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Found 15 results

  1. What is the actual reason for them to exist? What are their Purpose? And please don´t come with trolls or something because we all know it by now but it is obviously not the reason why they exist. I really don´t know……
  2. Originally Posted on Steam by me: http://steamcommunity.com/app/438740/discussions/0/1700542332341268583/ Hello everyone! I just thought of two new Jason ideas that I thought would be pretty neat. One of them would add a gameplay change to him. So the first idea is pretty basic, in fact, it might have already been said on the forums, but I thought it would be cool if Jason had his own emotes, they'd have to be realistic towards his character and I have a couple ideas: Crack Neck - Cracks your own neck. Rainy Day - Takes your weapon and flicks it to get blood off. Kneel - Uses the same animation for when Tommy knocks him down. Does not kill Jason though and can stay in this state for as long as you want. Time Out - Does not work with Part 2 or Part 5 (Roy Burns), but Jason raises his hockey mask up to show his disfigured face (like the scene from Part 3 after he's hanged). My only son... - Part 5 (Roy Burns) only, Roy takes out his wallet with his sons picture and cries for his son. Hallucination - Only works in water, but Part 1 Kid Jason or Part 3 Undead Pamela rises up to the water for a few seconds and goes back down. Was also thinking about Jason to have the choice of using Regular Jason, Part 1 Kid Jason or Part 3 Undead Pamela for rocking the boat and drowning people. At least Part 1 Jason would be nice though because he actually has a model. Above Water - Only works in water, Rises up in the water for a few seconds only to go back down. List your own emote ideas if you want to too lol The other idea I have is a Gameplay Change... Basically, if you guys remember, Jason, Pamela, Roy, all of them liked to move bodies after they killed them. I was wondering what everyone would think if we could like, let's say, press E near a dead body to pick them up and then your abilities would be changed to 4 different pictures of what you can do with the bodies. It'll be like how you can choose kills too with what you do with the bodies. Also, you don't have to carry bodies to your intended place as I imagine it would take too long with slow-moving Jason, although to balance this, let's just say that once you move a body, there is no way for you to move it again. To move the body though, you press what you want to do with the body and the map pops up like how it would for morph and you get the red dot, well wherever you put the red dot is where it'll put the body (more or less, wherever the closest place you can put the body it'll place) So here's a couple ideas I have for what you can pick for moving the bodies. Crispy Hangings - Does the Crispin Glover Nail Hanging onto a door bit which can block the door, Survivors can remove the body though to get through, but they will have to do a skillcheck (higher composure allows you to get rid of it easier). If Jason is also blocked by the body, he can just rip the body off the door like in the movie. He cannot place it back on the door though. (Needs arms and legs still) Weekend At Bernie's - places the body in a nearby chair. Shelly's Pass - Places a body in a closet that when opened, the opener gets immediately spooked when the body flies out. Hanging Tree - A body is hanged by a tree. (Needs Head still) Upside-Down Hanging Tree - A body is up in a tree until someone goes closer in which it fall upside down and spooks them. (Like in Part 3 with Loco). Nailed - A body is nailed in the throat against a tree (Like in Part 5). (Needs Head still) Like Mother, Like Son - A body is nailed against a door with arrows (Like Bill's death in Part 1). Bedsheet Hanged - A body is against the wall with bedsheets holding them. (Like in Part 2). Stowaway - A body is placed in the boat which must be skillchecked in order to be removed. (Higher Composure and Higher Strength will come in handy). Those are all the ideas I have for what you can do with bodies, list your own too if you have any
  3. https://findingmontauk.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/jason_dancer1.gifDoes anyone want to see this in the game as an emote
  4. Hey All, I thought id start a new topic, as i posted my issue on the 9th November and have not had any reply's,So this is beginning to p**s me off a bit now! Part 4 jason kill slots are playing up for me. I bought the pig splitter kill pack from steam, all the kills are there, but i can only add one kill to the first kill slot? I can also add any kill i want to that first kill slot. The remaining 3 stay blank, no matter what i select for them. Can anyone help me with this issue? As i have said, its pis***g me off a tad as i have spent money on this kill pack,that isnt working. Ive checked the integrity of the game files and all is fine,so im out of options. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I bought the both sets of emotes. But when I go into customization and hit Y (on Xbox) for more emotes it takes me to the Microsoft Store. Anyone else experienced this? How do I get to the second set of emotes?
  6. If there will be another emote pack, add this as one of the dances: Start: 0:26
  7. Just bought the emote party pack 1 on psn store, how do I use it in game?
  8. How can you have a game that requires cooperation but not have a way for people to communicate? I know, the emotes are coming, but unless they are coming over braile over the walkie talkie, they are almost useless. Every 10th game am I able to communicate with the team. Most people have mute players on because they are sick of being drowned out by people screaming Fuck America, or being laughed at as the chat is filled with Russian. This sort of environment only seeks to further divide player base by race and nationality, as assume speakers of other languages must feel when they are stuck in-game with only English speaking players. We need regional servers. Most people I know that have paid money for this game, do not play anymore for these very reasons. I feel like I have been swindled, and cannot justify paying for any DLC until the primary tool of the game i.e. communication, is fixed.
  9. I'm sorry. It is a totally useless feature. They are as useful as blinking the flashlight and moving in the direction you want the other player to do something. I have played 40 matches or so since they were introduced. Nobody uses them. I have seen them 3 times: Two times while waiting for Jason just for fun. One time to troll me as Jason. The only thing the brought was that now it is much harder to see which players are alive.
  10. I was sad to see that in the emotes released there weren't actions to indicate the objectives. Phone: Pinky and thumb raised to the side of your face. Car: Hands at 10' and 2', or 9' and 3' o clock positions, slightly out in front of you with a bit of turning motion. Boat: Oar rowing motions going back and forth from left and right. That way if you need to indicate you know where something is or need to ask if someone knows where it is without making noise you could get the idea across pretty easy.
  11. I can't believe it's here WOW I'm so freaking excited I can barely think straight right now. It's gonna be blowing up today. A lot of ppl weren't that excited about swimsuits but I'm amazed already, I've been wanting it so bad. Yay!! Gun Media/Illphonic did a great job of being quiet till it was ready this time. What a surprise today!! Im buying my stuff asap when it's ready in the PSN store! Illphonic get ready to receive my money Thank you
  12. I'm happy we got some update today as everyone was anticipating something. Many live streamers are pretty excited with the smaller fast paced maps & we needed it. I wanted the Spring break swimwear more than anything actually. The funny emotes are second for me but it's close. Probably these two things will come on the next update hopefully & soon? Teamkilling is gone & that was really important, happy about that.
  13. There's a couple goofy ones but i'm happy with them.
  14. I've read topics on emotes (for fun) and how others want everyone to have a mic. Would it be possible to get a 'yes' and 'no' emote for the mic-less players? Ex. Mic'd player: Do you have the keys? Non-mic'd *shakes his head "No." Yes could be a head shake, a thumbs up, etc. I think non-verbal would be the way to go so you don't have players spamming a sound clip.
  15. It would be cool if you added emotes in the game, for example "waving" or even sitting animations for chairs around the homes. A beg and plead animation would be cool for when you're backed up into a corner with nowhere else to go. Maybe Jason will show mercy for a split second and that's where you take your chance to book it. After getting hit several times there is a shoulder holding walk animation but I would love it for you guys to go even further and add a possible crawl animation. Where your allies could potentially distract Jason long enough for them to help you up and spray that first aid stuff to get you back to your feet, sort of a "second wind" type of deal. Anyways just my suggestions, I like the game so far! Cheers! Up vote this so they notice this guys! Let me know what you think, would you like these options in the game?
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