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Found 1 result

  1. I've searched and I didn't find anything, in case somebody reads that as a "new-player", before joining a lobby with no idea. I do see a lot of people who saving their own life as Tommy Jarvis or Slayin around with Jason or even open every cabin and leave them open. of course, everybody could do whatever he wants but maybe somebody reads that it be useful for him/her. Counselor: If you play as a Counselor, first make sure to AIM yourself. Whenever you go into a Cabin/House just LOCK up the doors and OPEN the windows . If you do not lock up the doors, it's a pleasure for Jason to join your Cabin. Also if you being chased, you can jump into the Windows and Jason cannot! If you found a part: Battery, Fuel, Fuse let others know where it is, that somebody with a high Repair-State can take it. Or take it to the Car/Phone and drop it there, if you can't fix it, cause of low repair. Communication is very useful, sometimes. Protect other Counselors while somebody is fixing the Car/Phone! If you have fixed the Car and got the Keys, make sure to pick up some other Counselors, in case you can. Do not run them over or leave them alone, if you have the chance to pick them up. Tommy Jarvis: If you're chosen to be Tommy Jarvis, make sure HELP all other Counselors! You're not suppose to leave the camp until all other Counselors are save! You're the last guy to leave the camp! Don't be a Tommy Jarvis everybody hates, cause saving your own life or running like a pro anywhere in the map, while others being killed. Jason Voorhees: So you gonna be Jason Voorhees. Make sure to NOT slashing around like a pro. It makes no fun if you slashing around. Use your Skills and grab people! Anyhow, thanks for the attention. In case you want to add something, feel free to write whatever your mind is up to. About the Sweater/Mask: If you got Pamela's Sweater, make sure to stay alive and do not use it on him just for fun, if Tommy is in the Game as well and do have a Machete, get with other Counselors together and prepare for killing him. Whenever it is time, use the Sweater and the Mask while Tommy killing Jason. Stay Together. Additonal: VOICE CHAT while Jason is around you You may not talk about where you go, where somebody is something doing right now, while Jason is around you. He can hear you and may destroy your plan. If you want to joke him, you can of course talk something's which is not true. I heard somebody today: He is in the house now, get out. So I didn't even got in the cabin and expected him at the window, where he died.
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