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Found 4 results

  1. Since the new spring break update, the controls for when playing as a counselor feels wierd. Like for example when i start jogging sometimes the movement of the animation would feel more delayed or would stop mid jog. This is for the ps4. Has anyone else had this or just me?
  2. When playing on the PlayStation Vita via Remote Play (which is otherwise awesome by the way), L2 (AIM) and R2 (ATTACK) are mapped to the top left and right corners of the front touch screen, making it virtually impossible to aim and shoot/attack (as you have to lift your right thumb from the analog stick to trigger the attack). Also driving a vehicle is nearly impossible for the same reason (can't steer and accelerate/reverse at the same time). I think this happens when a developer doesn't include any specific button mapping for Remote Play and the system applies a default one. Please consider adding a working button mapping scheme for Remote Play in a future update (mapping L2 and R2 to the back touchpad would already help). Thanks for reading! ceno
  3. Maybe someone can shed some light on this: When I have a few smaller items (First Aid, Car Keys, etc.) and I pick up a bear trap, when I go to place the bear trap, it drops all of my smaller items first. I'm using "down" on the arrow to place the bear trap. I'd like to just able able to place the bear trap and arm it, without wasting time dropping and picking up other items. Anyone else have any issues with this? Thanks! P.S. I know it's impossible to pick up a trap without dropping a currently held weapon.
  4. I only got to be a Jason a select few times and I have no idea how to play him. I understand his special moves pushing R1+a button, etc. But how do you grab someone, perform a special move or use the second item next to the throwing knife? etc? Poor documentation or I'm looking in the wrong spot?
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