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Found 14 results

  1. I was thinking of this topic and now I want to ask, What is your favorite horror movie death guys? think of one or more of the following things when deciding your favorite death brutality of the death, Artistic/Almost beauty of death Surprise of it, How much it impacted the story. How awesome How memorable, Creativity, Effects acting during death are all points I consider during these kills and you should to For me my all time favorite deaths are Axel from Friday the 13th part 4, Captain Rhodes from day of the dead, And Captain quint from jaws Remember, its all opinion based and as a recommendation try to add a picture or clip of the death
  2. Has anyone else showed mixed feelings for the devs? Or been kinda fake? For example, The fanbase is calling the devs trash, stating that they suck, and other "vulgar" language. But as soon as the update drops, BAM. Everyone shows love for the devs, they're content, etc. DO NOT say you haven't "hated" on the devs and then been happy; we've all been there before.
  3. Good Afternoon I trust you are well. More and more in recent weeks I have come to realize that the trolling of Jason is becoming a larger issue once more, like with the pocket-knife debacle not so long ago. Almost every match as Jason over the weekend had counselors group up and actively pursuing me as Jason, stun-locking and taunting me. One thing I do feel has to change is the fact that counselors teabag Jason when he is down. If this were like the movies, you would want to be as far away from Jason as possible. I suggest adding a new environment kill to the game, where when Jason is stunned laying on the ground and a counselor comes to squat over him you should be able to hit 'E' and kill them in some horrific way to punish them for coming so close to you. Also, along the lines of being stunned. I suggest one of two changes: Either diminishing returns, or a rage builder. What I mean by diminishing returns is that if Jason gets stunned, it last for the full duration. If he gets stunned again with a certain amount of time after the first stun, it is halved. If he is stunned for a third time after that within a certain amount of time, it is a quarter of the duration. Or stunning Jason should be adding to his rage timer. Each time he is struck with a weapon and stunned, his rage should increase faster. When he hits enraged mode, he should be resistant/immune to stuns from this point on to make him more menacing. Would love to hear your feedback!
  4. I've been playing the STEAM version. So, it seems awfully common for people to disconnect during their kill animation. That makes it hard (at least for me) to get more than 3 kills per game. I like using the long murders. I hate hack and slashing. I've seen that if a player disconnect the counsellor dies. Instead of this, could we have the character staying idle? It's unfair. I was hunting Kenny for 4 minutes only for him to disconnect. And I even used my favourite kill. FIREPLACE!!!!
  5. When killed as Vanessa by Jason, objective based items in my inventory glitch through the map causing us to lose not one, but TWO escape methods. The other car keys glitched through the map for another player, robbing the remaining players of ANY chance of escape. Before you say "Leave the items by the objective.", that's exactly what I was trying to do with the keys before finding the fuse box, that's when Jason got us.
  6. Ok this drives me nuts, & I want to put this on the board to see if anyone else feels the same way. So if I jump thrown a closed window, I get up, & continue surviving. But if Jason throws me through a closed window I die. The logic makes no sense. Could this death be changed to only work on the 2nd floor of a building, or change ground level window throws to include a more believable death?
  7. When characters are dead or escaped, it would be great to allow them to edit and customise their counsellors or Jason's, it would make the death experience more restful. Something interactive to do would also be nice but can't think of any suggestions off the top of my head. Thanks.
  8. Ok this drives me nuts, & I want to put this on the board to see if anyone else feels the same way. So if I jump thrown a closed window, I get up, & continue surviving. But if Jason throws me through a closed window I die. The logic makes no sense. Could this death be changed to only work on the 2nd floor of a building, or change ground level window throws to include a more believable death?
  9. As it stands right now Jason's grab kills give the player no incentive to use environmental kills due to its short activation time. It can be triggered almost instantly after grabbing even before a counselor who is next to Jason and constantly swinging their weapon can even react before his killing animation begins. I think it would greatly balance the kill if it just added a short 3-5 second timer to it before it was allowed to be used in order to prevent the instant grab death.
  10. As it stands right now the traps need looking into because you can stack 2-3 traps in a single leaf pile so when you escape one trap it auto puts you into the 2nd one and kills you. I think we really need traps to be unstackable so you can't just put them all in one spot which auto kills someone after they step in one. Also just on a realism note how would you stack 3 bear traps on top of each other anyway?
  11. past 20 games in a row dead in first min cause jason shifts right onto me dont let jason teleport for three minutes to give people a chance
  12. Just wanted to thank the Devs and all involved with the kill scenes in the game. I think they're authentic and cool to watch even after 70 hours of playtime. Some of them are particularly inventive as well! Beautifully done! Just a thank you for this!! Also, there's still a few I haven't seen!
  13. ive been experiancing this crash for 2 days now and its really annoying now. Basically, i can not play the game properly as everytime i do something (first aid spray, dying, fixing, calling in etc.) it crashes on me. only way i can play is by doing nothing and let people around me do all the heavy lifting and hope the player that is jason melee kills me instead of grabbing me first. Its breaking my heart that this is happening, i love this game and i dont want a good game with potential like this one be ruined. please help me out!
  14. After playing the beta all day, which is great - I have two "cosmetic/non in-game" changes that would make the overall experience a lot more enjoyable. These are possibly things already being planned but I just wanted to get them out there. Allow all the counselors that have died to talk to each other while watching the rest of the match. This would make staying to see the final outcome a lot more enjoyable instead of just sitting there watching by yourself. This doesn't help the counselors that are still alive in any way. Give a small percentage of bonus points to the dead counselors for the few that end up surviving. The caveat being that they need to stay and see the final outcome, so it ensures people don't just dip out right away once they are killed. This feeds more into there being times that the reason someone was able to survive was due to someone else sacrificing themselves or being killed after getting everything for the car needed to escape. If this already happens, then nevermind - I just didn't notice. And that's it. Again, these are not changes for actual gameplay, and if anyone else has ideas - please add them here. Thanks!
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