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Found 93 results

  1. I want them to give us an option to purchase the Savini Jason and the extra clothing pack for those who missed out on it. I understand that some of you may think it's not fair but some people didn't really start getting the game until it came out on disk 10/13/17. To us that was the real release date.
  2. I'm a Ps4 player, and usually play with Tiffany. On the website I've noticed that she has different clothing on PC I think, that are labeled "DLC" example: Her Zebra pants. The Ps4 don't have that I was wondering if we were ever going to get the "Yellow" DLC clothes?
  3. Weapon Swaping is Confirmed! I can’t wait to use a Pig Splitter as Savini Jason
  4. I am interested to see where does the community stand right now in regard to the clothing DLCs. As you've probably seen around; I am a fan of customization and have purchased every single DLC that has been released just to have more options, but as time goes by, I begin to grow more and more concearned about the DLCs and the effect they have on the game, particularly after the Halloween DLC (Yes, I'm looking at you, Bunny Deb.) So, what is your opinion? And keep in mind you can vote for multiple options!
  5. Anybody else want Counselor uniforms ? Like that would have either tshirts or polo shirts saying camp counselor on the back.
  6. I am curious. With the DLC for Jason X or as many people call him UBER JASON coming out soon. I just want to see some thoughts about this. I for one am excited for the future update, but there are still questions. Such as: what are his strengths and weaknessess, how is the map going to play out, etc... I think the map should include different methods of gameplay. Such as calling the rescue pod crew instead of police, using escape pods as replacements for the cars, possibly having the android or Brodski as the 'heros' instead of Tommy Jarvis. Also they should add the virtual simulation from the movie in game aswell. So the map plays out as normal in a camp, but it is static like and much smaller. What are other thoughts about UBER JASON. I posted my kill ideas for Jason X on my other Lead of NEW KILL IDEAS aswell.
  7. These are some costumes I'd like to see in game, they all have roots in horror and some would just be fun to run around in. Adam Palomino - Cult Robes, dark green with black trim, hood down. Ceremonial weapon on belt. A.J. Mason - Hospital pants, open backed gown or bathrobe. Slippers and left wrist has a bracelet from Westin Hills. Brandon "Buggzy" Wilson - Cult Robes, dark green with black trim, hood down. Ceremonial weapon on belt. Chad Kensington - Priest outfit, complete with collar. It's a horror classic, and it fits in a weird way. Deborah Kim - Cult Robes, dark blue with black trim, I know she didn't pay to be in the game like the other Cultists but they need some female representation. So she can be a new recruit to the 'Cult of the 13th', secret worshippers of Voorhees. Eric "J.R." LaChappa - Cult Robes, dark green with black trim, hood down. Has coils of rope on his belt for tying down sacrifices. Fox - Gypsy fortune teller, the classic crystal ball type, blue skirt, white blouse, red shawl. Tarot cards hanging in a mesh bag from her belt. Jenny Myers - Human Sacrifice, white dress with flowers in her hair. Leather cuffs, anklets, collar, and belt with loops for tying her to an alter. Kenny Riedell - Cult Robes, dark red with black trim, hood up covering his head. Some Mark of Status ie. badges in human sacrifice, recruiting innocents and cult leadership. Mitch Floyd - Wearing tattered rags, looks like he's been held captive for weeks/months, dirty hands and bare feet. Shelly - wearing the Hockey Mask, come on this would be so cool. Even if I have to take it off Jason and instead of going in my inventory, Shelly wears it. Tiffany Cox - Nun, with full habit. Not overtly complicated but kinda funny. Vanessa Jones - Brujah(witch) practitioner of Vodun(voodoo), loose skirt and leg wrappings, GrisGris bag and classic voodoo doll pinned to her belt. Upper body is painted with a crop top over the arcane symbols. So what do you all think, worth a couple of bucks?
  8. There is a chance to put the original "Friday the 13th" NES game as a DLC as a new game mode, with trophies or achievements?
  9. I was talking with the family recently, and got to thinking, we could use a map for retro Jason. It could be based on the classic Friday the 13th for the NES. I understand that this would be way down the road, after the more requested content has been developed. I'd like to hear what the fanbase have to say. @GunMedia_Ben @ShiftySamurai @wes any input from you would be greatly appreciated.
  10. For true die hard F13 fans, there should be an additional extra gore option adding a much more grotesque look. (Ex. Organs spilling out onto the floor, eyeballs popping out of the skull and onto the floor and they explode into a small gush of blood when stepped on, bloody footprints, bloodier looking wounds). It would be completely optional free DLC that would keep the base game M rated, but AO rated for the DLC. Thus allowing the base game to be played in various countries and keeps the gore DLC out of the countries with stricter gaming boards. I'm sure many fans would appreciate this and think of it as an excellent idea.
  11. Everyone seems to agree we need Melissa or "the bitch" added. After adding her or a generic version of her, I think they should stop adding unique counselors. There are only so many variations of the point totals that can be achieved and there's already people saying there are useless counselors. Instead of adding counselors with unique stats I suggest adding new character skins for existing counselors. This would do two things: 1. Yay, technically more variety for counselors. 2. Meaningful cosmetic DLC as opposed to crap like the Halloween pack. Examples would be as such: Jenny: Alice Hardy skin, or generic version of Alice Hardy similar to how Jenny is basically no-name Chris A.J.: Rocker girl J.J.-type skin. A.J. is currently more Violet from Part 5 but would work as J.J./Rocker Chick And so on... If the new counselors were no-name versions, the same voice lines could be used.
  12. On the xbox one or the xbox one x, it's not possible to have all the DLC installed for the game. I have all the DLC, bloody skins, Savini Jason, everything. But it's not possible to have it all installed at the same time, I always have to have one in "ready to install" and the number of DLCs I won't be able to use will increase as more are released. I don't know why this is happening, can you please look into this? It seems pretty unfair since I paid for something I can't use.
  13. I don´t know if i missed somnething. But i´ve waited since the 18th for the new killpack to release on PSN. Now i see that it´s available on other regions, but not the EU/Swedish region. Why is that, and when will it be available on PSN for the rest of us?
  14. So I've spoken to a fair number of players who want things like town maps, hospitals, police stations, more indoors areas etc. Well I think a small town map (think part 6) would be perfect after a pinehurst map! I decided to draw out an example (it's really basic I'm in no way an artistic person). It shows the sort of layout these maps could have to maintain the gameplay we already have. For the purpose of Jason's shack and making car escape difficult I included a small forest area, but in reality about 70% of the map would be town focused. You venture into the forest area to gain items from the 1 or 2 cabins or to repair the car which then requires passing the narrow forest roads onto the town roads to then proceed to escape (Makes the car escape less easy).All the buildings i.e hospital/police station would be about the size of packanack or jarvis house and maybe one could be three stories as the main hub. But it would really add some variety to the game and some new objectives could be added to escape with them in mind! So here's a basic drawing of my map idea... Don't judge my drawing skills again
  15. I'm so sick of seeing people get answers on this subject when people that have genuine questions get ignored here or on other social areas to deal with people that just wont take no for an answer. I understand there was some leak of the Skin at the start of release but then Sony also accidentally released fallout 4 DLC for free for a day and the full Killzone game for free when buying the 99p DLC for a few hours and yet people don't bitch for that after missing it. It would just cheapen the character for people that actually followed and helped fund the development process early on so I honestly hope that Savini Jason is either not released or it's released at the very end of the development cycle for this game as the LAST DLC or update they do. I need to ask because I am really not sure why people keep asking for the Savini Jason skin especially after being told numerous times No and that it was for Backers only? I mean it looks pretty cool but I don't get why it's so important to people.
  16. Epic Quickplay Gameplay!!!

    Heres one of the best gameplays we have had in friday the 13th game on ps4. Here, I give away Pamela tape, plus call the police plus get a Jason Kill. Hope you Enjoy.
  17. Will there be a future dlc virtual cabin download via hardcopy (Hardcore fan) ?
  18. Edited: I thought the DLC wasn't working. Bloody Jason skins do not appear when you select a random Jason. FYI.
  19. Sooo whenever we received the, Friday, October the 13th Update, wasn’t everyone supposed to get the Bloody Jason skins??? Or am I wrong??? I’ve been backing the since Kickstarter, basically the beginning, where it all began, but anywho, just a question, do us backers get the Bloody Jason skins??? I thought everyone was getting the skins, or do I gotta buy a Disk Copy of the game, get the code for the skins, download the codes, and take back the game to get half my money back??? The skins shouldn’t be only for the people who just bought the physical copy of the game released on Friday October the 13th whenever us backers who originally preordered the game day one shouldn’t have to wait, I preordered the Physical Machete Steelbook Edition REV 2, and won’t receive that til next week due to shipping issues or something like that said in the email Randy Greenback sent us, but I feel like the skins should be an update similar to the Retro Jason update. I don’t think that I want and have to wait another full week to receive the skins, if the skins are in there with my copy, whenever there free now. That being said I just feel like all us backers should receive these skins now instead of waiting for our physical copies since we don’t have ours.
  20. *This change would only affect people who own "Savini Jason"* I play primarily random Counselor/Jason to always have to adapt to what the game provides, for extra challenge, to keep the game fresh and to be surprised by being my favorite character and would like to see "Savini Jason" added to the "Random" Jason selection for those with the corresponding DLC. It would be a small tweak and really nice to people who supported the game and like the random aspect of the game (like me).
  21. So I'll start with Bloody Jason, as you can see you can put the skin on all Jason's expect Part 4. And as you can see Part 4 doesn't get an option to equip it. Now to the meat of the bones, the clothing. Yes that is a black heart shirt! And Tiffany get's a white dove! You can't see it on the shirt because it won't load for some reason but as you can see the icon there is a dove! So some clothes are a hit and miss while other's are cool looking, however I cannot use these items with my digital and have to have my disc in in order to use them. It sucks and would like to transfer them to my digital account. @GunMedia_Ben I hope you guys allow those who bought the digital and disc to transfer the items to their accounts. @BoxingRouge and @Tiffany I hope you two like lol
  22. 1) It's nice to have another running Jason. He's good at keeping the pressure on a counselor. 2) He knocks down barricaded doors in two (two!) hits. 3) Killed a counselor with three weapon swings. 4) Some people can deal with the -shift... I am not one of them. All in all, this seems like a great Jason for small maps and a mediocre one for standard size. Your mileage may vary, however, because knocking down doors in two hits seems really fucking good when you consider that specific trait in a vacuum.
  23. Now that we're about to have rainy weather in-game, it could be a good idea to have a raincoat clothing pack? It would be cool to wear the iconic yellow raincoat seen in many horror films (including f13). They've even got them hanging up inside cabins throughout the maps.
  24. Hey guys, I’m back with another idea for the game. You think we can try to add/include Adam Sessler as a Camp Counselor with tons of dialogue?!?!?! Please! I’d think that this would be interesting as well as entertaining to play and hear our boy Adam in the game. Let me know whatcha guys think, please leave a comment or question, I don’t know if this was brought up to y’all but yea let me know what y’all think.
  25. Hello Campers! I'm wondering if any of you have noticed some ps4 Players recently that use Brandon/Adam with special looking outfits? Ive never seen before and i play quite alot. *LvL 81* Brandon counselor being a "LIFEGUARD JUMPSUIT" ADAM "WHITE Sleeves /BLACK Jacket"