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Found 22 results

  1. For anyone who hasn't seen this, here is Larry breaking down the oral arguments portion of the lawsuit that took place on thursday. Side note is that he clearly says that even after the lawsuit comes to an end, there WILL NOT be any content coming to the game, none at any point. Hopefully for those who for whatever reason keep holding out foolish hope understand that the game will remain as it is from here on out.
  2. We all know that no new content is happening. This is a very touchy topic for some, but one that's worth discussing nonetheless. Have at it everyone.
  3. We all know if chads black Speedo seen in multiple artworks for the game, but also I’ve seen Tiffany’s scaley pink and yellow bikini, the picture of her taken In sandbox mode, also Aj’s cassette shirt that was seen in an Artbully render. Here’s links: (Chads Black Speedo): Tiffanys Scales Bikini: (I will put as a file) Aj’s Casette Tee: Do you think we can ever have these unlocked? Or have them ever in? I can see with Aj’a there could be a possible predicament, but with Tiffany and chads swimsuits I’ve seen them in the deva official videos before.... so that all leads to, can these be unlocked? I’ve always hated chads red Speedo lol, and if Aj could get a new top like that I’d undoubtedly wear it all the time rather than what I’ve had her wearing for the past 5 months lol.
  4. I feel it would be a fun idea to interact with the community and the Devs to share our ideas and personal thoughts on what we would like to see for the game, this doesn't mean were asking for all of these, but as a way to keep our imaginations in mind as we wait for more Fixes and ideas! Please share your thoughts below for what could be some cool additions to the game! ❤️
  5. After reading this article: Horror Inc Updates on Friday the 13th the Game It seems new content can be made if Victor Miller DOES settle with Sean Cunningham but it seems Victor Miller is having a grudge against Sean by Horror Inc words meaning at this point it's possible and lets be real likely if the settlement is reached from both parties we could be seeing Content coming back!
  6. Please modify the offline mode so you can be any Jason, besides the special ones that people paid for, with any unlockables. Especially since the new news came out saying content is stoping. Its sad to say but this will be the start of the player population decline. Without new content people will be moving on and not coming back as often. I want to be able to come back to this game and destroy with any Jason I want. The bots may not be that challenging but I love that they are there. This game will always be able to be played and I don’t want to lose my account one day and only be able to be part 3 Jason forever. Please please devs this is a simple change and makes sense. The online will be the same and you unlock them but there’s no reason people shouldn’t be able to have fun offline and expirement.
  7. So with the inclusion of a new unreal engine update and the team needing to test everything again from original content, to stuff in development. It seems that's pushing back any other new content (Jason X and Grendel more than likely) till atleast after April now the outlets are saying. Suppose on the plus side it's supposedly making dedicated servers for consoles a reality.
  8. Curious to see when everyone thinks the next patch will drop and when they will tell us about it. I think that either on Jan 30th or 31st we will have a post update telling us there will not be an update this month and maybe some vague information about stuff but that is about it. i honestly think the next patch won't arrive until mid to late Feb. I think the sp challenges demo might show up with the next patch but most likely will get delayed, and we won't hear anything about dedicated servers either. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the next update was solely a balance/bug fix patch and no new content will be included with it. I think we will see new content either in march or latest April. What do you all think?
  9. So in the movies after The Final Friday the lore splits into three possible timelines. The game's suggested timeline where Jason becomes a demonic wraith ala Savini instead of Freddy reviving him. The VS timeline where Freddy resurrects him. The X timeline where Jason goes into space. We can only hope the devs continue to play out the Savini timeline for more possible content. The VS timeline is very likely to never happen because of rights issues. The X timeline where the game is heading next. So we aren't getting non mecha Jason for some reason unless possibly as an alt skin for the iteration they are going with. This made me ponder his pre mecha appearance deeply as he doesn't seem to be undead at all. That being said he still heavily resembles a Jason that has been through the movie timeline with all the visible damage such as the axe strike wound, a scar across his temple to his eye from the a machete, his left shoulder clothing seems to be heavily damaged implying multiple machete strikes, his multiple gunshot wounds, his chemically scarred face, his neck chain and mask jaw damage. So that makes me wonder if X timeline models could be created for all previous versions of Jason/counselors or make maps slightly different and call them X timeline maps.
  10. I’ve only been playing for a week now, and i must say, best horror movie video game ever. However, are there specific dates, as of when the new content be released? Specifically the Paranoia mode, and the VC2? I saw the content map, but was wondering if the content had specific release dates, versus a broad window for release.
  11. In this post I will go over everything I want in this game ranging from maps, minor fixes, new Jasons, and game modes. So, without further ado, let's get started. Keep in mind that all of these new maps and Jasons will be canon, so they are from the movies. New Maps: - Tommy Jarvis's House/Part 4 Map (from part 4. Map is likely to be in game as model of houses are made already.) - Jason's Underground Lair (from the 2009 remake) - SS Lazarus (from Jason Takes Manhattan) - The Grendel (from Jason X) - Green Forest Run town (from Part 9 Jason Goes to Hell) New Jasons: - Jason X - Jason (2009 remake) - Bloody Jason Skin So these are all of the new maps and Jasons that I want to see in the game. The "Bloody Jason Skin, and Part 4 map are pretty much already confirmed. I thought about including a Pamela Voorhees mode and campaign, but I am not too sure about the Pamela mode. For the best Pamela Mode overview just watch this... Thanks for reading, and also do not forget to vote for what you want in the poll.
  12. Howdy Folks, im currently starting out a youtube channel and im feeling around what games are amazing. And oh boy. Friday certainly is! I've just made a new video on my channel, if you guys could check it out, a positive rating is appreciated. - Have a good day!
  13. Disclaimer: I am excited about the new emotes, and smaller speed maps. I am excited and proud that the devs have and continue to add more content. I cannot wait for single player. I have 200+ Hrs in this game, am level 101, and have been passionate about it since I learned about it. That being said, dear developers, please, please, please, focus on fixing any/all bugs glitches and exploits before adding any new content. While the new content is appreciated, it's like adding new rooms to a house with a leaky roof. We have to prioritize. While there are more bugs than this, these are the ones I see the most: 1. Counselors making Jasons Traps useless by body blocking them. This is an exploit that needs fixing. 2. Perks that do not work when equipped. 3. Having the option of looting a map from a drawer even if you have one equipped as a perk. There are more, but fundamentally, I think the bugs need to be ironed out before further content is added.
  14. Was giving it some thought, in regards to new content and DLCs. We haven't heard a whole lot from the Devs, but I was wondering what the community would like to see in terms of an amicable release schedule for 2017? We all know there have been issues, and DLC SNAFUs, not to mention a release announced for single player sometime in Summer (fingers crossed). In a perfect world what would you guys find to be a fun set of things to look forward to, which would help keep interest and hype for the game? Here are my thoughts. Scatter in patches and fixes as needed. August: 1 New Map + Single Player mode (Free DLC) September: 3 New counselors to bring the total up to 13. Hopefully these would include Fox and maybe Shelley if the actor is willing to allow his likeness to be used. (Paid DLC = 3.99US?) October: 2 New Maps (Free DLC) + 1 New Jason (Paid DLC = 2.99US/Free for Backers who had to suffer the Savini fiasco) + 1 reskin pack for each counselor (Paid DLC = 2.99US) November: 1 New Map (Free DLC), Upgrade to allow bots to back fill multiplayer games (Free DLC), New Kills Pack (Paid DLC 2.99US) December: 1 New Jason (Paid DLC = 2.99US), New game mode? Christmas themed Jason skin and counselor clothes (Paid DLC 2.99US) **Price points are just numbers thrown out to illustrate paid vs. free. GUN/Illfonic would have to put a market value for content on them to meet their business needs/expenses.
  15. I am stoked for this first off, super stoked, that aside here are just a few of the many things I hope we get in this game. --- Jason is a stalker, I hope we get lots of windows, Jason can watch through windows, but as anyone who has see the Fridays can attest, Jason needs the ability to break the glass and snag a councelor from within a cabin... Don't go to close to those windows!! --- Mrs Voorhies??? --- I hope Jason Controls something like left for dead zombies, where he can basically teleport as an invisible ghost with the ability to appear just out of site of the players. This gives hime the ability to appear in a room that was just checked by a group, or around the next tree on a dark lonely path through the woods, as so often happens in the films. --- Friday the 13th part two costume, easily the scariest Version of Voorhies, let me put a bag on my head with a single hole in it and kill some kids!! What are you all hoping for?
  16. It sucks you can't buy anything in game with money like a jason skin, I want to support the developers and get something out of it too but so far there is no in game store for anything. Perks should still be xp bought only but i think you should be able to buy things that don't give you an advantage over other players in-game. This game is going to run out of money support fast unless it releases some more content for purchase. They aren't going to keep adding to the game unless there is more funding, and there needs to be a way to fund the developers.
  17. Weather effects would be cool. 1. Rain - reduces counselor speed while sprinting by 10%, jogging by 5%, increases stumble chance by 15%. Reduces Jason's speed by 10%. Reduces visibility on all characters by 10%. Also lowers Jason's sense ability but increases his stalk ability. Could also have flooding by the lakes which could have separate effects. There could be light rain and then heavy rain, each with their own effects, heavier rain having greater effects, obviously. Produces rain sound. 2. Fog/mist - Reduces all visibility by 25% on land, 50% on/around lakes. 3. Wind - produces sounds of trees moving/snapping randomly/gust sounds, slows all characters by 5%. 4. Snow/Snowing - Snow would reduce all speed by 15% and significantly increase stamina used to run/walk/sprint, also adds hypothermia effect which would occur when outside, the greater the effect on you the slower you are/more stamina you lose, you can also freeze to death. Being indoors would halt the effects of hypothermia but would not remove it, a fire would be needed to reduce hypothermia effects. Maybe fires could be made outdoors (fires indoors already exist) with a stick and a new item (Flint/steel). Jason could also freeze to death, but at a much slower rate than counselors. Reduces all stealth. Also leaves footprints in the ground that would disappear after 30 seconds or so, jason's footprints would be much larger and easily identified. 4a. Snowing - would be snow but also reduces all visibility. increases all stealth. 5. A small chance for dayligth (Maybe a counselor perk - 3% chance max or something) , which reduces all stealth/jason's stalk ability and reduces stumble effect, but also makes police lights not visible and make flares not light up anything, also all lights would be disabled thus generators are useless except for calling cops etc, and reduced fear levels. Some compensation would be needed to balance jason in this situation since he'd be at a disadvantage kinda.
  18. So i have played this alot the last weeks and have discussed with some friends about content that we want for this game so i will make a list of what we have talked about. 1. Some coffee thermos or an energy drink or something that you could drink to regain some stamina like the health spray works to heal youself. 2. A joint or something that you could smoke to make the fear go away or maybe some pills or something. 3. More melee weapons like hatchet, golf club, kitchen knife and shovel. 4. A harpoon gun that should work like the shotgun. 5. More counselors like Cort from part 6 and the stoners from part 3. We really need a stoner character! 6. If there will be a new map i want an RV like the one Cort is driving in part 6 instead of two cars or one car and a boat and i want the RV to work as a small cabin so everyone can get inside instead of seats but it should be harder to start the RV like for example you should need 1 battery, 1 gas, 2 tires and a key. If Jason stops the RV he can just break the door and go inside it and start slashing! Or a school bus with more seats. 7. There is alot of people whining over that they can't get Savini Jason and won't accept that it's an exclusive skin for the backers. I did not back the project and i like that it's exclusive for the backers because they earned it. My suggestion to at least try to stop people from whining so much would be to make a 2009 reboot Jason for everyone and he should have a regular pitchfork as a weapon so you can use the same motion capture, executions and abilities as the Savini Jason. 8. When the Police arrives one dead or escaped player should return as Sheriff Michael Garris from part 6 with a shotgun aswell but he shouldn't be able to escape to the police unless everyone else has escaped before him or died.
  19. 1. A "perk" system would be nice to allow customization of characters. 1a. Basically you should be able to customize your Jason or counselors with these "perks", they should not come pre-determined. Being able to select different jasons and only customize the "grab kills" is a little lame. 2. I don't think counselors should be able to see allies on the minimap from any significant distance away, it should only work if you're within relatively close proximity (exact distance TBD, but certainly not across the entire map, also stealthy counselors should be harder to see (on minimap) by allies as well as jason. 2a. To balance this change, jason should be made weaker, the "Shift" ability is pretty broken as is and jason is questionably overpowered, basically if you are out in the open on the map you're dead if the jason is competent. Not exactly sure how to rebalance jason but it shouldnt be too hard. 3. More items/weapons always adds to the fun 3a. Add more items outside so it's actually worth looking somewhere except in buildings, basically the entire game revolves around buildings, which make up maybe 10-15% of the entire map. Counselors have the advantage when in buildings, which is also where all the items are, this should not be the case, if you're in an area where you have an advantage, the best items shouldn't be in there too. Just my thoughts.
  20. Here are some things I would love to see added in the game: - Pamela Vorhees as a Jason replacement option with her Schizo responses from the first movie - Jason-movie specific deaths. like Jason Goes to Hell death where we send him to Hell like the movie - jason x/uber Jason, Jason from F13 remake - More maps, and weather effects, change of time of day - Tom Sivini / Tina / Vorhees family members as skins for counselor - Random boat-in-water sequences where either young Jason or zombie Mrs Vorhees randomly jump out of the water when someone in a boat and attack them like the movies What would you like to see added? Post your thoughts here
  21. Does anyone know what the additional content for this game will look like? I believe I saw an article or even a post in the forums about a future update including a single player mode?? Also what other kind of game modes do you think could be thrown into the mix if any. The game itself I hadn't looked into that much before I purchased it, so my knowledge of it is lacking but with that being said I've got no complaints, I'm still finding out things with each new match I play so i can't even say it lacks in gameplay or content but I feel like its set up very clearly to be really straight forward as to what you will be doing in the game. So I'm curious if anyone on here had any thoughts parallel to this.
  22. Today i tried to update f13 but i always get the message "content file locked" when it finishes. Any ideas how to fix this?
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