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Found 4 results

  1. I just wanted to give a short introduction of myself and let others know where to find me. My name is Zomb Slays or better known as just Z. I’m a Music Producer and Digital Manager for several brands and artists in the underground music community. I’ve been a Friday The 13th fan since I was a teenager and it was always a dream of mine to have a game like Friday The 13th at the time. Fast forward to the launch of this game and I wasn’t gaming at all heavy, if I was it was other games like COD Zombies. I picked this game up for the first time on December 13th of this year (2019) because my friend who game shared with me had it downloaded. Initially I just played it for laughs but I noticed more and more things I enjoyed as a Friday The 13th fan and a competitive player coming from COD and Halo. Christmas Day I bought my own copy and it’s safe to say I’m taking the grind to rank 150. I currently play on Xbox One but I want to get a switch version at some point. My gamer tag on Xbox One is Zomb x Slays and if you want to run any games just send a friend request with a message that you found me from the forums. I was also thinking about playing competitively in private matches? Depending on if there are enough serious players/fans that could be something we set up in the future. Thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope to see you around<3
  2. I almost have a full roster to start entering leagues with. I've looked at a few leagues for XBOX and like a the look of a couple, any suggestions for leagues to look at? Peace
  3. Well it be awesome if they add Competitive Mode for Friday the 13th: The Game. In Competitive Mode. There are 8 Rounds. All 8 Players has to take turns to be Jason in each round. The goal is to get EXP as possible. Whoever has the highest EXP is the winner. As Camp Counselors. To get EXP. You have to survive without being killed by Jason. You can also get more EXP by calling Tommy Jarvis, Fixing a Car or Boat, Call Police, Escape from the map, etc. As Jason. To get EXP. You have to kill all Camp Counselors. You can also get more EXP by destroy Power Generator, Trap Camp Counselors, Break the car or stop the boat before escape, Destroy Phone Box before calling Police, etc. Getting EXP in Competitive Mode will be the same as Quick Play and Private Match. I also like to see Elo System in Competitive Mode. I hope Gun Media will this mode in the future. I like Friday the 13th: The Game and I also like to see more people playing.
  4. Way too much jason allying with counselors so they tell him where everyone is hiding. Until there is a real solution for the griefers telling jason where everyone is (Which will never be fixed), there should be no spectating. Add a mini game for people who want to stay and get their completion bonus, whack-a-mole, bowling using severed heads, anything, OR Just remove the completion bonus and buff the EXP given by other things (which is how it should be anyway, seriously, 500 exp just for sitting there and you only get 50 exp for calling the cops and its 500 EXP for killing jason which is near impossible, and only 200 FOR SURVIVING?!). Make the game competitive, not everyone wins just by afking after they die for free exp. You died? if you died early, you can wait to come back as Tommy, or you can leave. If nobody is there to become tommy, then whoever dies last instantly becomes tommy. im sure something could be worked out.
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