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Found 2 results

  1. So now that the game is out and we know how Jason works I want to take the time to think about how to make Roy fit into the killer's role in this game. Now since Roy Burns is a copycat killer imitating Jason he can be used as just another Jason in this game, and I don't think the changes the team would have to make for him would be anywhere near as expensive or time consuming as making Pamela playable. Roy's super human feats are on par with Jason's in Parts 2 & 3 and I don't see any problem with Roy performing the ability's Jason shows in this game as Roy is strong enough to lift a person one handed and burst though doors just like in this game. (The teleport in a gameplay mechanic not an in lore power) There is really only one problem I see with making Roy a playable killer, and it's Pamela. For Jason his mother Pamela acts as his narrator and her shrine acts as his spawn room. But Roy has no connection to Pamela, he kills for his son Joey not Jason's mom, so it wouldn't make sense for Roy to hear her voice in his head or to hang out with her head. When it comes to the narration I see two options here, either we just just mute it for Roy or we replace the voice of Pam with Joey to motivate him. Now I think we can keep the shack as a spawn for Roy to act as his hideout but the shrine to Pam would have to be replaced for something else, again it should be probably be something related to Joey (Warning if you don't want to know how to kill Jason) Highlight below. So the to kill Jason you need to take his mask, Pam's sweater, and have Tommy hit him with a machete. The part about the sweater is the only part here I think needs to change. As I said the shrine to Pamela should be replace with something relating to Joey, so maybe instead sweater stunning him we could use something that makes him think of his son like picture of him, his hoodie, or a chocolate bar
  2. I've been thinking, if, and that's a big IF, this game generates enough cash for Gunmedia to feel safe to add DLC, what could they do to make interesting Jason DLC? for example. part 5/Roy Burns is infamous for being a copycat, so i'd say if he ever becomes playable, it would make sense that he talks/thinks to himself instead of hearing Pamela's voice, he never was a mommy-boy like Jason was, and was clearly capable of speaking, he just refused as long he "played" Jason. or maybe another what-if Jason? back then there was an idea to make Tommy Jarvis the next Copycat-Jason, could also make another interesting Jason to play as. any other idea's that would make an interesting what-if Jason or interesting spin on the Jason's from the movies that didn't make the cut? again, this is only brainstorming and speculating since it's unclear as of now if this game even will have any extra DLC.
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