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Found 22 results

  1. I play the Friday the 13th the game on the PC platform. There are too many game bugs and too many cheating players.When will these be corrected?The game lost a lot of players due to such issues and continues to lose.This situation makes me very sad.
  2. Players in a group shouldn't be able to become Jason because Jason ends up teleporting directly to me while "chasing" someone else there is no way possible Deborah can outrun Jason from halfway through the map nonstop while jogging and then Jason walks right past her to grab me and when I look I see they are friends with each other
  3. Earlier I was playing in a QP session with a full room. 4-5 appeared to know one another, which was cool, and usually means several matches without quits. My problem started though when I realized that items like the fuse, the propeller and gas can couldn't be located. Upon looking at the map I see all 3 items located in the same location.......... Jarvis House. Having already located and installed a battery, I chose to make my way towards the JH and ran across a walkie in a drawer. I pick it up and can now hear the other councilors talking about how Jason is gonna let them kill him, so now I'm figuring I got time. Jason isn't hunting. I go to the JH and make my way upstairs trying to locate the gas. I get up there and find all the bedroom doors locked from the inside with nobody in them. Some asshole dropped the prop, the gas and the fucking fuse into different rooms, locked the doors and either quit or jumped from the second story windows, thus leaving the items trapped behind closed doors. The group fucked up killing Jason, wasting the sweater & stun combo, so he kills everyone around him and I end up surviving with time running out as Jason looked for me. This happened TWICE IN A ROW!! Same guys, Same circumstances. I really REALLY hate some of the people that play this fucking game!!
  4. I would like to see a feature added into the game to help prevent spectators from telling Jason where councilors are hiding. I think that a good solution to this is "eyes closed when hiding". This makes it to where spectators only see a black screen when viewing councilors who are hiding. No more "under the bed view" or "peep hole view" for already dead/escaped/newly added players, thus preventing an "ally" giving Jason clues like "Okay, you are in the right cabin. I can see you. They are hiding under the bed." This isn't a far fetched idea, as we see many Crystal Lake Councilors shut their eyes while hiding (and hoping to survive) in the films.
  5. A severe break in gameplay has been found and exploited by people who'd prefer to cheat rather than play. Some folks have found that by holding a one handed weapon and hitting "combat stance" in combination with sprint (or tapping combat stance repeatedly) the councellor will make the very slow steps of the combat stance, but move FASTER than Jason's Shift, without any penalty to stamina loss. Videos are near impossible to find lest people be outed as cheaters, but it makes them virtually impossible to catch or damage as even when they are at death's door and "holding their arm", they can still just "hover" away at mach speeds. Be wary if you find someone doing this, write down their steam name and, if possible, record them doing it and report it here ASAP. It's NO fun as even the throwing knives can't hit them since they twitch all over the place. I was even using the Savini jason, the one with super speed/regen Shift and I wasted 7 minutes trying to catch/hit the last counselor to no avail. That's not fun.
  6. I continue to come across people in public matches teaming up to get achievements. What happens is at least three friends are communicating outside game chat and having Jason kill off the first friend to come back as Tommy. Then Jason kills everyone but them. Meanwhile a girl has the sweater, Jason let's Tommy hack his mask off and then so on to get the acheivement. I'm sure this is not uncommon. Meanwhile everyone else in the lobby is just sitting there like idiots watching this spectacle. Did they actually earn the acheivement? No? Are they hacking the game? Yes. What should we do about this? I'm sure it's been had over and over
  7. Please i know it was cheating and now were gonna move on stop replying and leave
  8. Hello, I am wondering where I can report players for cheating? It ruins the entire game whenever someone goes outside the map and then I have to wait for the session to complete in order to gain my xp. Anyone know where to report these players?
  9. I've had SOOOOOOO many matches where people are cheating / helping Jason it beyond sucks. Here are a few ways to prevent any Jason helping by other players. 1 - No blips on the map showing other councilors your current location. If I want you to know, I'll TELL you in the game. 2 - No party chat allowed in game. I know, some people will bitch and moan but, this game was designed with proximity chat as a key game mechanic. 3 - Jason cannot hear ANY players talking on mics in game (and visa versa). Again, I know this will piss some people off but, people can't cheat if they don't have the option. All Jason hears is the sounds that the councilor characters make. Also, I think this will help the game as well, obviously Jason doesn't talk. It takes me way out of the game and kills the mood when you hear some idiot playing the Benny Hill theme over their mic as Jason. Basically, it sucks but lets be real for a second... you can't trust every asshead to play by the rules, and if your give them any opportunity, there will be some assholes who cheat. So in order to not ruin a game that I love and have waited for: Please don't give them ANY opportunity to cheat!
  10. Disclaimer: I am excited about the new emotes, and smaller speed maps. I am excited and proud that the devs have and continue to add more content. I cannot wait for single player. I have 200+ Hrs in this game, am level 101, and have been passionate about it since I learned about it. That being said, dear developers, please, please, please, focus on fixing any/all bugs glitches and exploits before adding any new content. While the new content is appreciated, it's like adding new rooms to a house with a leaky roof. We have to prioritize. While there are more bugs than this, these are the ones I see the most: 1. Counselors making Jasons Traps useless by body blocking them. This is an exploit that needs fixing. 2. Perks that do not work when equipped. 3. Having the option of looting a map from a drawer even if you have one equipped as a perk. There are more, but fundamentally, I think the bugs need to be ironed out before further content is added.
  11. Developers, Specific Bannable Offenses Rule #7 Reads in part: "we do not ban for team-killing" Why is there no ban for serial team-killers? I understand the need to not report people you simply don't like, but intentional team-killing seems to be a different issue all together. I have video of three separate players in one night, intentionally killing multiple people in-game and in doing so, they destroyed two matches completely. In one case, I got him to admit it on video, and the other two are seen laughing and joking about killing others as they are doing it. This seems to be becoming a more common problem and it ruins the experience of the game. Toxic players are capitalizing on the fact that this is, as of yet, not a bannable offense. Please consider doing one of the following: 1. Include Intentional team-killing as a bannable offense, requiring proof of intent along with video in order to qualify for ban. 2. Create an in-game "reputation" system where other players can rate 1-5 stars and also click on a reason for the rating like cheating/exploits/team-kill/abusive, etc. and allow people in Public Lobby to check a box to avoid being matched with such players. With how much intentional-team-killing ruins the game, I'm surprised there is no recourse. -Espionage Cosmo
  12. Are we going to do something about people being able to run around as Jason with a counselor friend that spots people and sabotages their chances of survival? I have noticed that the more I play on quick match, the more frequently I come across 2 - 3 people working together in a party with Jason, making it blatantly obvious when they run around like your shadow, doing nothing and then Jason suddenly appears on top of you and the counselor is trying to hit you. These types of games are growing in number, with many people just doing it because they are friends with Jason, or because they are partied up together. This conduct is killing the general player-base that just queue up for a quick match. I'm playing on Xbox, and I literally can't get a good game unless I am playing with my normal crew of 6 - 7 people. Has anyone else had these issues on Steam or PS4?
  13. Just got ratted on again in a game with someone helping Jason. As usual these are young people, perhaps not even old enough to play the game, they use microphones. My suggestion won't be popular but how about charging a monthly subscription for the game, say £5. This may help rid us of some of the trouble makers that are spoiling the game. In return for our extra investment you improve the game greatly by hiring extra programing staff. Some of the £millions you've already made should be used to improve the servers and create more councillors and hire moderators to watch the games being played. How about getting some hot female movie stars to be councillors? There may be some that won't charge an, arm and a leg, no pun intended. Examples ;-) Kate Upton Christina Hendricks Salma Hayek Sofia (ya don't need Viagra) Vergara
  14. Recently Ive noticed in game. Players playing as Jason are able to Morph Inside of buildings without Breaking down doors. Morphing Inside of any building should not be possible within the game in the first place. To accurately Describe the situation I had fortified myself within a home barricaded each door. With Each door having been barricaded there should have been no way he got inside. However the player playing as Jason. Suddenly Stopped breaking the door down then Appeared inside the building to grab and kill me through morph. This is exactly why game testing is done prior to release of a game. To Ensure balance and fair play.
  15. What the title says. Got into a few matches so far with players joining as a group in public lobby and either helping jason physically (pointing locations out) or jason just outright killing everyone but their friends and letting them escape in car. Below is a list of the players involved, NERF being the jason and the rest counselors. They started the match sitting in a cabin in a group of three an proceeded to wait until jason killed the other 3 counselors (probably by pointing them on the map.) They then built the car, jason stopped it, stood and waiting until tommy (one of the players that died and was not their friend,) jumped out of the car, he slowly walked over and killed him, ignoring the car and letting them escape. Keep in mind, the counselors weren't in a rush, they were sitting there not even restarting the car. This is on PS4 and these are their usernames; [Omitted by Kodiak]
  16. So I've noticed that despite this games faults the biggest thing that ruins the game is trolls and cheaters. I apreciate all the work that has been put into this game and honest even with the goofy glitchest this game is original and awesome.....atleast until people come and ruin it....but I have a solution....Vote kick and or public rooms. Now i realize that this is mainly a console issue as im sure pc has this already via steam. This really doesn't take much explanation if you added a vote kick we could systematic remove these people ruining the game. Also I don't know why games all of a sudden rely on match making...what ever happen to public hosting? Then you could just give the host the power to kick and it's done. This is the most simple and easy way to eliminate these issues with exploiting and people who just want to troll people or team up. Thank you for your hard work.
  17. I think a feature where you can report people is not only extremely necessary for this game, but also maybe a feature to kick a counselor by spectating players (if cheating is seen). A PS4 player w the gamertag Dab_Legend_710 was in a party chat with Jason and was telling him the location of the other counselors. This is not only uncool, but ruins the game for all parties involved. Pls pls pls implement this feature <3 (after servers are fixed)
  18. When playing as Jason, I was doing the norm, trying to kill everyone. When trying to find the last counselor, I used my sense abilty to locates where he was. The Packanack lodge was highlighted red so I searched the house throughly. But then I heard something coming from on top of the house. I saw the last counselor standing on top of the roof. I tried jilling him with throwing knives but failed. His PSN name was 'nickjohnsono'.
  19. I was playing in a private match with some people I play with a lot and a few were talking about some cheating software they were using. Apparently it allows them to see where everyone and everything is. I noticed one of them could get to me right before I started to use the phone fuse. I was like "how do you know when I have not even touched it?" He said he could do it all day and laughed.
  20. Good rule of thumb. If you and your friends grief a player, make sure they aren't the party host. Shut it down real fast.
  21. I think its become more obvious that you should not be able to be in a party nd play as jason because ive seen several times of someone running around with jason leading him to other survivors,which defeats the entire purpose as playin counselors ive even seen people try to talk to jason nd offer to lead him to people for not killing them.
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