blocking me or I'm going up or down a hill and there's an invisible wall, so I either get killed because of it or he gains on me with less stamina at my disposal because I had to go back TOWARDS Jason just to go around said rock or hill. It's even more relevant when he's been chasing me for awhile and I'm low on stamina with limited vision because of fear. It's also annoying as Jason but not as much considering he can see perfectly and has infinite stamina. It is however really annoying when you're using shift and you get caught on every bump and pebble.
  5. The window kill is pretty awesome to say the least, like any other amazing scenes in the game, but there is a flaw. The thing that disturbs me is when the window is wide open and then Jason throws the player through it. Why would this kill the player? It makes more sense if your on a 2 story house or if the window is closed. So my suggestion is this. Make a kill, if possible, that when the window is open Jason will do something different than the toss. Something along the lines of a face slam into the window, or closing the window on their neck. Something like that. I know this is out there, but it would definitely beat getting thrown through an empty space and ending up dead as if the glass cut the player. Thanks
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