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Found 3 results

  1. Just figured Id make a thread for anyone that wanted to share or look for VC 2.0 Easter Eggs and secrets. SO far myself Ive just found the 2 walkies and a Jason mask in a tent you cant reach. Have yet to find a way into the locked rooms, Adam, AJ, or the Jason Model room Steps: Computer Password: Mother - solved by Newspaper and Magazine word puzzles Patch 1: Dioramas- On Pt9 dio place Jessica, Jason, Steven, Higgins place Ali Jason Chris (1 badge for both) Patch 2: Place Jason masks in order of appearance, remove Roys Patch 3: Use VHS tapes to place object on Pedistools. 1- Bandana 2-Badge 3- YoYo 4-Blue Hat Patch 4: call 1 555 342 9277
  2. I put Spoilers in the title for a reason,if you want to find things on your own dont click on the link,you have been warned... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rbiwrn30PIY How to complete the virtual cabin 2.0 steps by steps,by the guys at Slash'N'Cast.
  3. So if you want to share some ideas for easter eggs in the game,this is the topic for it. I have a fews in my mind that i will gladly share with you. It would be nice and funny as hell if when Jason kill a counselor,that counselor start screaming like Rob Dier's in part 4. Another one wich might not be possible if the copyright isnt approved would be having 'The man behind the mask' by Alice Cooper being one of the songs playing on the radio when activating it. Maybe we could also have some well hidden items,like Freddy's glove or the Necronomicon book. So what do you think guys and give us your ideas for an easter egg.
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