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Found 5 results

  1. Hello All! I regularly play with a group of friends who are of the thought that Jason doing any of the following is an "Exploit". I need to know if they are truly exploits or if they are part of the game: 1. Jason using block while in combat stance to block incoming attacks when entering a door he just broke down. 2. Jason using block while in combat stance to walk over bear traps unscathed. 3. Jason using block while in combat stance to block the effects of fire crackers. 4. Jason using block while in combat stance to block the flare gun. 5. Jason using combat stance to break down doors faster than he normally would. Here is my problem. I have a personal, zero-tolerance policy for other players, public or private, trying to dictate how I play the game, either as Jason or Counselor. I don't listen to "No Instakill" or "No Shift+Grab." or anything similar. It seems like there's always that contingent of players who think they can tell others how to play, no matter what the online game. Outside of exploits, bugs, cheating, or anything else that the programmers did not intend to be part of the regular game, I leave no options off the table as Jason. In this scenario with my friends, I neither want to: A ) Use any of the above strategies if any of them are in fact exploits nor B ) Be told incorrectly that I cannot do these things if they in fact are part of the game. If the above strategies are truly part of the game, and I cannot convince my friends that these are fair game, I will be finding another group of friends to play with. Please enlighten me here. Thanks in advance. -Espionage Cosmo
  2. Waiting by the door for Jason to finally knock down the door to stun him, he usually will not be far enough from the door to get passed him. Visually it looks like there would be enough room to run left or right, but the character model gets stuck. Any way to either physically have Jason maybe stumble a little back to make sure there is room to run, or just look at the collision markers on the sides of each character models? thanks!
  3. Have you encountered the bouncing car bug yet? That one was what you need to get where you could possibly step into the trap that someone (me, in my case) tried to place just outside the door. Too bad there was a lamp above that door, and THAT is where you put them. They can't be opened or taken from there and are basically lost. You might want to bring this... sky-rocketing trend which now cars AND traps follow to an end if you see it as important.
  4. I just had a thought. So you can lock the doors, right? And a symbol appears when you're near them that tells you that they're locked. Very useful for counselors so they don't check a cabin that's already been searched. However, why can Jason see that symbol when he approaches a new door? How about a tweak where Jason can only see the Door Locked symbol if he tries to open it once. Not only would that buy some valuable seconds for a counselor to escape, but it would help counselors trying to hide by not letting Jason know what room they've decided to hide in. At least not at first. Or, if there needs to be some balancing on it, nobody knows a door is locked unless they try it first. Would also be quite a frightening thing for a counselor trying to escape into a cabin only to find it's been locked by someone else. Just throwing that out there. Thoughts?
  5. I've seen people lock doors and then run off through a window making a room inaccessible from the rest of the cabin unless you go through the outside window. This is a problem since Jason can break the window and then counselors must climb through the broken window to gain access into the locked room. To fix this there should be a way for counselors to break locked doors with the classic shoulder smash. When of tapping x on a locked door it should make the counselor hit the door with their shoulder in an attempt to break the lock. This comes in handy two times 1. The room is locked and the only other way in is a broken window. 2. Jason is chasing you and you have nowhere else to go. The down side to trying to smash a door in should be noise. Jason should be able to hear someone ramming their side into a door. If the door breaks or not should be based on strength and luck. Once breaking the lock the door should be able to open and close but not lock.
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