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Found 2 results

  1. Weather effects would be cool. 1. Rain - reduces counselor speed while sprinting by 10%, jogging by 5%, increases stumble chance by 15%. Reduces Jason's speed by 10%. Reduces visibility on all characters by 10%. Also lowers Jason's sense ability but increases his stalk ability. Could also have flooding by the lakes which could have separate effects. There could be light rain and then heavy rain, each with their own effects, heavier rain having greater effects, obviously. Produces rain sound. 2. Fog/mist - Reduces all visibility by 25% on land, 50% on/around lakes. 3. Wind - produces sounds of trees moving/snapping randomly/gust sounds, slows all characters by 5%. 4. Snow/Snowing - Snow would reduce all speed by 15% and significantly increase stamina used to run/walk/sprint, also adds hypothermia effect which would occur when outside, the greater the effect on you the slower you are/more stamina you lose, you can also freeze to death. Being indoors would halt the effects of hypothermia but would not remove it, a fire would be needed to reduce hypothermia effects. Maybe fires could be made outdoors (fires indoors already exist) with a stick and a new item (Flint/steel). Jason could also freeze to death, but at a much slower rate than counselors. Reduces all stealth. Also leaves footprints in the ground that would disappear after 30 seconds or so, jason's footprints would be much larger and easily identified. 4a. Snowing - would be snow but also reduces all visibility. increases all stealth. 5. A small chance for dayligth (Maybe a counselor perk - 3% chance max or something) , which reduces all stealth/jason's stalk ability and reduces stumble effect, but also makes police lights not visible and make flares not light up anything, also all lights would be disabled thus generators are useless except for calling cops etc, and reduced fear levels. Some compensation would be needed to balance jason in this situation since he'd be at a disadvantage kinda.
  2. 1. A "perk" system would be nice to allow customization of characters. 1a. Basically you should be able to customize your Jason or counselors with these "perks", they should not come pre-determined. Being able to select different jasons and only customize the "grab kills" is a little lame. 2. I don't think counselors should be able to see allies on the minimap from any significant distance away, it should only work if you're within relatively close proximity (exact distance TBD, but certainly not across the entire map, also stealthy counselors should be harder to see (on minimap) by allies as well as jason. 2a. To balance this change, jason should be made weaker, the "Shift" ability is pretty broken as is and jason is questionably overpowered, basically if you are out in the open on the map you're dead if the jason is competent. Not exactly sure how to rebalance jason but it shouldnt be too hard. 3. More items/weapons always adds to the fun 3a. Add more items outside so it's actually worth looking somewhere except in buildings, basically the entire game revolves around buildings, which make up maybe 10-15% of the entire map. Counselors have the advantage when in buildings, which is also where all the items are, this should not be the case, if you're in an area where you have an advantage, the best items shouldn't be in there too. Just my thoughts.