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Found 8 results

  1. I've thought of another poll. Who do you think the best sweater girl is?
  2. Playing several games on f13th on PS4, playing as part 8 Jason, I saw a Vanessa player exploiting the sliding glitch on Jarvis House map. How do you feel about players doing that trash and how would you counteract that act as Jason?
  3. Amongst the entire cast of counselors, I consider Adam to be a high tier. A cut above a lot of the other counselors for not only his decent speed (5 out of 10), but his above average repair (6 out of 10) that can get most objectives done easily. His high composure (7 out of 10) means he wont burn through Stamina as easily like Chad or make him as noisy as Vanessa. His high strength (8 out of 10) means it will be very easy for him to knock Jason's mask off should he be involved in a team trying to kill Jason. Adam however does have his own set of flaws: he isn't a female counselor so getting the sweater to set up a kill on Jason is not an option. His composure , while high, is not enough to make a No-Fear build like Jenny can. Adam also suffers from having one of the worst luck stat in the game (though not as bad as AJ) meaning his weapons will break far too easily. Not to mention his Boat/Car startup time will take a lot longer because of his terrible luck. Adam's stealth is also terrible being at 3. However, it is slightly compensated thanks to his high composure. What makes Adam shine above a lot of the other counselors is that his repair and Speed are higher than most other counselors. Most counselors in the game have less than 5 in speed ( i.e Mitch, Jenny, AJ, Deborah, Fox, Lachappa, Sheldon, and Victoria). And a good portion of the cast have less than 6 in repair ( i.e Sheldon, Victoria, Vanessa, Tiffany, Kenny, Jenny, Chad, and Brandon). As a whole I think Adam is an amazing counselor but his midway Speed stat is what holds him back from being a top tier.
  4. Hello! I saw in a reddit forum, that devs can look up the number of kills/matches we've completed, if we provide our PSN by messaging through the game website, so here goes: My PSN is NotZach02 and my brothers is maxcap31. Kill #'s and Jason/Counselor Match #'s would be greatly appreciated for the both of us. Been grinding for weeks, man. I'm not sure if bot kills are counting towards the 666/1313 kills trophies either. Every day I tell myself "I'm close! I can feel it!" then nothing. Thx in advance!
  5. I know the patch has left a number of people bitter. I also know there are players still surviving as various counselors. I think sharing some success stories may give hope to those who are struggling a bit with surviving.
  6. WHEN GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO ESCAPE IN THE CAR... Do you look for others before leaving? Will you run over people who block you from leaving? Will you "bolt" as soon as Jason is near? leaving others about to enter the car Will you stop at the exit and wait for others to jump in if you're alone ? Do you always bring car parts, the moment they're found, to the car as fast as you can? Do you protect people installing car parts? Do you push people out of the way to enter the car? Do you feel entitle to the car if you've installed the parts? Do you always work on the 4 seater first? Do you run away if Jason stops the car OR help fight/distract him?
  7. Hey guys, so if you couldn’t tell I’m pretty new on this forum, but I’ve been doing some lurking recently and have decided to make an official post. Although I am aware that Gun/Illfonic have announced no more new content, I still love this game and want to share my ideas with you all. (Even if they’ll never have a chance to be implemented into the game). I know there have been a few topics about counselor suggestions and I love seeing people create new counselors and seeing what they chose for stats, outfits, how they look, etc. So, without any more rambling, I wanted to show you guys a few counselors I had whipped up long ago but never posted. - Carly Jefferson Composure: 6/10 Luck: 5/10 Repair: 3/10 Speed: 4/10 Stamina: 6/10 Stealth: 9/10 Strength: 2/10 Carly Jefferson is a redhead who has more to her than most perceive. She has always been humble, and has never had many true friends but knows how to socialize/get along with others just fine. Similar looking to Karen Gillan, and wears a simple outfit consisting of a short sleeved v-neck shirt, ripped jeans, and sneakers with wavy red hair just past her shoulders and green eyes. Although she may be a little OP, I think she’d be a pretty unique counselor in comparison to the others. There really isn’t another counselor too much like her. Which moves me onto my second counselor... Jonathon “Jonny” Hill Composure: 8/10 Luck: 7/10 Repair: 4/10 Speed: 4/10 Stamina: 5/10 Stealth: 2/10 Strength: 5/10 Jonathon Hill, otherwise known as “Jonny,” is essentially your boy next door. He is handsome, approachable, and isn’t your typical a—hole just looking for a quick piece of booty. I guess you could call him the male version of Jenny, only an o instead of an e. Jonathon looks similar to Brandon Larracuente, and wears a long sleeve polo shirt, jeans, and sneakers. Black, styled hair that helps define his face with blue eyes. And my final counselor... Samantha Miller Composure: 2/10 Luck: 10/10 Repair: 1/10 Speed: 9/10 Stamina: 6/10 Stealth: 5/10 Strength: 2/10 It’s safe to say that Samantha Miller is a weird hybrid between Chad, Victoria, and Tiffany. She loves to flirt, and doesn’t mind showing a little skin. Samantha gets what she wants, when she wants, and loves to flaunt her wealth. Samantha doesn’t have to go after boys, because they all go after her. Samantha resembles Bree from the 2009 Friday the 13th, wearing a camisole with jean shorts (similar to Tiffany’s shorts) and wedges. Long wavy blonde hair with blue eyes. Samantha is essentially the only counselor from this list that is somewhat based off of a character from the F13 films. At least appearance wise. Anyways, I hope you guys like these counselor ideas. Personally Carly is my favorite due to her being the most unique, but what do you guys think? Also I’d love to see what you guys came up with for counselor ideas, so post them if you have them!! Another note, sorry if I’m doing something wrong or I’m not allowed to post similar topics to others, like said I’m new so I’m hoping if I did something wrong you guys will take it easy on me lol
  8. I've saw matches when after killing almost all the counselors, Jason (Parts 2 and 4) had to pursue a single Vanessa who kept outrunning and hitting him all the time, even before Jason could end his grab animation. And since she kept hitting him, her stamina never depleted. This lasted the entire match! Entire! Match! Certain users here would say to use a +Shift Jason to catch her, but this is also an useless strategy if the Vanessa user knows how to juke and avoid Shift-grabs. So, I propose a change: No counselor should ever be capable of regaining stamina after hitting Jason. A least, not half of the stamina bar. At first, I was reluctant in proposing this because counselors should be rewarded for trying to fight back a supernatural monster like Jason Voorhees. But this? This is getting abused to the point Jason cannot catch a single person at all! And I like the idea of: The longer you are at Jason's presence, the less chances you have of surviving him. So, what you guys think about this?
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