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Found 1 result

  1. Hey there everyone, been on the steam discussions and came up with two ideas that might help improve the game. They are pretty raw and perhaps not that well thought out but still here we go... 1 - Usable canoes and oars that can be used on the canoes or weapons. Have usable canoes spawnable in matches. with the oars have them needed to use the canoes but also can be used as a weapon against Jason. I am thinking of them having good range with okay stun power but they break in like one hit thus making them useless for escape so that gives the players a dilemma, either use the oar to fight off a chasing Jason or protect it to use on the canoe. The canoes can be used by one person or two people. if one person is in the boat the speed of said boat is super slow but if two people are in it then the speed is double that. Also the speed could be variable like walking/jogging vs running but just like with running rowing quickly speeds you up but also drains stamina. Even if there are two people in the canoe rowing quickly though they are still considerably slower than the motor boat. True adding canoes would add more opportunities to escape but even if multiple canoes were in the water going for an escape but with their decreased speed and an attentive Jason with his increased speed could easily catch them. So how would Jason know that people are escaping via canoe? well having an moving icon on the map would be too easy for Jason so I am thinking while they are on the shore they show up on his map but once they are on the water those icons disappear. That will clue him in on it while not spoiling their exact location. Once he is in the water though his ability to sense them is tied to the speed they are rowing and their fear level. If they are rowing slow and Jason is outside their area then they can be invisible to him but if he gets close enough to raise their fear or if they are rowing fast (making louder splashing noises) then that will let him find them easier. 2 - An honors system and lobby kick function for hardcore teamkillers Now this one might be pretty controversial. To me there is a difference between normal game friendly (and lore friendly) griefing and straight up trolls. Like take for instance if two players are being chased by Jason and knowing that one or the other he will catch one player hits and wounds the other, thus ensuring the slower person will probably be the victim while he hopefully escapes. Another one is the sort of player that will take a newly fixed car and just drives off leaving everyone else in the dust. Both of these leaves a chance of survival, the injured player could get mercy from Jason or use a knife or fireworks to elude him long enough to heal, if the griefer takes the car then there is still a chance to escape via other means. In both cases that players behavior is lore friendly cause in 80s slashers there is always that slimy character who would push his mother out in front of Jason if that gives him a chance to escape. Then there are sadly those that either with Jason or with another counselor kills every other counselor in the match before leaving the map themselves. While the former can happen in game and not necessarily ruin the game for everyone else this group can and does ruin the enjoyment of the match for the rest of the group. its the idea of the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, the larger group wanting a fun match is more important than the one or two people that are in it "for the lulz". While the former group still allows for enjoyment of most of the others in the match this group sacrifices the enjoyment of everyone for their singular enjoyment. So how could this be curbed? I think that if there is a way for them to track stats then have a system in place to track the amount of team kills in a match, if player X reaches a certain amount of team kills in proportion to the matches they have been in in lets just say one week he or she is temporarily labeled a potential troll. The level should be high enough to excuse those who accidentally team kill or those who occasionally do it but low enough that habitual trolls are flagged. once a player is flagged his or her name will have a notation next to it for that period that says "USERNAME (is a dead f***)", a nice little nod to crispen glover in F13th Part 4. Then when a user like that enters a lobby for a match others in the lobby can vote to kick the user from the lobby or not, if a certain percentage of players don't want a big time troll in their match then out he or she goes from that match. Heck I wouldn't even mind that there be an option for those trolls to be able to choose an option to where if they are having a hard time getting into a match while flagged he or she can choose to go to a flagged lobby just for the trolls so they can play with other players like them. That way they still will be able to play and have their fun but also ensures that the worst of them don't have a chance to make matches for normal users miserable. As I said this could be temporary though so that if the player decides to get some more matches under his or her belt to lower that match to team kill ratio below the limit he or she is no longer flagged and can then go back into normal matches without the others having the option to kick him or her. Thanks for reading and feel free to point out where you might agree or disagree with my ideas.
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