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Found 13 results

  1. Has anyone figured out a loose calculation for the XP earning scale? I've had the game since it came out, and I do pretty well for myself, but I'm only able to play 10-12 hours a week. Obviously, the XP needed for each level increases exponentially (duh,) but has anyone figured out the amount needed for each level? I'd love to hit the level cap, and I'm gonna hit the game hard this weekend, but how many hours am I looking at?
  2. Does anyone know if a Playstation Plus subscription is required to be able to gain XP and CP while playing the Offline Bots mode? Or is an internet connection the only thing neccesary?
  3. So these two issues go hand in hand. XP is useless past a certain point and isn't a good motivator to not quit no matter what you do with it. It would, however, be more desirable if the perks we get as counselors were actually buffed enough to be powerful and worth spending cp on. As it stands now, according to the upcoming patch, the opposite is happening and its pretty embarrassing how little the devs know about their own game. The upcoming nerfs are the exact opposite of what should be happening. So, until perks are desirable, xp won't be desirable. Which means the only way to deter people from quitting as soon as the match starts because they aren't Jason or quitting mid-kill is to put some sort of cooldown for joining another match. You know, like a lot of other games do. They do this for a reason. And the fact that my last few games as Jason had an average of around 5 people who quit mid-kill is ridiculous. And I shouldn't need to point out the people who quit 3 seconds into that match who realize they aren't Jason. Quitting after you've been killed is fine. But quitters in these scenarios ruin the game and they can't keep doing this, something has to be done. If someone crashes they should be able to rejoin like a few competitive games like CS:GO and Overwatch do and avoid the penalty. And if that can't be done then, I guess tough luck if you crash. If Dead By Daylight does it that way I don't see why F13 can't. It's a much lesser evil, frankly.
  4. I'm sure this has already been a topic of discussion or a suggestion. First off I'd like to state that the game is awesome. I play it more often than anything else. One issue that I find really annoying is playing through a match and accomplishing things as a counselor or Jason that gain cp and xp only to get booted from the match before it has officially ended. Therefore all the progress that I've made during the match completely goes out the window as I do not receive any points. At the very least, It would be cool to immediately receive points if you escape or survive a match as a counselor before the match has officially ended. As for Jason, it would be cool to immediately give him points for kills and his progression through the match as well. When the host leaves the match it kills it for everyone. Please do something about this. There are days where i commitedly play for several hours at a time and every other match the host disrupts the game. Even on double xp days I'm stuck on the same level because I'm not able to accrue any xp from matches that were ended mid game. Please find a way to control this issue. Thanks
  5. I made a small suggestion previously on the tails of suggesting that the Double Experience event be delayed until a more stable version of the game is available, that experience and CP earned from in-game actions should be immediately earned, not earned upon return to the game lobby. In a game today, I earned the Boat Repair badge, but instead of returning to the game lobby, the connection to host was lost. I checked my progression and found that, instead of having been attributed the badge, I was still at 11/13. This same failure to observe is also laughably evident when you look at my badges for counselor kills (less than 50 tracked in-game) or doors destroyed (less than 50 tracked in-game), while both of these stats are shown as above 200 via Xbox stat-tracking via the achievements hub. It's not enough to estimate the number of crashes I've experienced, but it does show that I've done a hell of a lot more than I'm credited as having done. My suggestion, then, is that experience and CP be immediately attributed as it is earned, with modifiers being applied at the end of the match. SO, if I pick up a weapon, barricade a door, set a trap, and grab a battery, I should get CP for all of these things even if the game crashes within a minute or two. Experience for offense, defense, fixer, and survivor should be applied immediately, and time bonus should be applied upon death or escape (and again, separately, for TJ time). This way, only the end-match bonus experience is held hostage by whatever may cause a game to crash. That said, I was brought to a revelation when I asked a friend to join me for a game via Xbox gameshare. I explained the process of setting up characters beforehand, finding games via LFG, timing lobby joins, and informing him that, in my experience: players joining, players leaving, players spawning as Jason, spawning as Tommy Jarvis, Jason using Morph, counselors escaping, dying, or ending a match at the post-game score screen or the return to lobby could all result in a game crash. He opted not to play at all, saying, "This is ridiculous." And all of a sudden, I was inclined to agree. Really taking a step back and looking at all the hoops I have to jump through to play, it's a massive time-sink. Everyone has different experiences, though. I hope yours have been better. Really looking forward to this game existing in a state that allows for quickplay to be viable on Xbox, and a time when an hour of dancing for 15 minutes of reward isn't the status quo.
  6. Hey guys what perks did you get for myself i did get. Potent Ranger ( 18% positive - 0 negative ) (Rare) Motorboarding ( 11% positive - 0 negative) ( Rare) it's all got good and you.
  7. So on June 20th we were supposed to all receive clothing packs, 13000CP, and double XP this weekend coming up(23rd-25th) I just went on at 3:30AM the 21st and my clothing is there but no cp. Im poor and have no good perks and I need that cp. What's going on, HELP!!!!
  8. I am playing on PS4 and have downloaded the new update, but I DON'T have the retro Jason, the 13000 CP's and the new cloths. Other players are already playing with the new Jason so my question is how do I get the dlc content? Do I have to unlock it somehow?
  9. When I started the game today, I hade about 4000 CP. Then I rolled for some perks and had about 2000 left. After that, I played 2 matches which I both survived. Then I wanted to roll for one or two perks again, but my CP count was only 159, so it was even way less than I should have after the two matches. I restarted the game, hoping that I would have the CP that I should have after it reloaded my profile, but it was still 159. My Steam Gamertag is Yor. EDIT: I just played and finished another 3 or 4 games and only gained 800 CP by this, which also seems to be off.
  10. I've noticed that the cp i earn for matches on ps4 for some reason will not go beyond 1118 once my cp hits that mark everything else is wasted lost close to 5k earlier cause i wasn't paying attention
  11. I had a little over 2000 CP. I went to but the JAW RIP kill and got an error. I tried several times and got the same error. The next day I logged on my CP was under 400. I think the error caused my CP to spend without giving me the kill. Is there any way to get my CP back?
  12. Just had 3 games in a row, didn't get a single CP for those? I'm getting XP but not CP? Restarted steam several times with no luck (and yes, games is updated)
  13. So I haven't been able to find a straight answer to this question. My question is if you end up being the second counselor dead in the game and therefore are unable to return as Tommy Jarvis and you decide you don't want to waste your time watching other people play for another 15 minutes and leave the match before it ends do you still get xp? I understand there's a bonus for staying until the end of the match but if I'm alright without the bonus would I still get the xp I earned while I was alive if I leave a match?
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