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Found 4 results

  1. Now, As we all know, there are those moments when you have A LOT of counselors with you and Jason is trying to break into the cabins. Some of us players like to use the Door/Window Stuns where you can hit Jason while he's trying to break down a door or window. The main issue with this is when you have other counselors around you. When you have other counselors around you, and you go in Combat Stance, the game likes to auto-lock on the counselors rather than the main threat, which is Jason Voorhees. My suggestion is for Gun Media to allow the counselors to have a toggle option in the settings on who they would like it to auto-lock on. What it would look like is: Combat Stance Auto-Lock: Counselors Only Jason Only Counselors and Jason What are you thoughts on this? I think it should be implemented. This is one of those things where "It's pretty annoying" but you forget to make a thread on it because you were at an intense moment where someone was trying to kill you.
  2. Can we get rid of the ability to lock on to counselors in combat stance as a counselor? It has no purpose, and it just screws counselors over.
  3. I sure love Jason related topics! Back to the topic, I was thinking... How about we make Jason's Grab having a property in Combat Stance? My suggestion is: Jason's Grab should be able to be blocked by counselors in Combat Stance. Wait! Before you complain at me, the Grab still needs one more change! Everytime a Grab is blocked, not only the block will be always unsuccessful (the weapon drops), but the weapon will break as well. Why I want this change? Because not only it'll make counselors with high strength and damage-based weapons more valuable, but it will encourage them to use the Combat Stance more often and play more strategically (I can sacrifice a wrench because it does low damage, I will sacrifice this "generic" weapon so I can go to a cabin and pick a better one, etc).
  4. Hello All! I regularly play with a group of friends who are of the thought that Jason doing any of the following is an "Exploit". I need to know if they are truly exploits or if they are part of the game: 1. Jason using block while in combat stance to block incoming attacks when entering a door he just broke down. 2. Jason using block while in combat stance to walk over bear traps unscathed. 3. Jason using block while in combat stance to block the effects of fire crackers. 4. Jason using block while in combat stance to block the flare gun. 5. Jason using combat stance to break down doors faster than he normally would. Here is my problem. I have a personal, zero-tolerance policy for other players, public or private, trying to dictate how I play the game, either as Jason or Counselor. I don't listen to "No Instakill" or "No Shift+Grab." or anything similar. It seems like there's always that contingent of players who think they can tell others how to play, no matter what the online game. Outside of exploits, bugs, cheating, or anything else that the programmers did not intend to be part of the regular game, I leave no options off the table as Jason. In this scenario with my friends, I neither want to: A ) Use any of the above strategies if any of them are in fact exploits nor B ) Be told incorrectly that I cannot do these things if they in fact are part of the game. If the above strategies are truly part of the game, and I cannot convince my friends that these are fair game, I will be finding another group of friends to play with. Please enlighten me here. Thanks in advance. -Espionage Cosmo
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