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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, This bug goes along with the issue I reported early regarding the boat. There seems to be a problem with the drowning animation. As Jason when I attempt to drown the councelor the animation starts, the councelor appears to get pulled over, but suddenly is on the shore of the lake and is still alive. This bug occurred on Crystal Lake, near both boat spawns. Pacanack Lodge near the boat spawn closest to Pacanack Lodge near the exist where the police can spawn. Glitches occurred after the councelor was pulled from the boat, and when a Councelor was grabbed when being near the boat, got stuck in Jason's grib and had to be freed by walking into the water.
  2. I'm wondering whether it would be "worth it" to modify the swimming behavior, such that: A counselor who runs out of stamina will either drown (an insta-kill, as if Jason were pulling him or her under) or be required to float-in-place (lie on one's back) until his or her stamina regenerates. I raise the issue because it's a consideration a swimmer must deal with in real life. I suppose a further nuance would be counselors with a "fear" status activated would be more likely to "cramp" (the swimmer's near-equivalent of a runner "tripping")... ...But I'm more concerned with why a lack of stamina -wouldn't- make a counselor drown. (Or at least need to float on one's back until stamina is restored to a certain amount.)
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