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Found 19 results

  1. So a couple things, I’m new to the forum so I’m excited to get the input of others that have way more game hours logged than I. Is there a certain damage output that causes a weapon to break? Or is it based on the luck stat? I main as Bugzy and my “job” of the group I play with is to de mask Jason. Last night I did some REPETITIVE trial and research. I have legendary thrasher (+25% axe dmg) legendary sucker punch (+24% stn chance & +3% weapon dmg) and rare slugger (+11% dmg) and from what I can tell they all stack accordingly for a 39% dmg boost. I can grab an axe and de mask a Jason in 2 hits. Time and time again held true during testing. But every single time the axe broke on the second hit when his mask fell off. And there was a lot of time grinding this to get consistent results. Machete was usually 2 hits to de mask but always broke on the second hit too. Baseball bat, no de mask but always broke on the second hit as well. Every single hit with any weapon he falls. But is it just bad luck they always break on hit 2? Also I was in combat stance each time. Is there a way to try and hold onto my weapon a bit longer?
  2. Most Counselors in Friday the 13th: The Game like Vanessa and other low strength Counselors Swing their Weapon Without Any Stamina loss, this also applies for other Counselors, this used to be a feature, they need to bring this feature back.
  3. I made a video where I talk about some ideas for the combat in F13 now that the weapon swap feature has been revealed. I apologize for the wacky audio. Otherwise, enjoy. Oh and believe it or not, I'm actually wearing spruce green but it looks like I'm wearing blue thanks to the LIGHTING. No joke.
  4. Should Jason be able to select no weapon when weapon swapping becomes available? If you have any reason for or against, vote and let us know what you think.
  5. This is a work in progress and is going to be worked on further in the next coming days. Special thanks go to @Alkavian and @Tommy86 who suggested I run tests and have other info based on Mechanics in other threads: Rydog's Guide working on updating if changes are needed. This might be in a different thread or further down the line The Playbook by @Alkavian All Tests are being done without perks to isolate the Strength stat and using a Machete The stats so far: Kenny vs Pt3 (base HP for Jasons) 5 normal swings 3 combat swings 5 bear traps and 3 normal swings 10 bear traps and 1 normal swing So from this we can determine so far that 5 bear traps on Jason is equal to 2 normal swings. 2.5 bear traps are equal to 1 non-combat swing. I went ahead and tested several more times with each test and everything seems consistent. I went ahead and tested to see if 13 bear traps would remove his mask, however they did not. I even did an extra 2 and it seems like there is a cap to damage on the bear traps at the least, always needing at least 1 swing from a weapon, in this case the machete, to remove his mask. Buggzy (Max Strength) vs Pt3 3 normal swings 2 combat swings During this test a new discovery was made. While testing we ran into more stuns than with Kenny. With this we discovered that swings which end in Jason being stunned NO DAMAGE!!! This is reflected in the following trials thanks to @BomberBuddy 4 normal swings, 1st one being a stun hit 3 combat swings, 1 being a stun 2 stuns and 1 combat swing (mask still on) This could possibly be the reason why there are many inconsistencies with Jason mask removal. Update: stuns do no damage to Jason. In the tests we removed the stuns in the count towards the damage and came to the original number without stuns each time. Deb/Jenny(Minimum Strength) vs Pt3 8 normal swings 4 combat swings With these tests conclude, at least on the machete, its safe yo assume that combat stance actually DOUBLES your damage rounded up. So for 1 strength you take 4 swings, half of 8 and for Kenny you take 3 swings, half of 5 which is 2.5, rounded, is 3. Jason Damage +Weapon Damage: 2 to cripple, 4 to kill =Weapon Damage: 3 to cripple, 5 to kill. Throwing Knives: 2 to cripple, 4 to kill So if we conclude that Jason has 100 health like @Alkavian stated below, this means counselors do as well and they do the same amount of damage to one another. HOWEVER Jasons combat stance does NOT double his damage like counselors. Also this means that with a normal strength Jason, its better to combine knives with swings since theyre the same as +Weapon Damage. If there is anyone else that would like to help test the number and mechanics in the game on PS4 please feel free to add me on PSN.
  6. I had a strike of inspiration yesterday when I saw a screenshot, and decided to share. Apparently, during the alpha it was planned for counselors and Jason to have their own abilities. I wondered what those could have been, and so I came up with some of my own. Let's begin! Adam Palomino and Fox: +30% car starting speed, and driving speed. A.J Mason: Tosses a radio at Jason in the face, stunning him. It resets fear level, and boosts +1 speed for a short period of time. Requeriments: Being within a building with a radio, and standing next to it to trigger an enviromental interaction. The radio is then permanently destroyed. Brandon "Buggzy" Wilson: 30% Stun duration. Chad Kensington: +20% attack speed. Deborah Kim: +30% chance to avoid Jason's sense ability while indoors. Homey girl! Eric Lachappa: He comes with a trap disarming kit which enables him to break traps. Once used, it has a cooldown of 5,5 minutes. (Who's useless now?) Jenny Myers: Increases +1 Speed per Fear Level. Max +4 Speed at Fear Stage 4. The boost is reset once the fear is completely gone. Tiffany Cox: Damsel in distress. All male characters within a certain range will receive +15% attack speed Kenny Riedell: Head Counselor. All characters within a certain range will receive a +15% increased chance to stun Jason with any weapon. Mitch Floyd: Designated medic. Using a spray on others also heals him for the same amount of health. Sheldon "Shelly" Finkelstein: He fakes his own death for up to 2 minutes, which gives him a 50% chance to avoid Jason's sense ability. Once used, it has a cooldown of 5,5 minutes. Vanessa Jones: She's able to wrap the arm of an impaired counselor around her shoulder and lead them to safety. They can let go of each other at any time by pressing E. Receiving any damage separates them. Other changes: Improved traps: Disarming traps with pocket knives triggers a minigame with difficulty based on repair skill. More Danger: Failing a skill check while fixing phone boxes and light boxes causes minor damage (Like going through broken windows.) Or/and alternatively... More Fear: Failing any skill check to complete objectives increases fear level by 1. Now, on Jason's part...! In addition, I'd like to bump @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow's thread. Part 2 Jason: Marked. Whomever steps into one of his traps is marked on the minimap for Jason to track for one minute. Part 3 Jason: He automatically enters stealth mode within a certain radio around the barn. It will last until being spotted, then, it will have 2 minutes of cooldown. (He spent most of the movie sneaking around that damn barn, lol.) Part 4 Jason: He gets a minor speed buff that increases for the longer he has been chasing a counselor within a certain radio (Music cue) Part 6 Jason: Tendon slash. He swipes the floor with his spear, creating a large cone in front of him that deals a basic slash damage, and causes counselors to limp for 5 seconds. It has 5,5 minutes of cooldown. Part 7 Jason: He can use the chain around his neck to slash counselors from a medium distance and cause basic slash damage. It has 5,5 minutes of cooldown, and can be used while walking. Part 8 Jason: +30% attack speed. Part 9 Jason: +30% stun resistance. Savini Jason: -15% attack speed to counselors nearby.
  7. I did a thing. I had some help. That thing is here: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/10596-the-playbook-techniques-and-strategies/?page=7&tab=comments#comment-199050 We can talk about it if you want. If not, that's fine. It's there, though. It's a list where the total amount of swings for each weapon are defined, the cost of durability for blocking Jason's attacks, and the amount of damage that can be blocked before being staggered and eventually: death. Minus Tommy Jarvis for the last one in particular. If you like combat, it may be of use. Thank you for your time.
  8. Jason is bound, or locked into, lengthy animations no matter what he does and is almost always vulnerable because of it. Examples: If Jason grabs a counselor, he can be stunned while doing so and enter a second animation of him being stuned Breaking down a door, Jason can be stunned immediately after the door breaks because he has to follow through with the animation- again locking him in a stunned animation This is why Jason's melee strikes are so important and why Jason is more or less screwed at close range lately: Jason is easily stunned and far from deadly if you're near him. There are no guaranteed kills with a grab due to being stunned. The only way to ensure a kill is to melee strike and Jason's hit detection is horrendous right now, making the task's success based more on luck than skill. There are Jason's who can't hit a crouching counselor. Combat stance for Jason should be removed and he should be able to block at any time. Jason should always be deadly at close range and it should always be a risk to attempt to combat Jason. Jason needs to be able to reliably hit a counselor going through a window. The invisible barrier needs to be removed. Stun times should be shortened for Jason when a counselor uses a pocketknife or is freed by another counselor. Firecrackers should not be able to interrupt a grab (once Jason is holding the counselor). I'm not saying these are all great ideas but something needs to be done- particularly to allow Jason to effectively defend himself at close range. Stun times are too lengthy and there is no penalty for counselors gaining up on Jason. The most important change, other than fixing his broken grab, is making his melee strikes actually do what they're supposed to do. If you agree or disagree, feel free to say so. Make constructive suggestions if you have any. @ShiftySamurai @[IllFonic]Courier
  9. Can we get rid of the ability to lock on to counselors in combat stance as a counselor? It has no purpose, and it just screws counselors over.
  10. Aaron

    How to Buggzy

    http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/alwaysahunned/video/39711222 Perks aren't necessary but I used Thrasher, the dodge perk, and swift attacker you can do this without those perks
  11. Why is it when ur on ur last legs and u call the killer out to 1v1 they get scared. I offer them a fair deal 1v1 if i lose your getting the kill. If i win I get to complete my Objective, Ex.battery,fuse,gas, Prop. but then they get all hands up on you and you pocket knife them and the rage comes. With Childish name calling or they hack you down like your standard Walmart edition Jason All I want is to 1v1 Me why are you so scared ?
  12. To be clear now, this subject is a little beyond just balance for me personally. Currently Jason's grab is a little too strong and something I don't like personally is that it doesn't feel scary whatsoever. When the game launched (I played the original beta) people didn't spam grab but now its begun to become a trend, simply grabbing. Whenever I play as a counsellor I use look over shoulder to see behind me and each time I do it I see a Jason spamming grab without being close enough to me and honestly, its anti climatic. Jason players have began spamming this animation and now when in a chase it tends to look extremely stupid and its really somewhat taken the magic out of the grab kills (mostly because now its used for instant kills and its just spammed even when Jason isn't close enough to try and confirm a kill). The grab has removed a lot of tension from the game as before players entered a grab frenzy you would find the occasional injured player running around the map for their life covered in blood, this is from my experience a rare occurrence and has taken lots of atmosphere from the game. Additionally I need to state shift grab needs to be removed entirely. there is no counter play to a Jason who knows what he's doing. A lot of counsellors haven't got enough stamina or speed to waste zigzagging to evade a shift grab and for the most part some Jason players are entirely perfect at landing shift grabs. I've managed to do them on occasion and my brother has become fairly capable at performing them with ease and one of my friends even more so. The grab needs to change, and so do Jason's special executions. I am proposing a few alternatives without literally weakening Jason. 1. Grab is on a either a 3, 5 or 7 second cooldown, this way it can't be spammed. Its important to know that in the game characters who have any stats above 1 put into strength are essentially expected to have a sudden moment where they can fight back even if its not an incredible moment, but some self defence is required. This would mean counsellors have an opening to try and get back at Jason before he can pull of another grab. Most importantly the grab is literally destroying mechanics, there from current experience is no point in blocking or even entering combat stance. If that is going to be the case then remove it, because for the most part combat stance doesn't assist. Additionally a buff to compensate for this difference could be making it so that during stalk mode Jason is allowed to spam grab. This would reduce the amount of ridiculous moments that occur. 2.Make Combat stance immune to grabs till injured. 3.Combo attacks, following my 1. a good idea would be that if Jason strings two or three (probably two) consecutive hits that depending on the counsellors HP he can instantly string it into a special kill, a combo hit could lead to a stun assuming block is not used wisely by the counsellor. This is meant to be an attachment to point one. 4. Entirely block grabs to non injured targets 5. Turn grabs into button mash VS, atm there isn't counter play other than luck or hoping the current Jason wants to be fancy, a lot of Jason players don't want to be fancy. That an his kills charge up very quickly, in fact the reason some of then don't initiate from my experience is due to Jason's current area, by moving some kills disabled themselves while others enabled for me during the same grab. To be clear this idea is the one I'm most against, a Jason player who is weak behind the screen would then be unable to force themselves to perform well, point being that this could potentially be a little too hard for a Jason player. I stopped playing Jason because I love trying to live out the final girl trope (my main problem that I spent one night being forced to play Jason because people wanted to see savini Jason so I needed a break). Jason is very strong at the moment, I tend to land two hits on a counsellor before a grab, however one match I got forced to play Jason just last night and I decided to do an insta grab + shift grab round its far too easy. Its very easy to pull off a grab round in general and I say that as Savini Jason who has less grab strength (if I remember correctly). Also I am aware he does more melee damage put I didn't not hurt anyone these rounds, I focused on only grabs. Knifes are not common enough to save counsellors and the game will become stale if his grab goes on. I've barely seen any one play as Chad and I asked a few and people seem to value stamina/speed to highly. That being said the issue is that some characters are being undermined purely due to the grab from what I've witnessed. The game hasn't been out for a long time and the game is incredibly more balanced than it was in the beta, its came a long way and its not far off from being perfect. I know many people are going to probably disagree with me stating that Jason is meant to kill everyone but when I die I don't have fun watching people drop all tactics purely off avoiding a grab. I don't like Jason comically spamming grab in the distance without getting anyone simply because he will eventually if he keeps up. Jason never did something like attacking the wind in the movies... I agree Jason should be once again, the killer but notably a problem is this isn't the movies. Its the game. Its balance and it has to be fun for both Jason and survivors. I get lots of fun spectating but when its a spam grab I know what goes through everyone's head and they start acting erratic because of grabs, in game chat I also hear many players screaming and swearing at Jason players because of grabs. You can be a total horror geek, particularly of Jason and its entirely fine but you can't justify a function that even begins to make Jason look like a joke. I have played Jason and the match is left partly to chance even for Jason, you never know what player is going to be filled with pocket knives and for those that aren't they don't have a chance to escape so long as the Jason player knows what they're doing. Please try to be reasonable, don't justify Jason as needing spam grab, think around it because mechanics need to be fun and look cool, not look ridiculous and anti-fun. The movies or being a fan is not justifications. People even if they love it will come to a point where they dislike it. I like the movies and Jason destroys everything but it can't be perfect in the game. Just an opinion, I hope people are willing to understand where I'm coming from. Because I certainly want the unique kills to be present but the persistent grabs and grabbing is not entirely healthy which I why I was trying to think of some alternatives. Finally sorry if there is any mistakes in language or sentence structure.
  13. With the combat system the way it is, there's simply too much risk and little to no reward for a Counselor player to dare attack Jason just for a chance to stun him, especially if he is trigger-happy with the grab button. Because a Jason player can do a 180 turn upon realizing that a Counselor is about to launch an attack, it leaves the Counselor wide open to an attack or a grab. Jason's grab ability also bypasses a Counselor's melee attack, and is fast enough to make even an Epic ranked Swift Attacker seem pointless to use unless it's a surprise attack. Personally, I think some tweaks are needed to make combat more reliable: Prevent Jason from doing a 180 turn by giving him a new animation that deliberately makes him turn around slowly, which activates if the game detects the Jason player trying to turn around quickly to casually walk away from an attacking Counselor in the hopes that they will miss their attack, and then quickly turn around again for a grab-kill. Allow the Counselor to swing their weapons more than once in a row and step forward at the same time until they successfully land an attack. Take out the end animation where the Counselor takes a step back, as it serves no purpose due to Jason's exaggerated grab range and already makes combat as a Counselor more difficult as it is. This may help Counselors' melee attacks connect more reliably against a more skilled Jason player. Most importantly, make it so that Jason absolutely cannot successfully grab an attacking Counselor, unless they are wounded/near-death. If Jason tries to grab a healthy Counselor that is in the middle of an attacking animation, the grab should have no effect. I understand that Jason would undeniably win in a 1v1 fight and I would rather that he remained overpowered to keep the spirit of Friday the 13th, but considering how often we play as a Counselor instead of Jason, it's important to make surviving as a Counselor more rewarding than frustrating, especially for those who care more about playing as Jason than Counselors.
  14. I tried searching for what I'm about to post, and couldn't find anything specific. This suggestion might remedy Issues players are having, I.E. shift-stalk-grab-kills/jason spamming grabs/players NOT playing the game the way It was Intended. Make the Pocket knife a weapon you can pick up, like a baseball bat, wrench, etc. When Jason grabs you, you still get the Instant break free-lose pocket knife result the only difference-It will eliminate the reliance on pocketknifes/hoarding. Now, to balance gameplay.... Make all weapons have a 'help-you-break-away' feature. Example, If your character Is healthy and equips a skillet before Jason grabs, your chances of breaking free(composure) should drastically Increase-and of course Jason's ability to perform a GrabKill should decrease-because the skillet can 'stun' Jason (also It's smaller, realistically you would be able to use It better in extreme close proximity). Another example, If your character Is wounded while holding a baseball bat, and Jason grabs you, the reverse, You will have a harder time breaking free/Jason will have an easier time preforming a GrabKill. The smaller the weapon the easier It Is to break free/harder It Is to fight and vice-versa the bigger the weapon the easier It is to fight/harder to break free. Balance will come from players.....using teamwork ??? I don't think this will alter combat In a negative sense. IMO, it will eliminate pocket knife hoarders, force people to play correctly, and lastly make people 'get gud' combat wise.
  15. So I see a huge amount of players complain when Jason hits you over and over again to kill you instead of grabbing you. Why do people get ticked at this? It's one of the most easy things to counter. Just go into combat stance, and block the attack and follow up with a attack of your own. Blocking a Jason's swing delays him a bit which gives you just enough time to get a free hit on him. Now if there's something to complain about. How about that grab range?
  16. I want to talk about the combat. As of right now the combat really needs to be worked on. There are two combat stats in the game: luck and strength. Were going to go through those two later. There's also the combat stance. As a counselor you can dodge, block, or attack. As Jason you can block, attack, or grab. Where going to get to the combat stance later as well. 1)LUCK Luck deals with a lot of things but in the context of combat it only affects stamina cost for dodging. The only thing that I would change for luck is the stamina cost gap for high luck counselors and low luck counselors. Stamina cost for low luck counselors should be higher than it is. Stamina cost for high luck counselors is pretty much perfect. Just need to make the gap wider. 2) STRENGTH Strength deals with weapon damage and supposedly stamina cost for combat actions. However, attacking or blocking does not cost stamina for any counselor no matter how high or low their strength is. This needs to be changed. Attacking needs to drain stamina just like dodging and strength needs to affect stamina cost just like luck. Blocking needs to drain stamina as long as you're holding down the block button and strength needs to affect the speed in which your stamina drains. Just like with luck the gap between high-strength and low strength counselors needs to be pretty wide. 3) COMBAT STANCE Now I'm going to talk about the combat stance as a whole and the combat animations. We're going to start with the counselors. As I've said above they have three animations: one for blocking, one for attacking, and one for dodging. The amount of frames that it takes to attack or dodge are too many and the recovery time is too long and you cannot block Jason's grab. Not only that but Jason can hit you and grab you while dodging. There are some things that can help with this. There shouldn't be any recovery time when going from attack to dodge and dodging should have invincibility frames. You should also be able to block Jason's grab. This in combination of stamina cost for blocking and attacking should make things balanced. Now onto Jason. The only thing I would change with Jason is to make his grab animation and recovery time longer. As it stands right now counselors such as Kimberly and AJ are just as viable in combat as Brandon and Chad. These are all tweaks that can be implemented immediately and if anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them. Thank you
  17. Well, this isn't really supposed to be a long topic. Basically, when a counselor is blocking, the counselor has a small chance of not being grabbed by Jason from two ways: Jason disarms the player instead of grabbing them. This makes it so that the counselor is rendered useless without a weapon, but still has a small window to escape. Jason fails to grab the player. Again, a small window that makes the counselor have a chance to escape or fight. I believe it'll give the combat system a lot more depth and focus. What do you all think of the idea?
  18. I totally get that Jason is supposed to be that big scary guy you WILL die against, but in case somebody decides to fight back with a melee attack, they're usually utterly fucked because all Jason's gotta do is grab them and be done with it. the only change i ask for is that the Jason grab won't be able to grab someone who is in the middle of an attacking animation, should whittle down the grab->kill combo, and make some use out of the combat system. Alternatively, camper in the combat stance or maybe who is blocking get their weapons yanked away if Jason grabs them. basically Jason looks confused at the weapon he yanked away before throwing it away while the camper get's a chance to leg it, however this is not a stun, you only distracted Jason for a second. and remember, either when in combat-stance or while blocking (haven't decided yet), if not, the camper gets grabbed. any thoughts or improvements to that idea?
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