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Found 11 results

  1. Hello Friends & The Wider Community, This is my first time visiting the forums and I wanted to help post a fix for Xbox One In-Game Chat. A lot of the time the in-game chat won’t work for people on Xbox One. I managed to find a fix for it, it is a little bit tedious, but stay with me as it works every time. This will work if the privacy options for Xbox are all available and open, and your mic still seems to not be working. The instructions are below: 1. Go to Xbox settings 2. Go to volume & audio output 3. Select party chat output 4. Select headphones & speakers 5. Hard reset your console (hold down the power button until it turns off, and wait a few seconds) 6. Restart the game, and test the in-game chat, it should be working now 7. Go back to the party chat output settings in the Xbox settings and select headphones again 8. Your mic should be working in both the Xbox party chat and the in-game chat now Hope this helps 😊
  2. My mic is plugged into the controller and is on but every time I try to speak, no one can hear me. The sound button is greyed out when I speak. I tried unplugging and replugging my headset and rebooting my Xbox but it still doesn't seem to change. Any tips?
  3. Not sure if this should go in general chat or sugestions.. but as my time with the game increases I see more and more people doing what I would call cheating, by using party chat to avoid being heard by Jason. The whole mechanic of Jason being able to find councelors via them talking if he was near was one of the cooler aspects of the game when it was announced. When I first started playing it was fun to sneak up on people in stalk and listen to them discuss their detailed plans and then have the best time totally ruining them and causing chaos! Now that people are abusing party chat to bypass this and other features it's got me wondering if there is anything the developers could implement to block party chat from being used in game? Something tells me probably not.. but it's a shame to see a cool gameplay feature like that disappear as time goes on.
  4. Hi so this started 2 days ago but I can hear people in game chat and they can't hear me. But when I talk in game chat my Mic symbol lights up. It only happens on Friday were people cant hear me. All my other games work with game chat and my party chat works. I restarted my game many times. I also reinstalled my game to. I tried toggling my Mic in and off and still didn't work. I tried hard restarting my xbox and it doesn't work. Please fix this because it's frustrating.
  5. So since the release, the chat has been bugged while using a controller(on PC). While holding down the PTT chat button to talk it works, so long as you don't touch a single button on the controller(any input of any button cancels it out). I've been waiting to see this get fixed for awhile but it seems to not be getting any attention. This is a huge inconvenience having to totally stop and stand still just to talk(especially mid chase), please get this fixed asap! Thanks.
  6. Using the standard issue Xbox One wireless controller is causing multiple in game issues. 1) No targetting dot for Jason's Morph ability 2) No nameplates over other players heads 3) When using a headset with mic you can hear other people but your voice doesn't transmit 4) Perk loadouts for counselors and kill loadouts for Jason don't save 5) Rotate minimap with player setting doesn't save. In the meantime it appears that using a cable to plug the controller directly into the X1 resolves all these issues as long as you leave it plugged in. I've tried a few things and if you unplug the controller anything you do after WILL NOT SAVE. You also lose the ability to target morph again.
  7. They should really deactivate Private party chat for obvious reasons. Everytime I play on ps4 and join a lobby 50% of people are not in public chat. Maybe they just don't want to talk which I also don't get I mean communication is half the fun and makes it easier to play as a team but I can still live with that. But most of them are trolls playing together and ruining everyone's game. I guess most of you got a situation where players team up with Jason. It happens to me yesterday twice in a row in two different lobbies. So you have to deactivate private chat in public matchmaking. For private games I don't care. I don't know how it is with the other platforms but you can definitely do it on PS4. You can do it in CoD blackops 3. You can choose to join server where party chat is disabled and when so try to open one in the ps4 dashboard you just get a error message. So it is possible maybe take's some time but I really would help this game.
  8. This problem has been off and on for a little bit now. I've noticed that in the pre-game lobby AND during the game, My game-chat is NOT working. My Mic is registering my voice but nobody can hear me, except for my friends or those who are in my party. And, it isnt my settings or anything. I this a known issue?? It's getting very difficult to play, especially when new people want me to join their game and I cant help them out by talking. In case you were wondering, I play xbox.
  9. In-game chat cannot be picked up from an external device (Elgato for example) on Xbox One. Even when you set chat to play "from headset and speakers" in the Xbox settings it still doesn't work. It kinda is a bummer, the whole point of making videos on the game is so you can hear everyone and their reactions. Only way you can currently do that is if you're all in a party. Which defeats the purpose of the Proximity voice chat. There is a setting in the options of the game that seems like it is what I was looking for, but that too does nothing. It'd be great to see implemented cause if not it kinda doesn't allow for there to be a YouTube or streaming community for the game. Look into it, please?
  10. So: 1. Murdered/Escaped can speak to each other 2. Counselors can speak to other counselors nearby 3. Counselors can speak to cother ounselors over distance if the have found walkies 4. Jason can hear counselors nearby 5. ... ? The other day I was playing and I was the last one alive and suddenly a voice on the chat said "I'm coming to get you, you ready?" and then Jason appeared and gutted me. I did NOT think Jason could speak to Counselors... I mean, Jason can't speak in the movies. Could it be some private lobby setting (never hosted one) or does Jason come accross some ability on higher levels that makes this possible or can he use the walkies? (This was on PS4 and I had joined a game party but I'm absolutely sure audio was switched to "In Game" 100%)
  11. I think this thing should be removed. I don't think in any movie Jason was talking with a Mickey Mouse voice or a 12 years old kid raging and making weird sounds... This thing kills all the creepy feelings..
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