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Found 33 results

  1. Everytime I play the Offline Bots mode, I notice the bots would never do the boat and car repair not even go after the sweater from Jason's shack. Could this be adding content ? or this can be a patch fix ?
  2. Hey Fellas, will we get the Van from Part 3 with maybe 6 seats? would be an awesome detail !
  3. Since the recent patch driving is impossible and feels very clumpy. If we were going to nerf counselors this wasn’t the way to go.
  4. The car: Drives too slowly now Jason can grab you from the front of the car, even if you're running towards the back Sometimes after exiting the car, your counselor will not be able to use weapons or items If Jason places a trap in front of the car and you step in it, the same button used to get out of the trap is the same as to enter the car; God forbid you step into the car with the trap on and then be forced out of the car just to finish getting out of the trap - or become glitched into the car permanently with the trap attached to you. (Should make the button to access the car door disappear or have the counselor only be able to interact with the trap, once set off) Gains acceleration and easily veers off into random objects with the slightest lag spike Will crash into invisible trees Traps (counselor placed): Now disappear if disarmed (why?!) Some traps now spawn in already activated Jason: Still can't break down a door without encountering problems Part 7 Jason needs a revamp - It's ludicrous to give him Sense as a strength and then give him shift and can't run as a weakness. What's the point of being able to see people more but not be able to catch them?! Morph is horrible, it should send Jason where Jason wants to go, not 30 feet away Counselors: Voices are off - you will often hear them portray each other's voices when screaming, yelling, or dying. This also affects Tommy Jarvis Skills Check/Repair Wheel: Occasionally when the 2-seater spawns at Stillwater on Higging Haven Small, the Skills Check for the gas will push the counselor back once started and do so multiple times, basically until you get lucky and it allows you to finish Allows counselors to back out of the wheel repeatedly, until a 'good' one is found. (Not really complaining because I do this all the time, but it's kind of nerfy for Jason. It'd be more challenging if when you back out of the wheel it alerts Jason as a failed attempt; as technically that's what it was) Items: Too. Many. Shotguns. (mainly on small maps) Too. Many. Pocketknives. (mainly on small maps) Not enough items spawn on the Jarvis House map, for how big it is. (Literally checked a whole section before on that map... only found melee weapons and one health spray; at the start of the round) Windows: Still are a safe-haven for counselors - Jason should be able to grab a counselor out of the animation Exploits: On the Jarvis House map, there is a glitch in the water near the bridge on it's left side at Fire Branch that makes counselors invincible to Jason. The counselors are standing/swimming, it's similar to the old rock glitch on Higgins Haven These are just what I feel should be fixed or altered
  5. So this just happened. None of us could get the other side to the police. The car blocks it completely and makes it impossible. Luckily (though it sucks too) the Jason wasn't active and we ended up surviving until the end. But can we get a fix for this? Or is there one in the works? Maybe allowing passengers being able to slide over to the driver's seat when the driver's seat is empty? (I think that might have been brought up before, but this is a good reason for it)
  6. I have played for ages and was mostly always good at stopping the car in either direction. Since the patch, I've had a much more difficult time stopping the car with shift. Often times I'm doing what I used to and it's just not stopping. (I have only been experiencing this the last few days). Has anyone else noticed this?
  7. With the newest patch and change to trap placements, it has given an advantage to counselors and made traps not as effective for jason. I am fine with having the stacking of traps removed but as jason, he should be able to place traps side by side to block off the fuse box or car objectives. As many people know, counselors can avoid traps at objective points by standing the furthest point away on the side with the action prompt showing and will allow the counselor to complete the objective and completely avoid the trap.So if traps are going to require spaces between them then Gun/Iffonic need to fix the raidus from which a counselor can start the action prompt for repairing items so that they can exploit their way around the trap.If Jason has a trap right in front of the fuse box (the spot where a counselor crouches to repair it) then the counselor should not be able to stand off to the side and complete the repair while not hitting the trap. Just my thoughts.
  8. One of the major problems in the survival horror games like Friday the 13th Game and especially Dead by Daylight (using it as an example) is that the killer camps the objectives, like Jason putting 4 traps by the phone box and effectively patrolling around the vehicles. Which kills the fun for the rest of the 8 players. So what I propose is make the objectives invisible on the map like the car/boat and phone box for BOTH counselors AND Jason, and make the vehicles more randomized. The power generators should be on Jason's map, but not for the counselors, since knocking out the power is kind of Jason's thing, but by removing the objectives on the mini map, this forces all players, including Jason to roam around a lot more and not just directly at the objectives -- which makes it a tedious camp-fest (pun not intended). When a counselor fails a skill check on repairing a vehicle or phone box, then it should appear on Jason's map, or when a counselor manages to actually start the vehicle, then it should also appear on everyone's map. Right now, the current state of the game, when you start playing, it's safe to assume that most Jason players go directly to the phone box on the map and lay down several traps on it, then patrols directly to the car(s) or boat, during the early stages of the game, and every counselor feels safe, because they know Jason will be around that area. By making the objectives invisible, this should make the game a lot more intense and scary, because of Jason's location will be truly unknown. Thank You guys, for making an incredible enjoyable game.
  9. This is probably already in the game, (or there's a thread for this already and I just couldn't find it), but I just haven't noticed it but I think there should be bonus XP if you're the driver of a car with people in it, perhaps +150 per counselor that escapes with you. I've seen way too many games when Jason is absolutely nowhere near and an AJ drives off completely alone in the 4 seater when they pass everyone without even teasing pickup. This could promote more teamwork instead of some actual little kid saying 'LOL bye' and passing by everyone.
  10. I was sad to see that in the emotes released there weren't actions to indicate the objectives. Phone: Pinky and thumb raised to the side of your face. Car: Hands at 10' and 2', or 9' and 3' o clock positions, slightly out in front of you with a bit of turning motion. Boat: Oar rowing motions going back and forth from left and right. That way if you need to indicate you know where something is or need to ask if someone knows where it is without making noise you could get the idea across pretty easy.
  11. I get Jason has to plant them and they are 'hidden' but surely if you notice them you should be able to throw a stick into them or set them off without getting caught. For me, I have the med spray and use a med spray twice perks so I don't normally mind but it's always so annoying seeing apart 2 Jason picked knowing the fuse box is gonna have up to four traps placed at it. When I say annoying, I'm going off my partner, friends, and not so much myself because of my perks. It's hardly game breaking and not a major issue compare to others but thoughts?
  12. I would really love if we were able to run Jason over with the car, it would make it for some extremely exciting moments, like instead of when you hit Jason he automatically does the smash animation it should be, the only way he smashes the car is if he hits the button comand at the right time and when hes coming out of shift. And I also would LOVE if they gave Jason more ways to attack besides just grabbing for a kill animation and/or slashing, what if Jason could grab counselors and throw them across the room, that would be great, or back hand them the way he did Kelly Rowland in Freddy vs Jason. It would certainly help when a group of counselors surround Jason and jump him lol
  13. I would really love if we were able to run Jason over with the car, it would make it for some extremely exciting moments, like instead of when you hit Jason he automatically does the smash animation it should be, the only way he smashes the car is if he hits the button comand at the right time and when hes coming out of shift. And I also would LOVE if they gave Jason more ways to attack besides just grabbing for a kill animation and/or slashing, what if Jason could grab counselors and throw them across the room, that would be great, or back hand them the way he did Kelly Rowland in Freddy vs Jason. It would certainly help when a group of counselors surround Jason and jump him lol
  14. So in the general discussion forum there is a post about what people think about a motorcycle escape. I think it is a great idea personally. I am also posting this here in the suggestion, well because that is what it is and I have extended ideas on the matter. I also link the original motorcycle post in the bottom. I have searched threads to see where this thought I have will go, maybe someone can place it for me or direct me. Here it is: Add the motorcycle escape, but also have different repairs for things. Like perhaps 3 motorcycle escapes but they require different parts or have different problems. Such as repair tire like they used to have in the game. Fix brake line (could use the wrench weapon but when taken to bike a mini-game pops up to repair). Fill Gas, Keys, Headlight, etc. There could be various options and then it wouldn't be ridiculously fast or easy to get out even if they each only had 2 repairs because you'd have to find the corresponding vehicle. Same goes with car escapes, I feel having different repairs could be fun and would stop people complaining about me putting battery/gas in 2 seat car when I found it there. Also along with different repairs, the different repair characters would be better at certain things. Not trying to be a person that judges, but Deb and Eric look like book smart people that don't typically work on cars so maybe they aren't as good at the mechanical repairs but are still great at electrical such as fuse, generator, battery and things like that. Then make AJ and Adam better at the mechanical repairs such as(if added) Tires, brakes, perhaps door or just anything that would feel more true to their characters. Just some thoughts and I think it'd be fun and they already had the tire thing in the game before so i don't think it'd be hard to put in. I know people will destroy this suggestion as they do most things on here. Again, if you know of a similar suggestion and this belongs somewhere else please let me know, I looked and couldn't find it. Here is the discussion in the General Discussion Forum:
  15. Hey guys I really only made this account to suggest a cool environmental kill I thought of. I call it "mechanic" anyways this is an environmental kill where if the hood to the car is open, then Jason can shove a councilor's head into the engine and then smash it to a paste.
  16. For me the A button on xbox is the same button to start the car as well as getting out so my friends and I sometimes have a problem with starting the car it'll make you get out instead maybe make the car starting rt? Just a thought
  17. With respect, please fix the following exploit/cheat: There is a bug/exploit that counselors are capitalizing on called "Car Surfing". This bug is detailed/explained here, time stamp included: The way it works is this: When inside of a vehicle, push the button to exit, then QUICKLY enter combat stance, attack, then cancel the attack with block. If you do this, you will be "floating" inside of the car and can ultimately exit where ever you wish. The only way Jason can counter this is to either shift to the counselor or hope the counselor re-enters the car at a seat that he has access to. You can also use this technique to get on top of the car and not fall off while the car is being driven, allowing you to also shoot from to roof of the vehicle. Please fix this bug so we Jason's don't have to deal with this cheaty nonsense.
  18. After exiting the car that was smashed by Jason and throwing firecrackers, I got stuck between Jason and the car with no way to run away OR get back in the car.
  19. If you're Jason and you end up pulling another player out of a car, and another player hits you with a High Stun chance weapon and succeeds in the stun. You will be forced out of the map, and just keep clipping out until the game doesn't even register you alive. The greatest thing is when everyone laughs over their microphones because they completed the bug and lived, even though their survival was futile. It annoys me that I don't see this bug posted because its existed since start, guess people either don't know how the bug is done or they just want an easy way to beat Jason. I'm not entirely sure how it is possible but the game that I played recently it was an Adam and a Chad in the 4 Door. I pulled Chad out of the Driver's seat whilst the other player was running, Chad then yelled on his Microphone "hit him, hit him" in the middle of the pulling animation as soon as I got him out I was hit with a baseball bat, Chad escaped and I flew straight out of the map before I had the ability to morph back into the map.
  20. The video explains it all https://www.twitch.tv/videos/159821499
  21. One of the most irritating aspects of stopping a car escape is the fact that a full car will have kids coming out strapped like a scene out of the Warriors. swinging and fighting and stunlocking Jason, often making an intercept pointless. I understand good teamwork, but with thick skin active (even post nerf), and a variety of stuns coming at once, the "fear" factor of the car escape is practically gone. I recommend making the effects of being in a car wreck more realistic. When a counselor suffers a crash, they should take damage, scaling high to low based on the speed the car is going. If a driver is going top speed and comes to an immediate stop, the damage should reflect the consequences of a wreck. This would make a car escape as suspenseful as a boat escape and would help balance the encounter of 1 v 4 when everyone gets out. Crashing a car should have consequences outside of "ok, restart the car, please" ....ok, flame on.
  22. As jason While attacking several counselors at the blue car I was stunned multiple times and the last time while standing beside the car I was launched across the entire map from the northern location where the car was to the southern area and dropped in water and only stopped when the stun ended. This was on PS4
  23. I was playing in a match and we had a team killer in the car. The Jason that was playing didn't want to be Jason so players were trying to kill him since he didn't really care, I fixed the car and got it ready. All they needed was the sweater and since I knew where the hut was I got the sweater, the team killer messed up the kill and he then killed Tommy. I didn't notices him killing Tommy till after I notices his dead body when I was driving. I figured I would let Jason kill the team killer in the back seat so I started driving to hand him over (Don't know if that's against the rules since the whole lobby was cool and everyone was having a good time) However before we could hand him over he left the game. Which then caused the car to flip out of control (I have the video so I'll get that to show) The car then was labeled destroyed. My only guess to what happened is that when he left the car was destroyed. I haven't be able to test this out since it's just me and my brother but am I the only one who had this happen? Also Jason killed the two of us since we were too busy laughing so hard. Here is the video
  24. When I sit in the car (as driver) and look at my map to know where to go, I can't close the map anymore. So I can't do anything, neither starting the car or leaving... Just gotta wait to be killed... Happend to me several times
  25. So we found this out, if you park the car near the campfire so that the driver's door is right beside the campfire Jason can't grab the driver. In fact, if he tries then it glitches the driver and the driver's camera goes inside of him and Jason can't grab him.
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