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Found 4 results

  1. So with the recent dedicated server update on Xbox One my matchmaking seems to be broken. I keep being dumped in an empty lobby on the F13 Official AP servers. I wait for hours and no one seems to join. Before the update i was finding games after a long time of searching but now i can't find any games at all after hours of searching. However, for some reason, when I queue with my friends (4 of us) I find a game within 30 seconds or less in the F13 US servers. I did some testing by hosting the search party and we all ended up in an empty AP server. So I honestly have no clue whats going on because my friends only live a few miles away from me and we have the same internet provider and internet plan. To add to that, whenever we find a match my ping is lower than theirs mine being around 65ms and theirs being around 89ms. Anyone else having this issue and found a solution?
  2. They said that they would finish the dedicated servers in April, which is the next upcoming Friday The 13th!
  3. When are they coming to console? Nearly every single game I play has the host leave halfway through the match, making levelling up almost impossible.
  4. Simply Bringing this up again as I'm sure its been mentioned before. However the game realy does need dedicated servers. The game is still a mess with hosts quitting because they were killed buy the player playing Jason. Its extremely Detrimental to the players when the host just up and rage quits cause they were killed buy Jason. I will also add in that the peer to peer servers the game uses. Is simply put just outdated. Most games rarely use peer to peer connections anymore. Most have Dedicated servers with Dedicated matchmaking. Thus making Games easier and quicker to find and join. Dedicated Servers also would prevent players being dropped from connection timeouts. Or simply loosing connection the match All together.
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