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Found 4 results

  1. Ok, Lets hear what you guys think about the current perk system. The Devs are busily fixing bugs and whatnot at the moment, so in the meantime I"d like to get some poll feedback regarding an aspect of the game that gives quite a bit of heartache. My thoughts: 1. Legendary Perks are mostly worthless. I like the concept of having an additional boon over a standard perk, but otherwise I'm underwhelmed. 2. I hate the CP lottery. Seems like a pointless waste of time, and it always has been. Could we please get something better? 3. Can we have perks that are better balanced and more useful across the board. Too few useful perks. Too many situational or irrelevant perks. Please Devs, think this through and get back to us with something exciting and better implemented. 4. The perk system is probably one of the single biggest offenders in terms of letting the game get stale. You can't get the ones you want and have to count on chance to throw you a bone. You can't invest time and TLC into upgrading them to higher levels (once again, you are a slave to chance). There are few "good" perks and a whole lot of laughable ones. You can not even have all of the existing perks at the same time. Perhaps this was done with the thought process that you'd make players choose which valuable ones to keep and which ones to throw away? Newsflash, you could have had just one one row of 10 and covered all your bases with a few spaces to spare for miscellaneous crap perks. 5. Why are there still old unused art assets in the perk roll line-up? You might think about taking those out at some point so we all don't have to keep explaining there is no "pocket knife" perk.
  2. Fixing Part 6 Jason's Mask, Body, And Overall Design To Look Accurate To The Movie Part 6 Jason: Friday The 13th Part 6 Is my favorite movie in the franchise. It also has my favorite Jason design. And I know alot of people love his design aswell. But sadly, The Devs really messed up on the model on Part 6 Jason. It basically looks nothing like Part 6 Jason but I will go through the things they screwed up and how they can be fixed. Movie: Game: As you can see the mask shape is completely off. The holes and the eye holes are very off as well. And why in the actual hell can you see his eyes in the game! He looks retarded. Like... what the hell. Just because they zoom in on his eyes a couple times in the movie doesn't mean they are constantly visible! His eyes should be completely black just like Part 7 And Part 8! His eyes are always black in the movie SO THEY SHOULD BE IN THE GAME!!! ...Anyways, not only is the mask shape off, The overall shape of Jason is off too. CJ Graham AKA Part 6 Jason is one of the leaner Jasons. So if you want to capture the look of Part 6 Jason you should decrease the overall bulkiness and size of Part 6 Jason. You should definitely decrease the size and width of his traps and shoulders. Decrease the size of his collar too. Also, when it comes to the color of the clothes they should be much darker. The pants should have a little more silver in them, the gloves should be much darker and have way more weathering, The shirt looks like a completely different green and should be much darker, The spear wounds should be black instead of red on the shirt, and the skin should be more grey than black. Game: Movie: When it comes to the mask everything is just completely messed up. The overall shape of the mask is wrong. The holes and the eye holes are wrong. The color and weather are VERY inaccurate. The Devs went for the end of the movie look where he has a bullet hole in his forehead and the mask is it a bit dirtier with some blood stains but the blood stains in the game aren't all in the right places and it doesn't even look like the color of blood so you can't even tell it's blood. Personally, I say go for the early in the movie look. It's much cleaner and is easier to pull off. The color is more of a almond color, NOT a ugly brownish color that it is in the game right now. The chevron is smaller, a brighter red and doesn't touch the top right hole and the eye holes are more circular. There are many different artists you can take reference from shape, color, weathering, etc. Cursed Camp Studios Part 6 (EARLY) The best choice for a EARLY MOVIE LOOK in my opinion would be Cursed Camp Studios Part 6 Hockey Mask. Crash Creations Part 6 (END) The best choice for a END MOVIE LOOK in my opinion would be Crash Creations End Scene Hockey Mask. Although I would say the color of Crash's mask is off but the blood stains are accurate. However, if you take a look at the Virtual Cabin 1.0 video down below you'll notice the mask shape and the overall size of Jason is different to the Final Release. As you saw in the video, Jason is a bit smaller and his shoulders and traps look normal. He actually looks like CJ Graham. But the biggest difference is the mask. The mask has a completely different shape that is WAY more accurate to the movie! It's actually perfect! The color and weathering is still crap but the shape of it looks really good. Down below I put a few things to help make the design of Part 6 look way better. - Change Body Back To Original Virtual Cabin 1.0 Version - Change Mask Back To Original Virtual Cabin 1.0 Version - Change Color Of Mask To More Of A Almond Color - Take Away The Random Brown Weathering Marks - Either Get Rid Of Bullet Hole And Blood Stains On Mask OR Add More Blood Stains And Put Blood Stains In The Accurate Places And Make The Color Look Like Blood - Make Chevron A Bit Smaller And Make The Chevron Color A Brighter Red. ALSO Move The Chevron To Where It Doesn't Touch The Top Right Hole - Make Shirt And Gloves Much Darker - Change Spear Wounds Color To Black - Make Pants A Little More Silver - Make Skin Tone Slightly Grayer - Make The Eyes Completely Black Honestly All They Really Should Do Is Bring Back The Early Virtual Cabin 1.0 Model, Make The Mask Almond, Fix The Weathering, Chevron, And Blood Stains Markings And Blood Color On The Mask, And Make The Eyes Completely Black. In Short Terms... FIX THE DAMN MASK! Thanks for reading this. I plan on doing these types of topics on every Jason... especially Part 5 and Part 7. Thanks for reading this. And please, fill free to comment your thoughts and suggestions. I would love to hear your guy's feedback on this. - Deku Scrub
  3. So i've noticed a few peoples saying that it might be difficult to create new and unique designs for Jason,but i on the other hand dont think so,it is still possible to think up some designs for Jason that would be new,unique and interesting,so i decided to make this topic so we could share our toughts on some concepts that linger in our minds and give opinions on them. I know that it might be a bit too soon to talk about this since the game isnt out yet,but i want to prove to some of these peoples that originality is still a possibility,heck even Tom Savini new design as some unique traits to it,even if peoples have mixed feelings about it,like the spike on the shoulder or the charcoal black color of the whole model or the fire/lava thing going on with the eyes,mouth and wounds. So here's a few concepts i would like to share with you guys......... -Savage Jason (Human) : You guys remember that scene in part 2 when the characters are around the campfire and Paul start telling the legend of Jason,then Ted show up wearing furs,a mask and a tribal spear,well what if that concept had actually been used,an alternate look for Jason wich instead of wearing farmer clothes and a sack,he would be wearing clothes made of animal furs,have long and messy hairs,scars on his body and a mask made either of wood or animal head/skin,this look would perfectly fit the whole living in the woods for years as some kind of savage person. -Winter Jason (Human) : I remember reading somewhere on internet that one of the concept for the sequel of the 2009 Remake was supposed to be set during winter,the idea of having Jason in a snowy Crystal Lake would definitely had been interesting,Jason would probably be wearing some Winter hoodie coat,winter pants,boots and gloves...so he doesnt catch a cold while killing his victims out in the cold and harsh outdoor. -Swamp Jason (Undead) : So like the name suggest,this is a undead Jason but with a more swampy look to him,a lot more green+brown colored due to all that green swamp water and swamp mud,also some water weed/plants+grass covering and growing on his body,it's basically the swamp monster version of Jason. -Toxic/Acid Jason (Human or Zombie) : What if Jason fell in a pool of toxic waste ? You would have a Jason wich appearance would look a bit more mutant like and have fluorescent green or purple colored toxic goo coming out of him. So what do you guys think ? Share your ideas too.
  4. For some reason i always found that things from the past always seem creepier... Weither it's something from the 19th century (1800's) or from the early 20th century (1900 to 1960). Weither it's some kind of creature or a ghost or even aliens...the designs for those look creepier. Those things always come from old tales,folklore,poems,legends and old nursery rhymes,those kind of creatures. Here are a few exemples: Other's exemple: the creature from IT, the Slenderman (even tough that one is a modern creation),old creepy dolls,etc. Heck even old vintage halloween costumes pictures look creepy... https://www.google.ca/search?biw=1280&bih=909&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=XFwnWuWuHKGc_QblnL24CA&q=old+halloween+pictures&oq=old+halloween+pictures&gs_l=psy-ab.3...51.3453.0.3572. It's all about the designs and the eerie atmosphere those gives... What do you guys think ? Do you also find those creepy ?
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