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Found 33 results

  1. Do you all think if we we're able to create our own counselors, it would create more immersion in the game? I think it is a great idea! Here's a post on Reddit with facts of how this could work:
  2. To Sean Cunningham, PLEASE! SETTLE THIS! We do not want this freezing the Franchise! You will be losing money more than you are gaining! To GunMedia, PLEASE! FOR THE LOVE OF THE FANBASE ITSELF! Revoke this "No More DLC" claws! Please for the love of God some of us just want the promised content we desperately waited for!
  3. I find three perk slots limiting, I would love to make better builds with 4 slots. For example Sneaky, Scout, Hypochondriac, Medic. I find this build very dreamy to have. Also three is a odd number so lets make it even XD. I want to earn CP at the end of the match, and I think there is max level players who spent their cp, and didn't save their cp to spend. You have to level to earn cp which is a bummer. I think 500 or 1000 cp would be nice after every match.
  4. As cool as it is that Freddy's now playable in DBD, It's not exactly the best representation of what the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise is all about. Freddy doesn't need to chase you down open grounds or inside houses like Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers would, he's already inside your head and your whole psyche's his playground. Unfortunately, that's kind of the problem with making an official Nightmare on Elm Street game. When you've got a setting like the Dream World where everything's possible, it doesn't lend itself easily to an asymmetrical multiplayer game with a defined structure and limited capabilities. So, there's the question for you all: How do you make a game that's a fun, satisfying and accurate Nightmare on Elm Street experience? How do you adapt the concepts, rules, and iconic elements of the films into a multiplayer game's structures and mechanics? Let's put our noggins together and figure this out!
  5. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Dead Light

    Has anyone ever heard of this game called: Deadlight its an online multiplayer that's basically Dead by Daylight.
  6. So on the discord the japanese player base will be getting their own release! Hopefully this will help boost the PC community.
  7. I came back to F13 this weekend after taking a three month break from the game. Literally nothing has changed from the meta "3 months ago" all the way until now. It's still counselors like Vanessa, Chad, Fox, etc. being abused and constantly selected every match. Counselors are still trying to go for kills on Jason as the preferred method of winning a game while doing objectives as their side mission. This is absurd. Any other multiplayer game that you take a huge break from and then come back, the meta 99% of the time evolves and new strategies are discovered and metas shift. Friday the 13th: The Game sadly seems like a game with a shallow amount of depth and not much varying play styles that allow for a plethora of high-end effective strategies for both Counselors or Jason. This game is a mess if you have no friends or groups to play with and I honestly feel terribly sorry for any of you that are forced to play Quick Play. Many of you probably don't care because you've never experienced how this game truly is played in private matches with seven other friends who happen to be great players, but damn, it is not even the same game when you compare the two modes. I played a whole day straight today of Quick Play without any of my friends or private games, and no wonder people think Jason is so overpowered. There's barely any team work, mics, and it seems like a majority of the team is every man for their-selves. Unbelievable. If this game does not receive a major overhaul or big improvements to game play, I fear it may wither down and slowly decay for good and become one of the tiniest community-driven games which I really do not want to see. Friday the 13th is a huge name and it deserves much better for both the community and the online gaming experience. Aside from fixing many of the bugs and glitches, I strongly propose these changes happen for both public Quick Play and Private play matches: QUICK PLAY CHANGES: Add in keyboard chat for counselors that shows in-game what someone types. (Jason will not see the text pop up on screen if he is close) Get rid of Suicide entirely, and allow a player to climb through a window until their health reaches the lowest possible point. Once your health reaches 1HP, you are only allowed to climb a window once every 10 seconds. Same applies to jumping out of two floor windows. Get rid of being able to run over a counselor with the car to kill them. Now when you run over a counselor, it will just knock them down, and they won't take any damage. Show an indicator on the screen that let's you see where fellow counselor placed bear traps are. It can be a small glow with 50% transparency so you can see traps through walls, doors, or near obscure areas so you know a counselor placed a bear trap. Add an option on Quick Play to search for non-partied games, where you will get paired with any players searching solo only. PRIVATE PLAY CHANGES: A toggle to turn off counselor duplicates. (meaning only one counselor can be selected, no more of this double Vanessa crap.) A toggle to turn off perks. The counselors do not need them VS Jason at all. A toggle to select Jason's Mask varying health points to "Normal, Increased, or Greatly Increased".
  8. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Hit The Unholy Post Count

    I have finally hit 666! Now on my way to 6,666!
  9. So what do you all think is coming? I'd really like it to be items, or a video, or a video about items. Edit - A release date would be cool. @doitagain. What sort of things would get you all excited to play the game again, what fun surprise do you think they have in store for us? Let's have some fun while we wait for Shifty's weekly pep talk. Please keep it civil, thanks and chat soon.
  10. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Hatchet and Friday the 13th Crossover?

    As the title suggest if we ever got a crossover between Jason Voorhees and Victor Crowley would you watch the movie? What plot would you think it was set up for them to face-off?
  11. If you look at the bottom of the screen of the image you can see he has a change skin option! Whats everyones theory?
  12. I was thinking that instead of doing the typical movie review, it’d be interesting to examine, from a storytelling perspective, which ideas (concepts, plot points, etc.) worked and which didn’t for each film of the series. I'll deliberately be ignoring certain continuity mistakes and technical flubs when making my evaluations, so stuff like dates that don't fit together within the timeline, inconsistencies with Jason's appearance or bad acting won’t be up for consideration. Obviously, these are simply my personal opinions, and you’re more than welcome to agree or disagree in the comments, point out things I forgot to mention, and share your own lists of things you thought worked or didn’t in the films.
  13. Can we all here as a fanbase community agree on adding Vic as a Bot for the offline?.....I mean who even likes this guy?.....he is and was a massive A-hole and I would love to kill him as Jason 24/7.....
  14. So how does everyone like the new counselor fox?
  15. This implementation won't have any effect on the meta unless if the community want to. What it does? basically a more point of view by tangling the night to be more bright than your average flash light. Dayz is similar to this game, and the item looked good in game. Make it randomly spawn in the maps, and once you find it you can attach it to your counselor. Realistically any camper would bring a chemlight for the woods. Each chemlight will be different colors to add more variety. The chemlight is the threshold to have well lit surrounded areas.
  16. +Host disconnect +Lost Connection +The Bonuses idea doesn't really stack on XP that much +Helping a counselor out of Jason grab should give you XP The XP been a problem since launch, and I don't get adequate XP even when I play good. It's a chore to level might as well play a MMO since leveling is a chore. + Not everyone wants to play this game to death just to get the new Jason. Nerf the longer XP for higher levels.
  17. There was a Tommy who almost clutch ,but messed up since the shot stunned Jason in the barn near a corner wood fence with no intractable windows Jason body can block a entry even if stunned which is bullocks. I want Jason to be move-able when running against his body an animation should be the arm push to Jason when stunned. This animation is only exclusive when a Jason is stunned.
  18. Part 8 Jason feels more stronger and little faster, or is it just me?
  19. The update installed, but the DLC isn't showing in the list to purchase.
  20. If it's removed i'm fine, but I really liked seeing who is dead as Jason, and counselors. It makes even harder for Jason to see if someone is trying to kill him at his shack and not disregard the call from his mother just because all the females are dead in the game, and only males furthermore it was a hoax to waste Jason time .
  21. Party Chat isn't working as usually when I go inside my own. I can hear players even though i'm inside my party please fix this XD. I don't want to hear annoyances that players barf on the mic. Battlefield 4 is the other game that have the same bug lol, but the player can't hear you when you have a microphone conveniently on your headphones it's the same in this game.
  22. First thread (discussion) I've made on this website, This thread (discussion) we talk about bad, Good or neutral updates, we also talk about the game, And the glitches, The tag's might not be good, I'm also bad at tags, Hope i don't get in trouble bout that, anyways, My name is Anonymoo's, I play friday the 13th and such (Btw i'm a male.) I'm not going to talk about my info, Yes, I might have bad grammar, But if you can understand what i'm saying, That's important, Also, How i found this site is from looking for patches, The image is just for random use, Please, If i make mistakes, Or repeat the same stuff, Please don't say that in the comments (or replys) Thank you.
  23. Just sharing my opinion here on the two new councilors, a lot of people will disagree with me, but I think Paul Holt and mark from Friday the 13th part 2 should be added, here's just an idea Paul holt could have a new stat entirely, and he could be a good counter when going up against Jason, and I remember mark being quite smart in the movie and athletic, just an example you could remove the wheelchair and make mark able to walk, run etc. He could be like buggzy only with way better repair and stealth. Either way please add mark, by far one of the most memorable characters from the movies.
  24. Group these reeled in clips of you team killing before the patch came to make team killing be useless in public matches. I will surely miss this future, and I dislike the direction. What if new glitches are found, and you can't kill the cheater, etc, or someone teaming with Jason.
  25. Two remainder of people trying to live decide to glitch on the rockies of Camp Crystal Lake, and I couldn't kill them since they were out of range with a wall protected their fake skill of being good. First time encountering glitchers, and fuck them. Fucking pansies can't deal with dying fair and square. I swear the guys who taught this exploitation are asshats. Throwing knifes were useless because of a fucking wall made of rocks.