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Found 1 result

  1. So there have been complaints that playing as counselor is too much of an empty drawer simulator, because half the time, you find nothing in the drawers, especially after the item reduction update. They put more items near campfires like shotguns, pocket knives and spray. The question is what do you do about it? Some might believe the item spawning rate right now is fine and I generally do, especially the pocket knives. Going back to near 10 pocket knives a game would be going backwards. Spawning more first aid would be going backwards, having a crazy amount of shotties would be going backwards. But I also think spawning more items outside anywhere could have an undesired effect. Part of the reason why I think the playerbase would eventually turn on it is because the cabins create a small false sense of security that allows counselors time to look for items inside drawers. If you suddenly started spawning supplies in odd locations like boat docks, outhouses or outside the walls of cabins or near roads for example. People would be complaining that its too hard to find items outside AND they would be more vulnerable to Jason outdoors, especially slower counselors. As it is now, most campfires get looted quick because players know items can spawn there now, valuable items at that. Yet if you started spawning MORE items outside in different locations. It could only add to the problem of now feeling like looking for items indoors is a pointless exercise. So.... 1. Do you spawn more items overall? 2. Spawn them in more different locations? 3. Take the existing items and spread them out more around the maps? I think part of the problem is some items spawn more frequently than others. The last time the walkie talkie was a big deal was in Beta really. I doubt many people use the walkie perk and I bet many (like me) don't even bother picking one up in a drawer anymore, especially if your someone who mutes the whole lobby like me. So the walkie becomes an item that spawns too much. Maps also become an item that spawns too much in the drawer. At this point in the game's life cycle. Other than when new maps come out. I would think not many people have the need for the map perk or they already know where the map kiosk is and they grab one there. Why not turn more of those maps and walkies into firecrackers or flareguns? Allow flareguns to spawn inside drawers to change it up. Likewise with the propeller. Part of the reason why the boat escape is so hated is because its so damn hard to find a propeller since it spawns on objects not typically known. I wouldn't want to make it too easy, but I think the propeller should have a chance to spawn inside drawers like the keys do and also randomly spawn maybe on a boat dock that's NOT the dock with the boat on it. Like on Crystal Lake, obviously there isn't a second dock, so it would typically spawn inside the boathouse with the dock way up top. At the same time, allowing more items to spawn outside could help Jason quite a bit since he'd have more targets outdoors. For instance, you sprinkle some of those bathroom first aids in odd locations and now people have to look more for that kind of valuable item. So what do you think? Is this much to do about nothing or should something change? Maybe your fine with the items as they are now, but you just want more to do as counselor. Who knows?
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