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Found 96 results

  1. Hello Everybody, I've thought up a new poll: Who is your favorite lone wolf counselor? This is a counselor that Jason would have a hard time finding by either sensing their fear level or by spotting their noise pings. One would ideally play this counselor by lurking in the shadows and staying away from other players. In order to qualify for this role, a counselor would need either a six or higher in composure or a nine or higher in stealth. The reason why I'm setting such a high requirement for stealth is because in order for a counselor to not generate any noise pings when they are jogging, they need a nine or higher score. If the stealth score is below a nine, a counselor would need to either walk or crouch walk all the time which I believe very few players would do.
  2. Hello Everbody, I’m going to share my experiences with this game and let you know what my ideal fixer counselor is. Please be advised all comments are my opinions only. Please feel free to disagree if you wish. I got this game this past Christmas and I have been playing it almost nonstop ever since then. I have found this game to be incredibly fun to play. After playing for a while though, I have noticed that a lot of players in the public lobbies almost always choose counselors with a low repair skill like Tiffany, Buggzy, and Vanessa. Especially Vanessa. It is a rare day when I don’t see two or three Vanessas in a public lobby. I remember one time when I saw six Vanessas in the same lobby. I know Vanessa is a speed demon and that’s why she’s popular, however, even though she can repair objectives, she’s lousy at it. A lot of times, the Vanessa players don’t even bother to repair the objectives. In most cases, they’re courteous enough to pick up a part like the battery and drop it so you can see it on the map. But then they just leave it there and the part just sits there, gathering dust. In my opinion, repairing the objectives is one of the major goals of the game. If you don’t do that or at least try to do that, you’re giving Jason a huge advantage. Somebody has to do the repairs and that’s why I choose to be a fixer counselor. I believe there is only one ideal fixer counselor and I’m going to explain my reasoning. First, according to my standards, in order to qualify as a fixer counselor, one needs a six or higher repair score. That gives us the following: Deborah, Eric, Mitch, AJ, Adam, and Fox. Now, I’m going to engage in some gender discrimination and kick the males off the list, leaving us with Deborah, AJ, and Fox. The reason being is because none of the men can use the sweater and I always like to have that option on the table. One of the sweetest things I can hear over the walkie is a Tommy Jarvis player saying, “I’ve found Jason’s shack! Who wants to kill him?” I always respond by saying, “Dude, I am so there!” The next quality I believe is important in a fixer counselor is stamina. In my opinion, stamina is like a life bar. If Jason is chasing you and you run out of stamina, you’re dead. It’s that simple. Because of that, Fox would be my ideal fixer counselor with a stamina score of five. My second choice would be AJ with her score of four and of course, my third would be Deborah with her score of three. Now this is not to imply that AJ and Deborah are bad fixer counselors. They are not. AJ has incredible stealth with a score of ten and I’ve had a lot of success sneaking her around the map fixing objectives. Deborah is the absolute queen of repair with a score of ten. I’ve repaired objectives with her in less than five seconds. However, I believe that Fox is the best of the three because of her stamina score. Now a word about perks. If you choose to be a fixer counselor, I believe there are two absolute must have perks. The first is Thick Skinned. Imagine that perk as a suit of armor. It will allow you to tank traps, jump through broken windows, and endure Jason’s knives and slashing attacks with minimal damage. I have an epic Thick Skinned perk with a twenty percent bonus and I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of it. The second is Marathon. Because fixer counselors generally have low stamina, this perk is like a bar of gold to them. I have a rare Marathon perk with a twelve percent bonus. According to Rydog’s calculation in his excellent counselor stats report – please Google it if you wish read it – equipping my Marathon perk on Fox raises her stamina score from a five to an eight, making it equivalent to Buggzy. On AJ, it raises hers from a four to a six. On Deborah, it raises her from a score of three to five. The third perk is optional. Right now, I’m using Preparedness because I like to know where all the objectives are right off the bat. However, picking a perk like Medic or Nerves of Steel would be good choices too. That’s all I have to say. Thanks for reading and please let me know what you think
  3. In matches you people play in, which characters do see the most that team up?
  4. i was wondering if there was a way in the future that we can choose the counselors we want in the Offline Bot mode same way as selecting the maps.
  5. hello, My name is ConnectTheKings and I run a discord with quite a few Friday players and fans. I host a "hardcore mode" lobby every weekend from 7:00PM to 10:00PM EST. We are a PC platform based community. We take hardcore seriously and try and immerse ourselves as best as possible. If you are interested in playing, just go ahead and click the discord link below! https://discord.gg/T2jnNqM Here are the basic rules and regulations: (for more information see our special tab in the discord) Rules: Gamma is 1.75 or as close as you can get to it. Music is to be TURNED COMPLETELY OFF! If you want you can cover the minimap for extra immersion. Tommy and jenny are the only people who can guard for repairs. only one pocket knife per counselor MAX. You may use any perks on any counselor. If you fail to follow the rules and regulations you will be subject to a review and subsequent vote to ban/kick. COUNSELOR REPAIRS: Phone Box: Lachappa & Deborah Power: La Chappa & Deborah Kenny & Adam Cars battery: Tommy & Adam & Fox & Mitchell Cars Gas: Anyone JASON HUNT MECHANICS: hero girls: Jenny, AJ, Victoria. (one person per game) The person playing as the hero girl and tommy must first get together and then convince EVERY COUNSELOR alive to fight jason with them. If a single counselor decides it's too dangerous, the hunt is a no go, period. Jason's mask MUST be in the hero girls hands to start the hunt. JUKES & COUNSELOR GAMEPLAY: Counselors may only communicate using in game walkies and in game audio. Counselors may only call in tommy jarvis if they have encountered jason. Sprint and jukes: you may sprint for up to one quarter of your stamina bar. If you are Buggzy or Vanessa you may sprint for up to half of your stamina bar. But afterwards you must FULLY RECOVER before sprinting again. No epic juking (no daisy chain stuns or "VCR" Jukes) {Proper Juking guideline can be found in the discord } once you decide to enter OR leave a cabin it is a permanent choice. (no window looping) Furniture loops are allowed a max of two times. Act as Humanly as possible, obviously this is not RP so don't overdue the shit. JASON GAMEPLAY: Gameplay should be way more relaxed, be creative with kills. USE STALK OFTEN. jump scare as much as possible. set your own match clock so you can keep track of the time. gamma can be as high as you need. Traps may only be placed on phone box and on power boxes. cars are to remain untouched. you may trap the driver side door if the car battery is repaired but the counselors have failed to leave yet. See you in the discord, and I can't wait to meet the real hardcore fans out there!
  6. WHEN GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO ESCAPE IN THE CAR... Do you look for others before leaving? Will you run over people who block you from leaving? Will you "bolt" as soon as Jason is near? leaving others about to enter the car Will you stop at the exit and wait for others to jump in if you're alone ? Do you always bring car parts, the moment they're found, to the car as fast as you can? Do you protect people installing car parts? Do you push people out of the way to enter the car? Do you feel entitle to the car if you've installed the parts? Do you always work on the 4 seater first? Do you run away if Jason stops the car OR help fight/distract him?
  7. Do you all think if we we're able to create our own counselors, it would create more immersion in the game? I think it is a great idea! Here's a post on Reddit with facts of how this could work:
  8. Guys, I understand that programming an AI Jason would take lots of time, effort, and money, but please consider making counselors playable for Single Player and Offline Mode. You could always make smaller versions of each map so they are not as large making programming for Jason more difficult than need be. It would really make stealth, survival, and fighting Jason fun and tense!
  9. Hello, I started to played again after a very long break with this game, I had a few ideas while I was playing as Jason and as counselor. My idea is: Jason slashing with his weapon would not kill the counselor but he would make him crawling on the ground, screaming, and being able to move slowly, he can be executed , if Jason is close to him then he has the option to press the interaction key ("E" on pc). That would trigger a nice animation of Jason executing the counselor on the ground, but if for some reason the counselor is left alive crawling there is the option of another counselor close to him to "revive him" that would remove the state of CRAWLING to WOUNDED, that would not be instantly, it would take the time that takes a counselor starting the car with the keys, you know, holding the interaction key and waiting for a circle to complete, after that he could be healed with an spray.
  10. I have an idea to let friends join in, in the offline mode (or private match) as coop or vs. To play against a bot Jason, or to play as Jason against friends and bots. Of course that would be an option in offline mode to accept/invite players or not, as you would want to play offline mode offline as well. To be able to fill empty playerslots with bots in both offline mode and private match/quick match. Notified the devs and got an answer on twitter. Hope something might happen soon. https://twitter.com/F13GameSupport/status/873181714671120385?s=09
  11. Give counselors descriptions on what they’re playstyle are. For example, counselor name, backstory, playstyle and purpose. Deborah Kim - Smart and Ability to be stealthy, Deborah can fix objectives much faster than others. Tiffany Cox - Energetic cheerleader, able to easily escape and hide. Tiffany can bring items with her stealth without being any attention. Vanessa Jones - Fast Athlete, able to distant Jason and distract him. Jenny Myers - Girl next door, Jenny sucks, Tiffany is best girl. Chad Kensington - Preppy rich boy, ability to bring distance to him and Jason, able to protect others with his luck. Its really annoying seeing Vanessa hiding and Deborah’s fighting. Though it might help new players get a better understanding of the counselors.
  12. I am interested to see where does the community stand right now in regard to the clothing DLCs. As you've probably seen around; I am a fan of customization and have purchased every single DLC that has been released just to have more options, but as time goes by, I begin to grow more and more concearned about the DLCs and the effect they have on the game, particularly after the Halloween DLC (Yes, I'm looking at you, Bunny Deb.) So, what is your opinion? And keep in mind you can vote for multiple options!
  13. 1: - There should be a map made based on the movie Jason takes Manhattan there should be a map where we try and escape from Jason on all levels upper and lower levels of the boat and try repairing the boat and find the missing pieces around the boat along with the tools used to repair the boat nothing to simple nor to hard to complete there should be another way to kill him on the boat and the ending should be where they escape to New York or escape from the boat on little skiffs to the city. 2: - all the main characters from all the Jason movies should be added like the Julius the boxer kid ,the cops from Jason lives the waitress from Jason goes to hell ,the bounty Hunter should be another alternative to call for help instead of Tommy Jarvis it would be the the bounty Hunter with the special blade that can kill Jason. 3: - new weapons should be added to the game like better escape or special stun weapons that have more damage to Jason. 4: - new and improved roll perks and Perks for Jason and counselors and all new costumes for counselors 5: - Jason should be able to choose from different weapons and have more different kill finishers .
  14. Good Afternoon I trust you are well. More and more in recent weeks I have come to realize that the trolling of Jason is becoming a larger issue once more, like with the pocket-knife debacle not so long ago. Almost every match as Jason over the weekend had counselors group up and actively pursuing me as Jason, stun-locking and taunting me. One thing I do feel has to change is the fact that counselors teabag Jason when he is down. If this were like the movies, you would want to be as far away from Jason as possible. I suggest adding a new environment kill to the game, where when Jason is stunned laying on the ground and a counselor comes to squat over him you should be able to hit 'E' and kill them in some horrific way to punish them for coming so close to you. Also, along the lines of being stunned. I suggest one of two changes: Either diminishing returns, or a rage builder. What I mean by diminishing returns is that if Jason gets stunned, it last for the full duration. If he gets stunned again with a certain amount of time after the first stun, it is halved. If he is stunned for a third time after that within a certain amount of time, it is a quarter of the duration. Or stunning Jason should be adding to his rage timer. Each time he is struck with a weapon and stunned, his rage should increase faster. When he hits enraged mode, he should be resistant/immune to stuns from this point on to make him more menacing. Would love to hear your feedback!
  15. Hello whoever will be reading this, first of all: I'm not native english, meaning there might be spelling mistakes or bad form of sentences but I'll try my best. To start off: I want to list some bugs and weird things I encounter quite often. I will name them and then go more into detail. 1. Blackscreen at the start of Private matches I often encounter a blackscreen at the start of the match (only in private ones). The Host is then forced to restart the game fully because pressing the escape key will not work. The Non-Host (no idea what to call it) can leave using the escape key since the menu pops up normally. My idea: Some Maps are incompatible with some Jasons or something else. I've tested and it seems that Jason Part 8 always works on Higgins Haven and Jason Part 2 works on Jarvis's House. 2. Jason Kill through open window Now when Jason grabs a counselor and he is close to a house with windows he can throw the counselor through the window, breaking the window and killing the counselor. Sometimes though, he can throw a counselor through an open window, still killing the counselor, which doesnt make sense. An Idea to fix it: Add a tag to check if the window is open, so when Jason is close he will not see the small circle or something like that. 3. Jason or Counselor swinging through doors or walls The title says everything, basically you stand really close to a door, whether as Jason or a Counselor and you can just swing through hitting other players if they are close or in the action/animation of locking the door. The pros for the Counselor: They can stun Jason with a bat if he is breaking open the door. Pros for Jason: He can hit them in general or stop them from locking the door. My idea to fix this would probably be, adding some trigger or hitbox or whatever to prevent damage. 4. Jason getting stuck when grab Now for this one, I don't have much information, I didn't encounter this bug often. Let me explain what happens first: You are Jason, you grab a counselor and then once the counselor is raised so Jason can move, the movement keys dont work, meaning you won't be able to move and you'll have to wait until the counselor escapes. Because I didn't encounter this alot of times I can't really tell where/when it happens, but I'm sure it has something to do with the collision. Hope this helps. Now let's go over to the suggestions I have. 1. Environmental Kill: Impaled by Pitchfork Basically, in the barn on any map I sometimes see Pitchforks lying on the ground and I am disappointed there isn't a kill involving it. My idea: Jason has the Counselor, preferably in the barn, he throws the counselor on the ground, takes the pitchfork and impales either their head or belly. 2. Jason Part 10 and Jason Part 11 Now don't get confused by Part 10, I mean Jason before he gets his "upgrade" to Jason X. And then also Jason Part 11 from Freddy vs. Jason. 3. Environmental Kill: Harpoongun Basically there is a harpoon gun lying down somewhere, either in the barn or somewhere close to the water on like a stranded boat or something, and when Jason is close with a Counselor he grabbed, he just I guess kicks them further away (like the throwing axe kill of Part 8), grabs the harpoongun and shoots them in the face. 4. Bots in Private matches How I came up with this: If you have only one friend to play with and it feels kind of "Boring". Now this one, practically shouldn't be a problem at all, you got AI/Bots, you got a private match where you can invite friends. Now my idea would be adding a "Match Settings" tab/button for the Host where you can set whether the Bots should be activated. Then how many Bots (filling up the empty spaces or a custom amount) and what difficulty. This would be it so far, I might add a few things if I forget them or edit things that have been fixed by the next update. Yours faithfully, Coony
  16. Just starting off by saying I literally just joined this five minutes ago hahaha. I don’t know if anyone else would agree but I think they should add a New York Italian styled character. I picture him wearing a tight white T-shirt with rolled up sleeves tucked into a pair of jeans with a cigarette or toothpick hanging out of his mouth. He’d be from New York so obviously he’d have an accent. And for a trope I would see it as “the rebel” or “the wiseguy” or something like that. I picture him with the personality of a mix between Tony Manero from “Saturday Night Fever” or even Han Solo from “Star Wars”. He’d be a good looking guy who hits on the girls a lot, most thinking he’s charming. Although I picture him having a Han Solo and Princess Leia or Tony Manero and Stephanie type of relationship with someone like Jenny Myers, the one with her head on right and not focused on sex. Haha I even pictured the trailer being Jenny walking out of the lake in her bathing suit and This character whistling at her to where she says something like “in your dreams”, then he gets killed or something. It may sound corny but I feel like this would benefit someone like Jenny as well. Her character is rather bland and boring. I mean, yes she was advertised pretty well in the spring break dlc but after that nobody ever really talks about her. It’s probably because her stats aren’t the best, but the bottom line is her character isn’t really that big of a deal to people, even though she would be the main character if these same counselors were in a friday the 13th movie. I’d see them having a mix between a Tony Manero and Stephanie/ Han Solo and Princess Leia type of relationship to where the Italian guy would be trying to get with Jenny, but she won’t budge because she sees the Italian guy not knowing what he wants to do in life and would just be wasting her time with the cute flirts and pickup lines and remarks.(like Tony and Stephanie) but then when things hit the fan and Jason comes the both work together and she learns to care for him.(like Han And Leia at cloud city in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back) it may seem like a fan fiction it I don’t mean it to come off that way lol, just trying to get a basic understanding of how it would be, but I would see this panning out in the single player challenges, or just in the canon lore of the f13 game universe. And it would fit Jenny a lot better because it’s like when Chris and Rick were together most of the time. In general it would benefit Jenny as well as giving more character to the Italian guy. Getting that out of the way I would picture his interactions with other counselors as follows. Chad would probably be the guy to make fun of him. He may be a little defensive towards Brandon. He’s be cool with Adam, cool with Mitch, would make fun of Eric, not talk to kenny as much, neutral with Vanessa, haha would have a grand old time with Tiffany, wouldn’t talk to AJ as much, and wouldn’t even pay any mind to Deborah, He would have a Tony Manero type of attitude towards most of everyone Yeah, I know it seems something like Adam, but I just pictured something more like a full Italian guy. Someone like Tony Manero who is extremely into his Italian roots. The guy who would have an Italian flag hanging from over his bed. And plus this guy wouldn’t be so much of edgy. I don’t really see Adam as a rebel. I see him as just edgy. Like his bio states. He doesn’t take sh*t off anyone and would stand up for people getting bullied. In reality this Italian character concept probably would be the bully who Adam stands up to. What I mean by rebel is gets into trouble. Lol trust me I know he can seem like an Adam but in my head he isn’t. I tried to explain it a much as I could without it seeming like I’m becoming a motor mouth lol the reason why I say they should make this kind of counselor is because he would be an interesting one. In the seventies and eighties and even nineties, Italians were pretty big in the US, especially in parts like New Jersey(where the movies and game takes place.) back then in places like wildwood(a very famous beach in New Jersey) there would be parts on the board walk that we’re dedicated to Italians like Italian hotels, Italian restaurants, everything. People loved Italians in those days. I mean, you had tons of films like Rocky, and Saturday night fever, and The Godfather part 1 and part 2, and once upon a time in America, a mobster movie that came out in 1984 about Italians, I mean hell, there were even two Italian guys in part 5, Vinnie and Pete. This all brought Italians to peoples attention in those days. And not only that but New York City is right next to New Jersey if that wasn’t obvious enough, so the accent would fit perfectly. I genuinly want them to add this character to the game so I feel like making my own stats for the character would be personalizing it a little too much to the point where it may be unrealistically possible that they would add him, but I’ll just do it anyway to show how I picture it to be: composure: 4/10 Luck: 4/10 Repair: 6/10 Speed: 5/10 Stamina: 7/10 Stealth: 3/10 Strength: 6/10 By no means do I want this character to be personalized to me. That would be a huge “f you” to the people who donated 10,000 dollars to the game. It’s just a concept I want them to add to the game that I feel people would enjoy and like to play as. Even though it’s a concept made up by me that I know I would love to see in the game, I want it to be realistic to the game so it doesn’t look silly and out of place. I love this game and would like to see it grow, this game got me into watching all the friday the 13th films and now I love the franchise. If anybody of importance to the game sees this, I hope you can see the pros to adding this character to the game, I’m positive he would be a favorite by many people. I do have a name in mind for the character but I doubt it would be the actual name for the character if they add him. “Tommi Sollozzo” Tell me what you guys think,
  17. I would play either of these modes, but I was wondering what you all thought about giving the counselors some options? I'll be the first to admit it's a little gimmicky, and there isn't much to the ideas. If you have a suggestion, post away.
  18. Friday The 13th/ Alice Hardy Composure: 8/10 Stamina: 4/10 Luck: 7/10 Stealth: 1/10 Repair: 3/10 Strength: 7/10 Speed: 5/10 Friday The 13th Part 2/ Ginny Field Composure: 5/10 Stamina: 3/10 Luck: 8/10 Stealth: 8/10 Repair: 1/10 Strength: 4/10 Speed: 6/10 Friday The 13th Part 3/ Chris Higgins Jenny Myers is based off of Chris Higgins which means, Chris is technically in the game but designed differently Friday The 13th The Final Chapter/ Trish Jarvis Composure: 1/10 Stamina: 7/10 Luck: 10/10 Stealth: 1/10 Repair: 4/10 Strength: 5/10 Speed: 7/10 Friday The 13th A New Beginning/ Pam Roberts Composure: 3/10 Stamina: 10/10 Luck: 4/10 Stealth: 4/10 Repair: 5/10 Strength: 2/10 Speed: 7/10 Friday The 13th Jason Lives/ Megan Garris Composure: 2/10 Stamina: 5/10 Luck: 3/10 Stealth: 7/10 Repair: 6/10 Strength: 6/10 Speed: 6/10 Friday The 13th A New Blood/ Tina Shepard She can be a hero like Tommy but there could be a very rare chance to get her in a match since she has telekinesis, I'll let you guys suggest that to me Composure: 9/10 Stamina: 2/10 Luck: 6/10 Stealth: 3/10 Repair: 1/10 Strength: 10/10 Speed: 4/10 Friday The 13th Jason Takes Manhattan/ Rennie Wickham Composure: 3/10 Stamina: 6/10 Luck: 6/10 Stealth: 3/10 Repair: 4/10 Strength: 3/10 Speed: 10/10 Friday The 13th Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday/ Jessica Kimble Composure: 7/10 Stamina: 5/10 Luck: 5/10 Stealth: 9/10 Repair: 2/10 Strength: 2/10 Speed: 5/10 Jason X/ Rowan Composure: 1/10 Stamina: 2/10 Luck: 5/10 Stealth: 4/10 Repair: 7/10 Strength: 10/10 Speed: 6/10 Freddy Vs. Jason/ Lori Campbell Composure: 3/10 Stamina: 2/10 Luck: 4/10 Stealth: 5/10 Repair: 6/10 Strength: 10/10 Speed: 5/10 Friday The 13th (2009) Remake/ Whitney Miller composure: 4/10 Stamina: 5/10 Luck: 6/10 Stealth: 5/10 Repair: 4/10 Strength: 6/10 Speed: 5/10
  19. Now, As we all know, there are those moments when you have A LOT of counselors with you and Jason is trying to break into the cabins. Some of us players like to use the Door/Window Stuns where you can hit Jason while he's trying to break down a door or window. The main issue with this is when you have other counselors around you. When you have other counselors around you, and you go in Combat Stance, the game likes to auto-lock on the counselors rather than the main threat, which is Jason Voorhees. My suggestion is for Gun Media to allow the counselors to have a toggle option in the settings on who they would like it to auto-lock on. What it would look like is: Combat Stance Auto-Lock: Counselors Only Jason Only Counselors and Jason What are you thoughts on this? I think it should be implemented. This is one of those things where "It's pretty annoying" but you forget to make a thread on it because you were at an intense moment where someone was trying to kill you.
  20. Hello everyone, I've recently put together a series where the counselors come back sometime after the tragic events of the massacre. The Premise is that of a reality TV show, where they meet and secrets get exposed. So far the feedback from all three episodes have been overwhelmingly positive. Please take the time to watch and CAUTION, there is VULGARITY. So this is not for the faint of heart, the jokes can be crude, and the voices are funny! Please show your support by liking, or commenting to tell me what you think. Here you are: Friday The 13th: Counselor's ReUnion: Season 1 Script For Episode 1: Jin: I know it’s been a while since my last video. I’m not very consistent with these things but I create things on my own time haha. I’d just like to thank you for making room in your schedule to be here. Jenny(Female): Sure, yeah no problem. It’s very nice to be here, I’m glad some of us are together again. It really brings back memories.. A.J.(Female 3): *long sigh* ugh… this fake bitch, what memories? You mean running for our lives, yeah so joyful. You know, you bout as fake as Tiffany’s….you know what nvm Tiffany(Chipmunk): oh..oh so you think it’s okay just to air out my dirty laundry like that, trick I trusted you. But I guess that’s why Adam- A.J.: Say one more word. Do you see me, you see how I’m looking. You better pull out the damn dictionary and choose your next words carefully, and I say choose because I know yo vocabulary is limited these days. Jenny: A.J….you got me fucked up, down, left, and right. You disrespectful Avril Lavigne wanna-be reject. You still killing crows, and doing witchcraft and shit? You better recognize royalty, I am the final girl - damnit. A.J.: Final Girl? Have you seen yourself? Do you see what you’re wearing, what you need is a final selection on what to wear, looking like your grandma dressed you, and can we look at these shoes? Bitch what the hell are those? Jenny: Y’know it’s called having class and not showing out for attention, which you clearly need. Damn I can’t even imagine what adam goes through. You’re probably the whiney type too, yuck! Adam(Male): You know I wouldn’t be talking, cause I can drag your boyfriend if he wasn’t doing it himself with Kenny. Yeah I heard about those weird fishin’ stories, mmhm. Tiffany: Oh hell no, what you’re not gonna do...is slander my man’s name like I’m not sitting right here! You got some nerve. Don’t make me spill the tea since we both know we got stories of our own. A.J.: Oh I wanna hear it, I wanna hear this. Speak now cause you won’t have a tongue later. Don’t fuck with me…..Adam yo ass is in the doghouse tonight. Episode 2: Jin: Welcome back, I know yesterday most of you had your personal differences. But it’s nice to have you back. I released the first episode not too long ago. The feedback was relatively positive, but it seems when I posted the video to Reddit it started to immediately become disliked. So I took it down, but that won’t stop me. A.J.(Female 3): Oh hell no, don’t listen to them. Fuck all of them, I will end them. Jin you’re one of the most creative and kind people I know. A good majority of the people in this community are toxic people who circle jerk themselves into oblivion. Just...don’t fuck with them. Jenny(Female): For once I can agree with A.J., you don’t deserve that. Honestly, you gave us a platform to voice our own thoughts. You’re giving us a voice and remember that no matter how many people dislike, you have those who still want to watch your content so focus on the people who are here for you right now. And so I just wanna thank you again for initiating this Re-Union. Tiffany: Yeah, I mean clearly they might be Jealous. You know like how most of the girls are jealous of me. I gotta deal with petty bitches all day, so if you need some tips on how to deal with basic bitches….you know who to come to. Vanessa: Hahahaha…..that’s cute sis. But tell me, what the hell are bubbles, blossom, and buttercup doing here, looking like the discount powerpuff girls! I heard y’all were talking about Final Girls, and you know I couldn’t just let my name go unnoticed. A.J.: uh-uhn, I KNOW you ain’t talking. Before you open your mouth you need invest in a new damn hairstyle. Hunny that damn ponytail is hanging for dear life, you probably getting temporary insanity due to that shit squeezing your head so tight, talking to me like that. Don’t get yo azz fucked up. Fox: See, look at this….everytime I come around there’s always some drama. This is why I don’t fuck with y’all, y’all too damn shady. Vanessa, you said you were only gonna be a minute bitch it’s cold outside what the fuck are you doing, hurry up. Mitch in the car tryna roll up, and you know you got the lighta. Vanessa: Girl gimme a second, these no-lives over here talking bout “Final Girls’ and shit. AJ can’t even fight, you know she always runnin and hidin, she ain’t bout that life. Jenny: Well you can catch these hands from me anyday, mmhmm. Vanessa: I’m sorry? You wanna run that by me again? I know it’s gonna take you a while Ms. 3 speed. So I suggest you drink a tall glass of shut the fuck up. Jenny: You really think somebody scared of you. All you can do is run, loud noisey ass. Vanessa: I don’t even know, how people can even THINK of mentioning your name next to mine when talking about the best counselor. We all know you overrated, you know you’re overrated, hell even your boyfriend know you overrated. I can do anything better than you can, so have several seats please. I mean have you even heard your voice actress? *Clip of Jenny line* Bitch you sound like you got a frog in your throat, and you’re supposed to be the final girl? Get the hell outta here. Fox: Hahahahaaa, yess gather them sis. Season Finale: Jin: I’d like to thank you again for meeting here for the last time. I know Tiffany is gone due to laryngitis - A.J.(Female 3): Good, her voice was annoying as hell anyway, sounding like a damn chipmunk. Jin: And so are Vanessa and Fox, they didn’t really care for being here. But I’m glad we have some new additions today. It’s nice of you to consider being here Adam and Chad. Adam(Male): No Problem Jin, it’s a bit nostalgic to be back here. Chad: …. Adam: Well, damn you ain’t gone speak? Chad: Oh please, don’t address me, ...I’ll slap you with my wallet and make money from that Adam: Ooohh damn….that was close..haha.. almost gave a fuck. A.J.: Don’t even bother with him, we don’t have the time. Chad: That’s because I bought it off you. Next. A.J.: Bitch fuck you...go to hell. It’s a shame your girl is braver than you. What grown man is scared of the dark, I’ll wait. Chad: You would know about the darkness since you live in it, peasant. Jenny: Chad, can you please calm down. For once, I’d like to go somewhere without your judgement. A.J.: Girl why are you even with him how did you two even meet? He’s so damn disrespectful. Jenny: We met on Twin-sta-book, and I have to be honest. Despite having a 4.0 gpa, I somehow wasn’t able to secure a scholarship yet, and graduation is approaching….so you know, I had to do what I had to do. Adam: That’s your problem, you need a real man. Why don’t you don’t you come over and we can talk later on? A.J.: You know what I will, thank babe. Adam: I was talking to Jenny A.J.: No you weren’t, you were talking to me, because I know the hell you not trying to cheat on me. I’m a witch, the only way to get out is blood sacrifice. Adam: Aye, you need to chill, A.J.: No bitch you need to chill, I’m tired of you slingin’ around that damn community tic-tac. I already got on yo ass once about Tiffany. It’s not a coincidence she’s not here. So watch your mouth. Chad: Honestly, I don’t know why I’m even here with you low-lives. Adam: Yo why are you so pressed? Chad: Cause that’s how like my money, you got anything else you wanna say? I WILL shut this establishment down. Adam: Oh no, you don’t wanna come for me homeboy. I got some photos that’ll expose your ass real quick. Chad: Pfft, please. There’s nothing you can do to me, I’m untouchable. Adam: Oh really, so before I do this. Tell me, are you really out there fishing with Kenny when you go out together? Chad: What do you think, peasant? Adam: I think you’re lying. And here’s why… *Kenny Chad Love Photo* A.J.: Daaaaaayyyuuuuummmmm, I mean heard rumors but I didn’t think it was true. Looks like he really is touchable... but only for one person. Jenny: Chad, wtf is this!? What am I looking at, let me have a second get my mind right, cause I know damn well this ain’t what I think it is. Chad: I-I-I don’t know what this is, clearly it’s photoshop. I mean don’t be so gullible, it’s fake news babe, c’mon now. Jenny: No, the only thing fake is you. I endured this for too long, I knew those fishing trips were something else. I mean look at this speedo, when we went to Lukewarm topic you told me it was because you wanted me to see more of you. But I see now it wasn’t for me, it was for someone else. We’re done. Adam: Damn well at least now we can continue with the - - - - *Message from Kensington Entertainment about show being taken off air.*
  21. ● Make more cells for skills for counselors and give them one cell for item like (knife, sprey or firecrackers) in the start; ● Make one or two police officers when you call the cops as a support, like Tommy Jarvis (Like cops from part 6); ● Do so that the ability "Sence" can watch through the objects only in the side where looks Jason (Not a player) like a flashlight in "Alan Wake"; ● Fix bugs with Jasons traps, when i play as a counselor i cant disabling it; ● Make animation when Jason teleporting or start shifting.
  22. I feel like counslers aren't able to earn more xp with skillfull actions like keeping Jason distracted or hitting Jason to let go of a counsler. Meanwhile Jason gets 120 - 150 xp from every kill and bonus xp for no survivors.
  23. First off let me say that this post is more in jest than anything but I just wanted to express my opinion on play style when you return as Tommy Jarvis. I can't even count how many times I've seen a player return as Tommy and immediately head for the exit despite having counselors still struggling to survive somewhere on the map. Tommy is your shot at redemption, your chance to help your team mates survive. Hell, connecting with the shotgun is the same amount of xp as surviving so you should be trying to hunt down Jason almost immediately. Find a pocket knife and some spray and you can help just about everyone who's still in the game get out unscathed. I don't really care if you come back as Tommy and take the selfish path but I will let you know back in the lobby that it's your job to lend a hand. That's why you call him. Better to die a hero than survive a coward.
  24. Top 10 Counselors To Add In The Game @Gertz @[IllFonic]Courier @wes @ShiftySamurai @GunMedia_Ben UPDATE: Switched a couple counselors around. Gave more reasons on why these counselors should be added. Before you read the list I just want you to know these counselors are being added for 3 reasons: 1. Being Popular And Requested Often 2. Being Unique And Looking Unique And Looking Hot ;-) 3. Being Likely To Be Added Okay now that you understand the way I'm doing this, let's get started. Also I won't be including any Hero Characters.This is just a Counselor List. 10. Janessa - The Space Chick At the #10 spot I chose Janessa from Jason X. If were going to be getting Uber Jason and a Jason X Map then we need a Jason X Counselor. I don't think I've seen this character requested much so she fails on popularity but when it comes to uniqueness, she's pretty unique. She has a very snarky personality and well... Is a girl in space. Pretty unlikely to be added though because she's not requested much. Janessa would be the "Space Chick." EDIT: On The Ultimate Character Poll Janessa Is In The Top 5... So Maybe She Is Pretty Popular. Popularity - 1 Uniqueness - 10 Likely To Be Added - 3 Composure: 7 - Is Pretty Snarky Even When Jason Is Around Luck: 3 Repair: 9 - Is A Student In The Movie Speed: 5 Stamina: 2 Stealth: 7 Strength: 2 9. Jimmy - The Dead Fuck At the #9 spot I chose Jimmy from Friday The 13th Part 4 The Final Chapter. C'mon, You know you want this cringey bastard in the game. Everyone loves this guy as much as they love his dance moves. He's pretty popular but he's kinda just another counselor so he's not that unique. I'd say he has a okay chance of making it into the game. Jimmy would be the "Dead Fuck." Popularity - 7 Uniqueness - 2 Likely To Be Added - 5 Composure: 6 Luck: 1 Repair: 5 Speed: 9 - He's Pretty Quick With Them Dance Moves Stamina: 8 - Gotta Have A Bit Of Stamina To Dance Like That Stealth: 4 Strength: 2 8. Ralph - The Crazy Bastard At the #8 spot I chose Crazy Ralph from Friday The 13th Part 1 And 2. How could you not add in Crazy Ralph? This is a fan favorite and is pretty popular. This man is a crazy so... that's unique enough for me. But one problem, It's kinda hard for me imagining this old crazy guy running around repairing cars and teaming up with other counselors to fight Jason so I don't know if he'll be added to the game. This one's obvious but Ralph would be the "Crazy Bastard." Popularity - 7 Uniqueness - 7 Likely To Be Added - 3 Composure: 7 Luck: 3 Repair: 6 Speed: 2 Stamina: 6 - Has A Little Stamina Since He Rides A Bike Stealth: 10 - Sneaks Up On Counselors Quite A Bit... Strength: 1 7. Mark - The Wheel Chair Guy... Yeah, I Can't Think Of Creative Names At the #8 spot I chose Mark from Friday The 13th Part 2. This guy has been leaked multiple times and there is a 99.9% chance he's gonna make it into the game. There's even a leaked "Wheel Chair Kill" so if that doesn't convince you that he's coming to the game then... I don't know. This one's obvious too but Mark would be the "Wheel Chair Guy." Basically Confirmed Composure: 8 Luck: 2 Repair: 6 Speed: 1 - In A Wheel Chair So He Can't Be Fast Stamina: 7 - He Doesn't Lose Much Stamina Since He's In A Wheel Chair Stealth: 4 Strength: 7 6. Garris - The Sheriff At the #6 spot I chose Sheriff Garris from Friday The 13th Part 6 Jason Lives. This one may be a little biased. Sheriff Garris is one of my favorite characters in the franchise. He's funny as hell and a pretty awesome Dad. I know a bunch of people love this guy too so he's pretty popular. He's a Sheriff so he's pretty unique too. But personally, as much as I love this guy and as much as I want him in the game I don't know if we'll ever see him in the game. I'd say it's a 50/50 chance. Garris would be the "Sheriff" Popularity - 7 Uniqueness - 9 Likely To Be Added - 6 Composure: 10 - This Man 1 v 1's Jason To Protect His Daughter... Enough Said Luck: 1 Repair: 7 Speed: 2 Stamina: 2 Stealth: 6 Strength: 7 - He Tackles Jason To The Ground 5. Melissa - The Mean Girl At the #5 spot I chose Melissa from Friday The 13th Part 7 The New Blood. I see this one requested ALL THE TIME! Lucky for you guys that want her because her clothes were leaked so you're getting her... so stop asking for her. Personally I'm not a fan of Melissa but we do need a "Mean Girl" so I understand why people want her. Basically Confirmed Composure: 3 Luck: 8 - Gotta Be Pretty Lucky To Be A Massive B*tch And Survive That Long In The Movie Repair: 1 Speed: 10 Stamina: 4 Stealth: 8 - Basically Disappears For A Good Section Of The Movie Strength: 2 4. Megan - The Trouble Maker At the #4 spot I chose Megan from Friday The 13th Part 6 Jason Lives. Megan is probably my 2nd favorite character in the franchise so this one may be a little biased too. However I do know a lot of other people love her too so she's pretty popular... and hot. At first glance you may think she's not very unique however she is (kinda) Tommy's GF and also does save Tommy. She's also the daughter of Sheriff Garris. So she's pretty unique. However I have no clue if she would be added to the game or not. Megan would be the "Trouble Maker" since she gets in trouble by her Dad a bunch in the movie. Popularity - 7 Uniqueness - 8 Likely To Be Added - 5 Composure: 2 Luck: 5 Repair: 9 - Has A Pretty Nice Car And Seems To Know A Bit About Cars Speed: 6 Stamina: 8 - Able To Swim To Tommy And Bring Him Back To Shore Stealth: 2 Strength: 3 2. Tina - The Enhanced Girl At the #2 spot I chose Tina from Friday The 13th Part 7 A New Blood. Another hottie from the franchise. I know what your're thinking. You want Tina to be a new Hero character like Tommy. I REALLY don't want that. The reason why is Tina is my 3rd favorite character in the franchise and I would want to play as her all the time. I don't want her to be a Hero character because I would constantly be killing myself in the game just to play as her. So just make her a counselor. Plus adding telekinesis in the game would be stupid and OP. Tina as a counselor would be the best option because you can play as her all the time! Anyway... She's insanely popular. She has telekinesis in the movie so she's very unique. And she's requested all the time so she'll probably make it into the game. Tina would be the "Enhanced Girl." Popularity - 7 Uniqueness - 10 Likely To Be Added - 7 Composure: 5 Luck: 9 - Takes Some Luck At The Start To Tap Into Her Abilities Repair: 6 Speed: 1 Stamina: 7 - Runs Through The Forest A Bunch In The Movie Stealth: 5 Strength: 2 2. Alice - The Original Final Girl At the #2 spot I chose Alice from Friday The 13th Part 1 And 2. This one I see brought up all the time alongside Melissa and Trish so her popularity is great. She's the original F13 Final girl so she's pretty unique. She's a fan favorite and requested all the time so she's almost certain to make it into the game. Alice would be the "Original Final Girl." Yes I know, we already have Jenny as the Final Girl. But It doesn't hurt to have more than 1 Final Girl in the game. Especially fan favorites like Alice. Popularity - 10 Uniqueness - 7 Likely To Be Added - 9 Composure: 4 Luck: 2 - Not Very Lucky To Have Jason Find Out Where You Live Repair: 6 Speed: 3 Stamina: 4 Stealth: 9 Strength: 7 - Has Enough Strength To Cut Off Pamela's Head 1. Trish - The Sibling At the #1 spot I chose Trish from Friday The 13th Part 4 The Final Chapter. Trish is a huge fan favorite! She is one of the most badass characters in all of Friday The 13th and is really damn hot. Watching her defend Tommy from Jason in the last 10 minutes of the film is so awesome. You can tell Tommy and Trish really care about each other which makes her one of the more developed characters too. She's incredibly popular and is requested all the time. She's also Tommy's sister and she beat the hell out of Jason, so she's very unique. I think this is a must have in the game! Trish would be the"The Sibling." You gotta make Trish a counselor in the game Devs! Popularity - 10 Uniqueness - 9 Likely To Be Added - 9 Composure: 6 Luck: 1 Repair: 3 - Has To Have Rob Repair Her Car Speed: 4 Stamina: 7 - Fights Jason For Over 10 Minutes Stealth: 7 Strength: 7 - Puts Up A Good Fight Against Jason Top 3 Counselors I Want To See In The Game: 3. Tina 2. Megan 1. Trish Thanks for reading this. And please, fill free to comment your thoughts and suggestion. I would love to hear your guy's feedback on this. - Deku Scrub
  25. Things are beginning to reveal itself since the new UPDATE I NO LONGER AM HAVING ANY ISSUES WITH THE GAME. I AM GIVING THE UPDATE A CHANCE AND NOW GETTING USE TO IT. THIS TOPIC IS GETTING OLDER BY THE HOUR. ALSO IN MY EYE'S THIS TOPIC IS FINISHED. FOR THOSE THAT WANTS TO JUST CLICK ON TO THIS THREAD AND DISRESPECT PEOPLE OPINIONS AND JUST WANT TO ARGUE, GO KICK ROCKS! WELL... I THINK I'M DONE HERE, ENJOY FRIDAY THE 13TH AND THE NEW MAP AND KILLS EVERYONE! This is my 3rd day playing Friday the 13th on it's new update. I taking notice how more people are even RAGE QUITTING or SUICIDE. I also took huge notice that most of my friends aren't playing Friday the 13th now and starting to go back to GTA 5, Monster Hunters, [Dissidia Final Fantasy] (NEW GAME) and other games that they played before they played Friday the 13th. It's very sad that they are leaving Friday now. It hurts me the most because now when I look at it, Friday was the game that brought us all together. Friday the 13th was the game that pulled me out of GTA 5 because it was SO addicting. Now it's just me and a very few friends are playing now. I have so many friends for what now? How and where did I make so many friends from? Friday the 13th. But now, that's basically finished... Not everyone have the same games to play with each other on. In the first thread that I made, I post/commented that I was going to just give the update a chance, but what's happening now is BULL. I also stopped making comments on the first thread to read most of everyone's comments before the Staff locked it do to arguing and rudeness. Also coming to find out the staff had to locked it twice because of the same issue. WHERE'S THE RESPECT for other people opinions? Also telling others to get use to the UPDATE or get the F off the game and play another game like OverWatch or so... That is very disrespectful and wrong. Also now your wish is becoming true. Players that loves to play as Counselors are beginning to leave and stop playing Friday the 13th. How do I know? Because most of my friends are leaving, which really makes it a good example. This is becoming a mess and a problem. Right now the game is favoring Jason, which there are those that's not liking it. [Which you guys are calling NEWBIES that just signed up to state that they are not liking the update] In my own opinion, the game is suppose to be fun by playing as Jason and Counselors. It's suppose to go both ways. Now it's one sided and you all know it. We are about to have ONLY Jason players around and sadly for Jason players not everyone can be Jason at the same time. This is WAY OUTTA CONTROL! Can we all come to an understanding that this game isn't balanced at all between Counselors & Jason? Can we all just respect each other and work together to have this game be FUN by playing as Jason & Counselors...? I'm hurting right now because I don't want us to fight and I don't want to lose all my friends because of a stupid UPDATE. This is ridiculous! Please just be honest with each other. You guys don't like this game favoring Counselors and also don't like this game favoring Jason. Can we all get together and make this game fun for everyone then?
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