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Found 12 results

  1. Debate: Jason Voorhees Isn't A Deadite

    Firstly.... let's bring in some facts and evidence rather than just stating "Our Opinions matters" for this debate alright? My first evidence against this debate is that fact is that Adam Marcus owns statement.....he stated Jason being a deadite is just merely just his OPINION and that only he and a claimed "two" other people knew about his idea and that the company didn't know anything about it, let's not forget he also stated it was just a mere easter egg as well, and even if you don't take these contradictions to him stating it canon there is more to this.....as not once was anything actually connected mostly far enough it was 100% contradicted, let's start off the timeline....he states Jason just magically grows up? yet this debunks canon that it's been 20+ years since his death.....secondly his concept of only a Voorhees can kill him is debunked by the fact Tommy Jarvis was capable of killing Jason in the 4th film. Followed by this Adam Marcus openly stated New Line Cinema at the time didn't once own the "Evil Dead" series so this furthers the concept that Jason was never a Deadite. Let's not forget this one-time Friday the 13th director tried to retcon years of "Canon" for a fanfic based movie! His interviews display a ton of contradictions and plot holes! "This “Jason is a Deadite” revelation is silly. The Necronomicon angle was a fun little explanation within the movie for Jason, however, there is no way Evil Dead was thought of for this movie. Adam threw in tons of Easter eggs from other films. @AdamMarcus13, I LOVE this film, but you know that book was nothing more than fan service, I’ve been writing about these films for many years and JGTH has always been a sore spot. That book fuels the fire and stories like this. Ugh. If it’s not on film or print, it’s not canon. A standalone film and revisionist history cannot retcon a franchise." -Friday the 13th the Franchise Twitter
  2. Top 13 Horror Actors Heights

    Number 1: Real Name: Nathan Jones Height: 6 foot 11 Role: Charlie Wilson Movie: Charlie's Farm Number 2: Real Name: Tyler Mane Height: 6 foot 8 Role: Michael Audrey Myers Movie: Rob Zombie's Halloween Number 3: Real Name: Ken Kirzinger Height: 6 foot 7 Role: Jason Voorhees Movie: Freddy Vs Jason Number 4: Real Name: Derek Mears Height: 6 Foot 5 Role: Jason Voorhees (Reboot) Movie: Friday the 13th (2009 Reboot) Number 5: Real Name: Tony Todd Height: 6 Foot 5 Role: Candyman Movies: Candyman 1-3 Number 6: Real Name: Kane Hodder Height: 6 foot 4 Role: Jason Voorhees Movies: Friday the 13th Part 7,Friday the 13th Part 8,Friday the 13th Part 9, and Friday the 13th Part 10. Number 7: Real Name: Gunner Hansen Height: 6 Foot 4 Role: Leatherface (Original) Movies: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Number 8: Real Name: Sid Haig Height: 6 Foot 4 Role: Captain Spaulding Movies: Devil's Reject Number 9: Real Name: Bill Moseley Height: 6 foot 0 Role: Otis Movies: Devil's Reject Number 10: Real Name: Tobin Bell Height: 5 foot 11 Role: John Kramer (Jigsaw) Movies: Saw series Number 11: Real Name: Robert Eugland Height: 5 foot 10 Role: Freddy Krueger Movies: A Nightmare on Elm Street Number 12: Real Name: Anthony Hopkins Height: 5 foot 9 Role: Hannibal Lector Movies: Hannibal Series Number 13: Real Name: Danny Trejo Height: 5 foot 6 Role: Razor Charlie Movies: From Dusk until Dawn
  3. The Puppet Master Franchise

    What is everyone's review on this series?
  4. What Slasher has the Highest Body Count?

    Lets test all our known knowledge throughout all of the horrorverses to known who has the king of slashers!
  5. So I have been wondering about this since the Devs came into the discord with Wes saying they are all around 18 years of age but now its the height compared to Jason and we know Kane Hodder is 6 foot 3 or 6 foot 4 so compared to the counselors and I believe they are around the 5'10 mark anyone else have a debate about this?
  6. Someone said Part 7 Jason can't get 8/8 kills but here is a debunk to this myth and lie! Credit to "Play With Jason"
  7. Just a thread for those who think the many jasons needing a Buff or a Nerf....if you have reasons on how or why then post it. (Remember this is someones opinion no need to argue!)
  8. Are Easter Eggs Canon?

    This is what an easter egg is so should us fans consider easter eggs as a canon material? (Similar to the Jason goes to the Hell movie.)
  9. 2 New Jasons?

    I am kinda hoping it would and will be Pre-Uber Jason and Jason from the reboot.
  10. I am still confused because I know after off-line bots and such we will be getting single player challenges is this optional or mandatory? because i would like it if it was a toggle option then just a force mode.
  11. Jason Voorhees Vs Michael Myers RapBattle

    Who won this rap battle??
  12. So who is everyone's favorite F13: the game artist?