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Found 1 result

  1. As an avid Friday fan, I am beginning to lose hope. I have played F13 for about two months now, and at first - saw a game thats everything Ive always wanted. Seriously, its an amazing concept, and almost all of it was incredibly well put together. Yes, there are some minor bugs and things occasionally float, but its safe to say that has happened in every game and does not ruin a game, at least not for me. I can deal with small things like that. What I can't deal with though, is why there is currently no Host transfer protocol if the host leaves. And why there is no report function in game. I dont know what it is about this game, but you dont have to read far in the forums to hear similar complaints to mine - this game has attracted some of the worst the gaming community has to offer. Trolls. And Im not just talking about the backstabbing idiots that follow you around opening doors that you lock, or the counselors that work with Jason to kill everyone else, or getting run over by a team mate. (Which should have a FAR greater negative repercussion than it does. There is literally no reason for them NOT to, 200- exp? seriously? they make that up in the same game) No, Im talking about trolls that are even worse than that. Ill use todays experience as example. Early afternoon, log on, excited for a free night of gaming. Game #1 Get spawned as jason, kill 3 counselors - one of which was host. Host leaves, game destroyed. Game #2 Host leaves before game even loads in. Game #3 Okay, lets try that again. Things are going well - get spawned next to keys, gas & the car. Its a miracle! Now all we need is the battery. After searching a few minutes, I spot the battery on my map. As I'm running to it, a team member picks it up first. Does he run to the car? Nah, he runs the opposite direction to the corner of the map and logs off, destroying the battery. Okay, well - I guess I'm not getting away in the car. Time to call the cops. Get cops on their way and 10 seconds til they arrive, guess what happens. The host leaves! Game #4 This time, I get disconnected with a generic message. Who knows if the host left, or if it was just another random server issue. Game 5# Spawn in, have bad luck finding anything of much use, decide to run to jasons cabin and make a break for the sweater. Get there & discover he is afk. People slowly leave the match out of boredom, I run the clock down and finally finish a single match. An hour. It took me an hour to complete ONE MATCH. Now I get that bad luck happens some days, but this is bordering on absurd. After the last game, I was so frustrated and disheartened at finding a legitimate match I quit for the night and am now on something different. It boggles my mind to think that so many things were done perfectly in this game; yet there is no report player feature, there is no host transfer protocol. Until you fix these issues, your game is destined for dust.
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