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Found 8 results

  1. I propose to add the possibility to choose to play with only English ,French , Espanol , Deutch , etc just because the people don't speak english (like me , you see my fault in english) can't have discution or tips in the game .. and it's more funny when Jason want to kill you beacause you insult his mom and all the person in the game understand obviously , if you don't have all the session complete , other "language" can come It's just for the communication
  2. The past few months have been stream-less .Get @ShiftySamurai or @wes to start streaming again if Randy doesn't want to stream no more.
  3. .........please listen to me now. You have hired a new community manager. It would be a wonderful thing if you gave him some information on your plans to release the next patch. The natives are growing restless and wouldn't mind some interaction on some level. Comment if you agree.
  4. After spending time playing Friday the 13th on PS4, I've come to realize that this is a one player objective game. Most players do not have or use microphones to communicate. Everyone is working toward random objectives, which leads to no team work and end result death by Jason. I've survived only a few times and all of which could of been prevented with communication from other team members. There are a few ways I believe that this "one player" game can be helped: Have on screen notifications when players find items with the players name and item found and a quick chat system for those who do not use microphones Show dead bodies on the map so players don't spend 20 minutes searching cabins for the battery that is next to the dead body beside the car On the map and mini map show player names to the other counselors If this can't be achieved then at least create more 1 player geared objectives that require 2 steps or less for escape. You can't work as a team in this game if there is no way to communicate therefore there needs to be objectives for one player to make it out on their own, or for 2 people that doesn't require finding 3 items. Finding a map should give you a general area of where items are located to complete objectives Fear should not be as high when running around alone if using flashlight Other things that I feel would make for a better game: Cars easily get stuck on roadside rocks, this should be addressed It's nearly impossible to get out of Jason's grab The spectating view should show a mini map and highlight the player your watching and the option to see objectives. It would be more enjoyable to watch other players after my death if I knew what they were actually working towards! Bear traps should be slightly more visible Locking doors and jumping through windows often requires double interaction and is too slow. This leads to people not taking the time to lock doors. House that have been fully searched and all items taken should change color on the map and minimap Connection issues constantly, takes forever to find a match and often when it does and the map loads I get connection issues Stop making 1 player the host of a game. If they leave whole session ends, requiring another 5 minute wait to start a game Perk update for counselors Jason should not be able to kill you from your hiding spot, instead you should get a chance to jump out and run Jumping from a 2 story window should not result in suicide Ability to carry objective items and a weapon is necessary since your often running around alone Every counselor should have 1 special ability that can be triggered with Right and left triggers together. Example: invisibility from Jason for x amount of time. You should not drop your weapon if Jason grabs you. If the game can't require team communication then it needs to allow for one player survival. Otherwise everyone is set up to fail.
  5. How can you have a game that requires cooperation but not have a way for people to communicate? I know, the emotes are coming, but unless they are coming over braile over the walkie talkie, they are almost useless. Every 10th game am I able to communicate with the team. Most people have mute players on because they are sick of being drowned out by people screaming Fuck America, or being laughed at as the chat is filled with Russian. This sort of environment only seeks to further divide player base by race and nationality, as assume speakers of other languages must feel when they are stuck in-game with only English speaking players. We need regional servers. Most people I know that have paid money for this game, do not play anymore for these very reasons. I feel like I have been swindled, and cannot justify paying for any DLC until the primary tool of the game i.e. communication, is fixed.
  6. This is either a single bug with a lot of problems or a couple bugs, but I am mostly thinking it is a single bug. Lobby - When in lobby the area with player names shows up blank - Mic does not work during - Using the text communication still works - After a period of time the bug sometimes stops - (likely other bug) level 0 bug, cant use non-0 lvl characters - seems fix itself after clicking on own name In-Game - No ping or counselor/Jason pick shown for self instead just replaced with "Loading..." - While "Loading..." : - - Mic does not work - - Perks do not work - After a period of time the bug sometimes stops - After the bug stops Perks and Mic start working again - If bug still active after escape or death then stuck in body view and all other functions act like alive player without ability to move. - - game still treats player as dead and can revive as Tommy, - - player cannot hear dead/escaped players - - player cannot see time remaining until end of match - - player cannot see map, unlike alive player - If perk ends after dead/escaped, player functions as normal dead/escape - If bug active while Jason the kill counter will not increase for player - If bug still active by end of game kill counter will be 0/#of counselors This bug does not seem to effect badge progression nor experience recieved from game. It only seems to stop the player from being able to communicate in game and removeds their perks while active. The bug is intermittent and sometimes stops before the game intro is finished, in the middle of game, after game ended, or does not stop during game. This bug seems to appear during 80-90% of my games now. It seems to have started after one of the most recent updates. It is possible it is my account information not loading all the way until late into the game, since the bug only occurs at the start of games or when I enter a lobby, but once it stops it does not show up again until the start of the next match/lobby I join.
  7. As an European playing on EU servers, I run often into a language barrier problem. More often than not, I encounter Russians, French people and the occasional Asian who don't speak a word English. Me, only speaking English, Dutch (and understanding a little German) am unable to communicate even the smallest things like "I have keys, go to Car", "here is gas" and so forth. In a game that's so focused on teamwork and communication. I feel this is a huge problem that needs to be addressed. A suggestion I have is to use something similar to L4D2's "look" command. This is a contextual command that changes depending on what you're pointing at. Like for example when keys are on the ground you will say "keys" if you point at it and use the command. Or when Jason's close and you point in his direction it will say "Jason". One way to show the specific item is by the character's voice (this takes some voice acting for all the counselors and voice sound must be limited to proximity similar to microphone chat). Alternatively, what i'm more of a fan of, is a little text bubble above your head with a picture of the object you're looking at in it. For example: Player uses command "look" at keys > a key shows in the bubble above the player's head. Player uses command "look" in Jason's direction > Jason's mask shows in the bubble above the player's head Player uses command "look" at car > a car symbol shows in the bubble above the player's head. Therefore implying "go to car" Player uses command "look" at window > a window symbol shows in the bubble above the player's head, therefore implying "go through the window". Of course, Jason will also be able to see these bubbles visually. Perhaps it needs some tweaking to not give your location away from 100 meters or so. Or Jason being able to see it through cabin walls to not completely obscure him from seeing it. but i'm sure the devs can make it work if they choose to implement it. What do you think of this? Will it work and "fix" the communication problem by providing a "universal language" that can be used? I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.
  8. After playing the beta all day, which is great - I have two "cosmetic/non in-game" changes that would make the overall experience a lot more enjoyable. These are possibly things already being planned but I just wanted to get them out there. Allow all the counselors that have died to talk to each other while watching the rest of the match. This would make staying to see the final outcome a lot more enjoyable instead of just sitting there watching by yourself. This doesn't help the counselors that are still alive in any way. Give a small percentage of bonus points to the dead counselors for the few that end up surviving. The caveat being that they need to stay and see the final outcome, so it ensures people don't just dip out right away once they are killed. This feeds more into there being times that the reason someone was able to survive was due to someone else sacrificing themselves or being killed after getting everything for the car needed to escape. If this already happens, then nevermind - I just didn't notice. And that's it. Again, these are not changes for actual gameplay, and if anyone else has ideas - please add them here. Thanks!
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