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Found 44 results

  1. I understand there are problems with the servers right now preventing online play. I don't think this has to do with that. Every time I try to play offline bots, I get the "Fatal Error!" message, sometimes with a message beside it saying "Pure virtual function being called while application was running (GlsRunning == 1)." I have no understanding of computers or programs so if anyone has an answer please help me out, this is my favorite game of all time and it sucks not even being able to play it offline.
  2. Hey all, Hoping this is an error others have come across & the fix is easy enough?I've sent crash reports to the devs via JasonKillsBugs, but I'm hoping this is something I can fix on my end in the meantime..Upgraded hardware, reinstalled Windows, Drivers & Steam - Redownloaded The Game, and I get "Launch Error: Access Denied". No AV installed that could be blocking anything.Suspected it related to EasyAntiCheat, but repairing nor uninstalling/reinstalling does anything to fix the error.Looking around online, I tried using the launcher found:Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\F13Game\SummerCamp\Binaries\Win64Looked like some progress, intro screen will actually start, but then a fatal error crashes everything out: I would appreciate any thoughts/feedback? Thanks, Barty1884
  3. So here is an interesting bug I've been having (though I did report it to jasonkillbugs.com). Basically, I've been creeping up the levels and unlocking the bloody variants of Jason. The problem, however, is if I choose any of them during Offline play, the game will crash inbetween the confirmation of the number of counselors+difficulty, and the round starting cinematic. Sometimes it will crash before the loading screen starts. Oddly, the crash doesn't happen during Quickplay. Anyone else had an issue with this?
  4. Hello. Game still very unstable. 1.Just right now I finished my third match and get game crash/dashboarded on xbox one. 2. Russian version very poor quality of translation (i can translate for u for free if u need!) 3. Jason on small maps and bigs still someplaces can pick up knives. 4. Unready button in lobby not works. 5. People still can during match invite people for spectators to get advantage for jason/councelours. Oh yes almost forget....alll badges progress gone after patch, ALL!:)
  5. I cant change the resolution of the game, i tried everything online to fix it but nothing works, its stuck at 1080p, i cant change it. And it crashes alot
  6. Hey guys, I'm experiencing this since yesterday's update, did any of you saw this before and can help me?
  7. Hey, so I know this won't help everyone having this issue but at least it will help people who have the same (or a similar) motherboard as me. I kept trying to underclock my GPU and whatnot since people were saying it was the GPU, however I decided to try something else and just went onto my BIOS and set the CPU efficiency to normal instead of turbo (which was the default) , ever since I've gotten literally 0 crashes, played an entire day as Jason and Counselors and I've yet to see a single crash! PS: If this does solve your issue, please leave some feedback in order to help the developers and other people who might be having the same issue
  8. Hi everyone. Each time I attempt to play the game I get " Game could not retrieve game connection details" after a minute. I also have to reinstall anti cheat each time. I have tried uninstalling the game and installing it and verifying the integrity of game files via Steam. I don't want to factory restore my pc. Please help!
  9. Good, as the title says, when I try to change character, either in settings or in the waiting room I always get UE4 SummerCamp Fatal Error. In previous versions it did not happen, I do not know what to do.
  10. Had this on and off all day, seems to happen 95% of the time whilst spectating / dead. Tired of having to reload the game, rejoin friends twice just to get in their game as the patch still hasn't come out and enduring the ridiculously loud intro music on the Unreal video. Defended and support the game non stop but this is seriously starting to get tiresome when this bug has been reported multiple times, it's not just a "Oh my achievements aren't showing" it's a full blown issue that I would at least like a reply too. Also had this one once:
  11. Hey Guys. My game is crashing after im hosting. Everything is fine in the party but after starting the quick match it crashes. It happens also when im creating a private match. 100mbps downl/100mbps upl Is it something that nees to be fixed ingame or does it have another reason? Greets^^
  12. Hey Guys. My game is crashing after im hosting. Everything is fine in the party but after starting the quick match it crashes. It happens also when im creating a private match. 100mbps downl/100mbps upl Is it something that nees to be fixed ingame or does it have another reason? Greets^^
  13. Since the last patch I've been getting a lot of crashes joining games... PS4 Pro here. Specifically, when joining a friend's game session or accepting an invite I'll get a hard crash. It usually happens if I'm in a current game session. I've been submitting reports when it happens, but just thought I'd add it here in case it's happening to anyone else.
  14. Will there be an update for the game? I'm on xbox one and the game always crash, These really frustrating and I hope this fucking game will not destroy my xbox one I paid 39.00 euro and the game does not work and I want to be compensated.
  15. Some bugs report: - I have experienced various freezing/crashes just after Jason´s Morph. One time per day, at least. - Sometimes I start the game as a counselor and try to open the map (I have map perk) and the game freezes / crash. - When I am starting the car, if I hit the map button, sometimes the map stay fixed on the screen and I cant drive. - When I was Jason, I grabed a guy and all my executions was blocked... I was walking with the guy for about a minute until the executions turned on again. - There are various problems with turning on and turning off Jason´s skills and Jason´s map in sequence... This actions seems to be triggering bugs. One time my Shift becomes blocked half of the match. PC - Windows - Steam
  16. Right now on Xbox One you can't play more than two or three straight rounds. After every two, basically everyone in the lobby quits out of the game, goes all the way back in, and you have to reform the lobby. Yeah, you can play the game, but it gets irritating having to quit out after two rounds, and most people don't know about the workaround, so people are constantly getting dropped from the game.
  17. Hey, just bought the game for my friend on steam, but he cant seem to run it. Whenever he launches it shows the startup vintage looking splashscreens and then crashes with the error "Fatal error: [File:F:\Perforce2\SummerCamp\SummerCamp\Source\ILLGameFramework\Private\ILLGameInstance.ccp] [Line: 64] Online session interface missing, please make sure Steam is running!" He's tried everything we've found that people said fixed it for them including reinstalling multiple times, verifying game cache multiple times, restarted steam/computer multiple times, downloaded the UE4 prereqs, downloaded C++ 2017, tried about every combination of turning off and on Run as administrator and Compatibility mode for both Summercamp.exe and EAC_Launcher.exe, reinstalled EAC, set full control for all users on the drive the game is installed on. It's worth noting that he only gets as far as the splash screens when he launcher SummerCamp.exe directly, when he launches from steam nothing launches after the little pre-load window. Any help would be appreciated, thank you in advance!
  18. When I boot up my game I get this error: 'Fatal error: [File:F:\Preforce2\SummerCamp\SummerCamp\Source\ILLGameFramework\Private\ILLGameinstance.ccp] [Line:64] Online session interface missin, please make sure steam is running!' This started happening after the june 16th patch for PC Steam This happens both in windowed and full screenmode, I already reinstalled the game and restarted steam(I made sure I was online on steam) and my pc multiple times. I included the CrashContext.runtime-xml and UE4Minidump.dmp here is a screenshot of the error that occurse during launch Screenshot
  19. Every now and again the game crashes and I have to restart it, invite my party back and start a new game. This doesn't happen with any other game so I doubt it's a hardware problem.
  20. I made a small suggestion previously on the tails of suggesting that the Double Experience event be delayed until a more stable version of the game is available, that experience and CP earned from in-game actions should be immediately earned, not earned upon return to the game lobby. In a game today, I earned the Boat Repair badge, but instead of returning to the game lobby, the connection to host was lost. I checked my progression and found that, instead of having been attributed the badge, I was still at 11/13. This same failure to observe is also laughably evident when you look at my badges for counselor kills (less than 50 tracked in-game) or doors destroyed (less than 50 tracked in-game), while both of these stats are shown as above 200 via Xbox stat-tracking via the achievements hub. It's not enough to estimate the number of crashes I've experienced, but it does show that I've done a hell of a lot more than I'm credited as having done. My suggestion, then, is that experience and CP be immediately attributed as it is earned, with modifiers being applied at the end of the match. SO, if I pick up a weapon, barricade a door, set a trap, and grab a battery, I should get CP for all of these things even if the game crashes within a minute or two. Experience for offense, defense, fixer, and survivor should be applied immediately, and time bonus should be applied upon death or escape (and again, separately, for TJ time). This way, only the end-match bonus experience is held hostage by whatever may cause a game to crash. That said, I was brought to a revelation when I asked a friend to join me for a game via Xbox gameshare. I explained the process of setting up characters beforehand, finding games via LFG, timing lobby joins, and informing him that, in my experience: players joining, players leaving, players spawning as Jason, spawning as Tommy Jarvis, Jason using Morph, counselors escaping, dying, or ending a match at the post-game score screen or the return to lobby could all result in a game crash. He opted not to play at all, saying, "This is ridiculous." And all of a sudden, I was inclined to agree. Really taking a step back and looking at all the hoops I have to jump through to play, it's a massive time-sink. Everyone has different experiences, though. I hope yours have been better. Really looking forward to this game existing in a state that allows for quickplay to be viable on Xbox, and a time when an hour of dancing for 15 minutes of reward isn't the status quo.
  21. Ok here is my problem. I own the game on Steam. I was a Kickstarter Backer and Beta Tester. In Beta I never encountered this problem once. However now, after initial title screens about 80-85% of the time I get a black screen which forces me to hard restart my laptop. I can not go back to the desktop or end task. It completely freezes my laptop. Again, this is after the initial title screen and the Gun Media and Illfonic cinematic plays. After the video stops and it goes to shift to the menu screen it gets stuck in the transition somehow. When I first downloaded the game and installed the game loaded fine but was in Windowed mode which I didn't want and switched to Fullscreen...it locked up immediately in black screen then. I have tried several things to correct this problem. I updated Windows, the game worked for a few times then later when I returned to the game...problem returned, I noticed I needed to update my video driver...the game again...worked...until I game back later to find the problem returned. I unintalled and re-installed. I have ran the .exe file as Admin...which worked at first then stopped working. I found a Youtube video where a person found that the videos were causing issues and used his solution. Here the game worked once again and this time I thought I finally corrected the problem. But several hours later the problem once again started. I will provide a link to the Youtube solution along with DxDiag. I also notice the even though I get the black screen the Steam timer still clocks it as play time. I have 5 hours logged but only have played a small handful of matches. The game itself the few times I have got to play works great and plays great and is fun. It is just I can rarely get the game to work. In the Beta I never encountered this problem at all. So I am not sure what has happened. It is almost like the game is adapting to whatever solution I try. My Steam ID is skullbone76 Thank you for your time and I hope to hear back from you soon. Sincerely, TJ Fowler DxDiag.txt
  22. So, since the latest patch I've noticed the game seems a bit more stable. However, I am still experiencing lock ups/ game freezes, and crashes with unknown fatal errors. Then I realized, I only get those bugs when I'm part of an in-game party. I don't seem to have any issues if I'm playing random, public matches. I don't know if that is merely coincidental, or actually an indicator of some problems in the code with people in a party / private match. But I found it worth mentioning cause it seems to keep being the case. I can play four-six completely random matchmaking public rounds without issue. I can only seem to get through 2-3 party / private rounds without experiencing a game ending bug.
  23. Now, as an Xbox user, I'm not particularly stoked to suggest this, but I'd also like to have the opportunity to keep all of that experience In earning, plus the bonus experience. Think about it. I'm level 34, and I should probably be up in the high 40s at least by now. PS4 and PC users aren't experiencing near the amount of crashing we are, and I can accept that there are differences in the builds to account for this. However, if this event is an apology, it's not doing any favors when the activity for which the apology is warranted is still occurring. I would humbly suggest (as I have several times via the F13 Support twitter handle, receiving no reply) that the double experience weekend be delayed for Xbox users until the crash issue is resolved. I would also submit that experience and CP should be IMMEDIATELY attributed, not having to wait until the end of the match. Crashing at the "return to the shack" postgame cutscene is the most frustrating thing I've ever experienced. This is certainly possible because achievements linked to badge progress manage to unlock before the badges themselves (case in point, achievement for trapping Jason 13 times despite badge progress reading 4/13). For the record, I prefer this game immensely to Dead By Daylight, but I'm getting that old familiar Ubisoft feeling when I start up this game. We all love this game, but our love is not unconditional. If you feel the same, Xbox users, I would suggest that you also request that the double experience weekend be delayed, and that experience and CP be allotted immediately after earning.
  24. The game crashes when I play as Jason sometimes
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