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Found 8 results

  1. A poll to end all polls! This is a recurrent topic and most polls are biased or incomplete at best. So... I decided, why not! I am curious to see what the results will be. I will try to make this list as complete as possible within the limitations, there is a maximum of 20 options. Keep in mind you can vote for multiple characters! Here we go!
  2. Hello Everyone! I made this topic, because I am curious to know if other people agree with me on this one. Vanessa is (In my opinion) considered to be the best character, when I don't play with a proper team. I can just sprint with her as Jason follows me, her stamina barely runs out when sprinting. The big houses are good to avoid Jason for a few seconds to regain stamina and then repeat the same step, whenever Jason is chasing me. I'd only run with her, if Jason was shifting or if a window is near by me. I just find slower characters to struggle living for 8 mintues staight on their own, as Jason is chasing them.
  3. So it is impossible to add the feature of create your own counselor, but what about create your own Jason!!! I think is possible and it would be interesting and less boring of see all the same Jasons, I have seen many people saying "dbd is better because they have more killers" etc etc, but with this feature this game would destroy dbd. Imagine the feature of customize your own hockey mask, change color, make it damaged, not damaged, use a potato sack, etc. Customize the face of your unmasked Jason, how ugly he would be, customize his clothes, inspired in all versions of Jason. Another interesting thing would be "select your chase soundtrack" having a menu of various soundtracks for your Jason, select your weapon, executions, etc. what do you think?
  4. I've heard people talking about character backstories that are posted somewhere. Could someone tell me where I would find that?
  5. So here I am presenting this suggestion to you all. I mean spectating your teammates for the whole match because you died first sucks right? You hardly got any playtime, Jason killed you with an insta choke and now you have to sit here waiting all match, unless they call Tommy, but that's unlikely (From experience). Wouldn't it be great if you had another chance to come back and play some more? That's the basis of this suggestion. The original idea comes from a friend who's name is IGotNothing. Not sure if they're on this forum or not, but hey. I refined this idea a bit with some people on the Discord, so it's not completely terrible. The idea is that a police sheriff (possibly Sheriff Garris from part VI: Jason Lives?) arrives to replace a dead or escaped player at some point after the police have been called. For timings of when he would show up, I have a couple of suggestions to prevent him from just escaping with the police as soon as he spawns in. - He spawns in at the opposite exit to the police when they arrive, so he'd have some distance to cover before reaching them. Yes this doesn't make sense logically, but it slows down those kinds of players who escape with the police as soon as they spawn in as Tommy. - He spawns in at 2 minutes 30 seconds (Half way, obviously ) left on the police timer. He somehow happens to be closer to the camp than the other police, so gets there faster, or he was just prepared faster than the other officers. Stats wise he'd be like Kenny with 5 points in all stats. I do this for two reasons. One: I want everyone's playstyle to be able to be used with this character. Don't want a stealthy player to play as him and he has extremely low stealth, so they can't play stealthily. And two: He's no hero, at least not like Tommy Jarvis. He's just some police sheriff who had the guts to come out of the fog at the edge of the camp and help the counselors. Ok that's the idea. It was born from a personal desire to be able to play again in the match after being killed so soon. Of course there's always ways to not get killed immediately, and Quick Play games are generally over quickly due to lack of co-ordination between counselors, but in Private Matches things can drag on for a long time. Especially when the Jason knows what they're doing and everyone's trying to be co-ordinated. Feedback is appreciated, but please keep it constructive, and at least give a reasonable response as to why you don't like it, if you don't like it.
  6. I was thinking of a Toxic Avernger Jason with a mop as a weapon. He kind of looks like Jason. Does anyone have any other ideas?
  7. So i know the game just came out but i already had a idea for a new counselor. For future dlc or part of a update idk. The "Party boy" (john doe) no name at moment. He would have composure of 9 and high stamina. Other stats vary. What do you think about this counselor as a new addition.
  8. As of the Beta(and most likely the current build of the game), Jason could have 4 kills pre-selected for use in a match. During a match, the Jason player would press one of the ABXY or 1234 buttons to use a grab kill. While there are plenty of environmental kills to keep things fresh, often times the same few kills would be used and seen over and over again because it was often more reliable for Jason to mash 1234/ABXY than to walk over to an environment kill area and risk allowing the counselor to go free. My suggestion to increase the variety of kills seen in a match is to allow Jason to have 8 kills equipped for use in a match. How would this be done you ask? Easy: After grabbing a counselor, by default the first 4 kills are shown on the player's screen. Then, when the "Run/Fast Walk" button is pressed(this was SHIFT on a keyboard, it would be the equivalent button on a controller), or perhaps another appropriate button, a second overlay replaces the first 4 kills with 4 more kills selected from the Jason character select menu. I believe this is a simple and easy addition to the game that hopefully can be added in the first round of updates. If in the final game each Jason first starts with fewer than 8 kills, then the second overlay would have only as many kills as would then be currently available.