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Found 1 result

  1. This does not just refer to the new update, this is a list of things that have been done to coddle players who refuse or choose not to take the time to gain skills in the game. You should not have the mindset that you will be a casual player and be able to be in a lobby with people who play regularly and do well. If you don't want to put in the time and effort and practice to develop skills and techniques then please don't beg for changes to be made. With this new update knives, med sprays and weapons have been reduced while Jason got a speed buff and his grab cone increased. Did it suck constantly picking people up and getting a pk to the neck? For sure. Did it suck when everyone just used med sprays that were littered around to step in your traps? Definitely. Here is the thing though, after they did all of that stuff and I hunted them down and still went 8/8 I felt accomplished and like I played well..Making the game easier for Jason is just coddling those who don't want to take the time and work hard to become better. Let me list some things off: As a counselor I have lost a lot of weapons on the map heal sprays knives I can't trap doors anymore if Jason is in combat and uses block I can't stun him but if I block he can still grab me(If Jason can block all of my offensive maneuver in combat, I should be able to stop his) His grab is quicker than my swing so he negates my animation and picks me up Counselor can't defend themselves in water Jason swings so quickly that if he is hacking you have no time to use the heal spray in your inventory he can stop all my animations by hitting me Jason is now faster I can't hear him break down a door if I'm not in sight of said door but am in the house His grab range is larger etc....I could keep listing advantages to Jason Some of these issues were existing and I'm okay with it but it seems that with each update you are buffing Jason because people are complaining because they are playing someone who has logged a lot of hours in the game.. With time comes better tactics. What's next? Are you going to make it to where counselors can't run anymore? We are all just going to be walking targets for Jason? Now that items are reduced you have made teamwork even more important. That is fantastic, except for half of the time people don't have mics, don't speak the same language or are selfish and hold the pocket knife for when they get picked up instead of for objectives...The amount of times that I have taught people level 60+ that you can even disarm a trap with a knife is insane.. I'm all for balance in a game. I don't want it to be easy as counselor at all. That's not what this post is about. I'm just saying that with each update it seems Jason is getting the buffs and now the scale is tipped wayyyy in Jason's favor. I mean on the new map you legit have to drive the boat up the middle where Jason can see it on his mini-map. He no longer has to constantly check and be aware of it.(at least on the new map) People will disagree with me all day, I know. People also hate that "Get Skill" comment and when people use it the wrong way I get it, but the truth is that nobody should be able to pick this game up and go 8/8.. You do need to develop skill and practice. There aren't many/if any other games with mechanics like Jason's abilities have and unfortunately you do need to practice. You need to learn how to stop a good driver who can go off-road well. You need to learn how to stop someone who can swerve well in a boat. You need to learn how to use your morph/shift/stalk in a combination to kill each different type of character, style of play and skill level..Once you learn those things the game becomes exponentially more fun and you don't need all these patches to strengthen Jason.
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