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Found 1 result

  1. 1. There is still a problem with Jason shattering the door. From counselors perspective you can still hit Jason by the closed door. From Jason's perspective, you can still break down the door without the risk of being hit (combat). 2. Some perks are useless. Who, for example, uses a perk to make the motorboat flow faster? 3. Lobby full of characters, through which in most cases it is impossible to survive or escape ( Screen. For the uninitiated - we all died ) 4. Glitch, which apparently has been repaired, still appears. It concerns Jason, at some point he is unable to break the door. 5. Eternal host migration. You will meet a nice group of people who you love to play with and what? The game tells you: f * *k u. Then you are thrown into the main menu. 6. No new items to fight with Jason (handheld items), still the same methods of escape. Still the same way to kill Jason. Jason has more knives at his disposal. Cool. And what did they get in exchange for counselors ? - Less pocket knives , less med sprays. Can we remove all med sprays? We will be healed by willpower. 7. As Jason, you could put a trap inside the cabins. In many cases, you can shorten the trolling of characters such as Vanessa or Tiffany. 8. The latest map. Pinehurst. Those responsible for releasing such a large map without limiting Jason's abilities should be thrown out of work. Random players are often unable to get on such a large map to escape together. Often it's just a coincidence that someone can call the police. 9. The sound of the "ready" button in the lobby. It should not be long ago, a lot of players pushing it very quickly and it annoys others. 10. Problem with outgoing players if they are not Jason. Most often it comes out 1 or 2 leave the match immediately after the start. Sometimes it happens that half the people come out. 11. Waiting time for the match. It is too long. Also in case when only 1 person is not ready and thus blocks the start for other players. 12. New counselors should have statistics for repair, luck or similar to Kenny. There are already enough characters that run around the map (for example Vanessa) and can not fix anything efficiently in a short time. 13. For the least popular characters should be awarded AT LEAST small amounts of additional exp. 14. Developers also deserve special thanks for taking away the possibility of switching between the EU / US / ASIA server regions. A multiplayer game in which the creators limited the players, with whom they can play with whom and who they can not. Good job. (it's not sarcasm). I am curious to see which developers are going. Better balance and better refined matches or new game modes.
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