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Found 17 results

  1. I saw this pop up in another topic and thought the data collected would help the developers out. Keep an eye on this one @mattshotcha.
  2. Don't get me wrong, i use knives all the time and they are a great weapon, but, how about if the Knives intead of hurting the counselor, make them more slow to run or jog? (Till they use a spray) knife make counselors 3% or maybe 5% more slow, that way the knives could be a lot more useful
  3. I Think that Jason Should have perks, like running/power walking speed (5% or 10%) stunt resistance, weapon damage, grab, etc, what do you think.
  4. Something I'd love to be able to do is close doors when I am Jason to allow better chance for those Stalk mode jumpscares. Open doors can be a sign you've been there as Jason, being able to close them could allow you to cover your tracks better and remain undiscovered. Having a counselor open a bathroom door to find you standing there would be an amazing jumpscare opportunity!
  5. I've seen it brought up a lot and I'm curious if the team has actually said anything about if the upcoming engine upgrade will help in fixing the weapon hitboxes, and hopefully fix the entirety of windows period. The Jason 7 buff is a nice change too even if I think he should have +morph instead of +sense now because three traps and no run coupled with his soon to be neutral shift and morph just make him a weaker Jason 3. This came to mind again while thinking about the hitboxes because even Jason 7 has wonky hitboxes which is just another thing that hinders him as of now. Though it's an issue with every Jason especially 6 whose longer weapon reach doesn't seem that long at all.
  6. Hey this an edit of the original post where I tweaked a few ideas on this buff or rework. Right now I'm working on unique buff ideas for each Jason so people just choose P9. I'm open for constructive criticism and ideas. Possession is a new passive ability exclusive to Part 9 Jason where Jason can possess the corpse of a counselor he has killed. This ability would replace Stalk and maybe Rage Mode. How it works is a button prompt will appear over a corpse which, when pressed Jason will disappear, the corpse would regain all limbs and heal all injuries then stand up with Jason controlling them. The counselor wouldn't be affected by fear, would have infinite stamina, and max stats. In counselor form Jason cannot shift or morph however he is always in Stalk and doing repairs would sabotage objectives making them take much longer to complete for other counselors. Jason will also be able to climb through windows in this form but when grabs a counselor his body explodes blood before turning back into Jason, now ability to kill his prey. I know what you may be thinking, "this is OP" and to that I say good. Jason should be OP with some restrictions which can be in place with lack of morph and shift in counselor for and with stalk and rage being taken away. Well you maybe thinking "if Jason uses then it's a free kill" and to that I say no. Jason in counselor form wouldn't be able to pick up weapons and friendly fire. The only things he could do is sneak into cabins, sabotage and the grab which would blow his cover. "Everyone would just play part 9 Jason all the time" well I'm working on a solution for that by giving each Jason a unique buff. This idea is for fans of horror, suspense and need a challenge as counselor. I'm open for constructive criticism with your thoughts and opinions on how this could be tweaked. ----------------------------------------------------- In summary Jason Strengths: - Shift - Stun Resistance - Possession Weaknesses: - Can't Run - Low Hp - Traps Possession Form Strengths: - Counselor Map - Stalk - Max Stats - Infinite Stamina - Window Climbing - Sabotage Weaknesses: - No Shift - No Morph - Stun Resistance - Low Defense
  7. Anyone else think that Jason is so weak? He gets hit by a stick and he is knocked down, but if you hit a Survivor with the Axe, machete, fireaxe, pickaxe, etc, they can Still running, The game is suppose to get to the Survivor and kill them, not having a group of survivors hitting you until the time is over or you rage quit, is so shitty being Jason Now
  8. HI everyone, I'm new to the forums. Still a bit new to the game. I bought it at release and played to about level 15. Then put it down because of work and a move. Anyway I've been playing pretty steady now for about 3 weeks and I had some questions that I haven't seen answered in the forums (yes I used the search). 1. Does anyone play as a buffing character? I've tried to perk out the different counselors for different play styles (I'm a fixer main). So when it came time to perk out Jenny I decided to give her Friendship, Teamwork and Marathon. Figuring that early in a map I would find a group of counselors and stick with them, improving us as a group. Does anyone play like this? Are you effective? It is hard to measure if this is a viable strategy even if I've escaped a few times. 2. "I lift things up and put them down". Maybe this seams evident, or maybe not to most people on the random matches I play. I mentioned I normally main a fixer and sometime I run into other repair parts when I'm trying to complete a differnt objective. Such as the gas when I'm already carrying the propeller. Whenever I come across a part no matter my situation (Jason is at the door so I need to be armed) I pick up and put down the item so it shows up on the map. Of course I'm doing this to help out the team. Does anyone have an argument against doing this? 3. As a fixer main I would like to repair power boxes but I can never seem to find them besides dumb luck. Does anyone have a strategy for finding power boxes? Also is there a good spot on the forum to find a crew, team, guild? I would love to lower the frequency of my randoms. Thanks for reading. GrandMoff
  9. While all of us Jason players do feel the sting of all the nerfs Jason has had to deal with it is a great feeling when you wipe the floor with a trash talker or arrogant counselor. Here is a match i had playing as Jason and the final counselor kill was so satisfying especially when he hops out a window and actually says "Later Fool". As soon as he said that my mind set was i don't think so buddy. Hope you guys like and would love to hear everyone's thoughts.
  10. Okay, am I the only one that thinks the grab nerf was totally unneeded? It's so easy to get away from Jason, it's honestly brainless at this point. I escape every game because I literally have to be inside of Jason for him to grab me. It's also extremely underwhelming to play him now, I will shift into someone and grab right in front of them and it won't grab them. It feels really underpowered for his best ability. I suggest that we rebuff his grab because it's ridiculous bad. I also think that the amount of pocket knives that spawn with the newest virtual cabin patch is absolutely absurd. I got pocket knifed 9 times in one game and my friend had 2 more making that 11. That is wayyy too many. I fell like the devs forgot about the roots to their own game! This game is supposed to be hard and ugly as a counselor. You have to be a team but also only do things for yourself. Survival isn't supposed to be pretty when there's a psycho murderer chasing you. Now it's way too easy. The amount of ranged weapons around the map that spawn at campsites are ridiculous. There is always a pocket knife, a shotgun, and a med spray at every camp. Wasn't it supposed to be hard to find these things? The Game practically hands things to you now. Where is the difficulty in the game. You were supposed to be lucky to survive. If the devs keep going down this road they are going to destroy the main character of the game. This game isn't about A.J. Jason or Eric Lachappa, it's about Jason. They are making the person the game is about terrible and it's honestly not fun at all.
  11. This is a random thing to talk about but i really think jenny needs a buff to her strength because what final girl isn't strong if you know what a mean *insert winky face*. I love jenny myers but her strength so bad (if you didn't know, her strength is 1/10) GUN MEDIA. PLEASE. BUFF. THIS.
  12. So idk why this wasn't added in the first place, but why not add Jason grabbing people through windows, but the cost of being in stalk mode! Jason has grabbed people through windows before in the movies but why not in the game? Also what about another way of making peoples fear higher? like dragging a body and placing it somewhere? Good ideas? Let me know.
  13. Hello, guys i will submit you some ideas i got that may be changed. 1. The change i suggest for the cars is to be destructible after jason stop it at least three times or instant with rage mode as the game has a design when a car is destroyed. 2. More locations should be added for phone box mostly on Jarvis House where the phone only is on downside map only + a change need to be applied from both side ( Jason And Counselors ) slower the time to call police or add a new feature. 3. Same thing as phone box more locations should be added some closer others farthest but not in phone box house. 4. Same as cars. 5. Here the badge system need a revamp badge should awards us with CP for completing them and be able to use them as a patch for characters or something like that. 6. Traps need a buff in Jason side when counselors is disarming traps with pocket knife a QTE should activated if succeding the pocket knife won't be destroy or doesn't alert jason second options seem better as the first one will buff counselors and Tommy if you fail he break pocket knife and alert jason strength or composure should make the mini game easier when stepping in a trap both Jason and counselors side make a new feature for other counselor to help to break free from the traps. 7. For Jason one perk slot should be added and allow us to change weapon for perk example one perk allow running Jason to run a little faster to counter running counselors to make them sprint more often. What do you think this game is very good overall objectives should be rework to allow more teamwork as well to add more weapons axe mostly. Edit : I noticed that weapon range need to be buff Jason Side and hit detection fixed for counselor mostly when save grab someone too much and also sometime when fighting him.
  14. I'm proposing a new buff instead of the old grab system. Comment your ideas below!
  15. Yes, this is what you readed. How about hack a counselor until they enter in a crippled state and finally do the grab? I always liked it. It gave a chance for counselors to struggle before they died. But the current attack button has long recovery frames in normal stance and a slow startup in Combat Stance. Buff Jason's weapon attack! Edit: About the counselors having medic spray, just attack them before the healing animation ends.
  16. Make it so that your composure stat makes it so that the first time and/or second time you are grabbed, the time before jason can use a weapon/hand on kill takes half the time your composure stat is. Example: Jenny's composure is 10, so Jason cannot select a grab kill for 5 seconds. Chads is 1, so Jason cannot select a grab kill for 0.5 seconds. This will most likely not be added to the game but it was just a creative idea I had Edit: The jason player will still be able to use enviornmental kills, just not the grab kills.
  17. I've been found by a Jason while hiding inside a tent. No, not because he walked past me and heard me. He teleported right towards me from pretty much the other side of the map. Now, I can't tell if a traitor gave me away since I was the last man standing, but in general I found it inevitable to find hiding counselors as Jason. You can't even walk past their bed/closet without hearing a "HHRUUUGHH!!!!" that makes you think a rocket is starting right next to you. So, I'd not only regulate down their general noise inside hiding spots, but also give them bigger lungs OR a silent breathing mode creating few noise and using up your "hold breath" bar slower. If making them more silent is too much, do it that way: The longer Jason stands still next to their hideout, the louder he should hear them in there. This helps staying secret when he's just passing through. About markers: You should not be marked by sense while hiding outside a building (e.g. in a tent) unless Jason is in closer proximity (5 metred?), no matter your fear level in order to actually allow for it to be a viable escape tactic - since there is almost no escape from an undistracted Jason as of right now. (Yet remember that he can see you getting into those spots, depending on the situation) The "Please don't see me"s and other variants, though, are just fine since they're meant to give you away.
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