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Found 9 results

  1. Why is it that when a counsellor is in mid-animation they are completely invulnerable to any attacks, but when Jason is in mid-animation he is complete open to any and all attacks? Where's the logic in this?
  2. I have a new counsellor idea, I'm just doing this for fun and not actually expecting it to get added so don't judge me for it. The counsellor would be loosely based off the character of Gibb Smith from 'Freddy vs Jason', I know this means she's technically from Nightmare on Elm Street and not F13 but she's still in the same universe as Jason, so it could work. In the film we don't really see much of Gibb's character as she is killed by Jason pretty early on, but judging by the little we do see I made some stats for her, they obviously aren't entirely accurate as I tried to create a balanced yet unique counsellor. In a sense she would be quite similar to Bugzy, but slightly less athletic, with the only major difference being that she has a higher stealth and lower strength. Composure: 4 Luck: 2 Repair: 1 Speed: 7 Stamina: 8 Stealth: 7 Strength: 6 From these stats you can see she would be pretty useless for repairing items but would be useful for distracting Jason with her high running stats and also fighting him with her high strength. However, she would also be a pretty decent counsellor for surviving solo, her high stealth and running stats mean she can evade Jason if she needs to and her strength means she can decently fight him if she has to. The only real disadvantage for this tactic is her luck, meaning she would constantly have to be switching weapons as they break, also her relatively low composure could make it harder to fight Jason for longer periods of time, so I think it would be safer for her to only fight Jason if she had to as her luck and composure could cause issues in the long term. With regards to her appearance she would very closely resemble Gibb Smith; brown, braided hair and a baseball cap. She would then be wearing a tee shirt with varying unlock-able patterns and styles and either a belted pair of denim jeans or shorts. I think that the shorts would be better as if she had jeans she could end up looking too much like Jenny Myers. She could wear short shorts but not as short as Tiffany's booty shorts. She would then wear a pair of hiking boots similar to Kenny's ones. There could also be brown leather bracelet on one of her wrists to add to the 'rustic tough girl' look. I couldn't really find any good quality pictures of her so here's the best one I could find.
  3. Hey guys, sorry if there is a thread already about this but who do you guys think is the next new upcoming counsellor after Victoria? For a female I would personally like to see Trish Jarvis (Tommy’s older sister) but since it was announced two days ago that another female counsellor ( Victoria Sterling ) is coming to the game, I think it will most likely be a male counsellor. for a male I know that a lot of people want Mark ( the counsellor in the wheelchair ), I would love to see mark but I can only see him being in the Single Player challenges unless they form something great that will make him work in multiplayer. What do you guys think?
  4. Just thought I'd see if anyone has any idea when we'll be getting the second of the new counsellors that were announced (Shelly being the first). Surely it seems we're going to be getting a female counsellor to keep things balanced, but I'm not sure who it'll be. Seems very likely it'll be a blonde mean girl type as that seems most requested + the only major obvious trope missing currently (apart from maybe a hippy/arty female) Also, it'd be cool to know which is coming first- Jason X or paranoia with what I assume would be a part 5 based map? I've seen a lot more people talking about hospital/urban based maps which is cool to see the hype and hopefully it will lead to it happening! So does anyone know anything?
  5. I have idea again ahà My idea is if payer have a level I dont know hum 100 Hé can create caractèr counsellor And can put skill point in Repair or Speed or luck ... So you Will say me some payer Will put all skill in max but no cauz when he create their character he have number to skill point ton put So he can t put all skin in maximum Create that can : Have diversity in the physical caractèr Make level very intéressing Have skill that payer want for be better in the game Ps : sorry for my english is bad I M french
  6. For me it would either have to be Tiffany Cox, or Kenny Riedell.. Kenny is obviously the best looking male character and he seems like he would have a friendly personality, kind of similar to Jenny's.
  7. Hello all! I have started an online petition for the goal of having the DLC (Savini Jason & Counsellor Pack) brought back out of early retirement. I've never been a huge fan of limiting/exclusive DLC for video games; DLC should be accessible for everyone at all times in my opinion. Hopefully, you're someone who believes so too. Please sign the petition if you're open to the idea of not limiting DLC for this great game! Again, this forum thread and petition is intended only for players who want DLC to not be limited. I'm aware there are others out there who are perfectly fine with it being exclusive. Petition can be found at the following: https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/f13-game-dlc Thanks for your support!
  8. I know theres a topic like this for Jason, But not for counselors so I decided to make this topic! Feel free to post below how you'll play! I think I personally will try to be sneaky and sneak past Jason to get car parts ect. And I won't be the one jerk that drives off without his friends (unless I see jason ????)
  9. Any chance of having a Jason skin based off the 2009 remake? Or some skins for the counsellors/a new counsellor type based of the 2009 remake, or even a map based around the 2009 film? I was thinking the 2009 Jasons unique weapon could be the bow and arrow as they established he was a master archer at one point in the film! Though he could easily also use either a machette or an axe as he also used those in the film!
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