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Found 13 results

  1. trying to start the boat, & the damn thing isnt showing you the prompt? rotate your camera around so its aimed at the front your character while youre on the boat. the prompt shall then appear. also, when ya get out of the car, tap the action button a few times to unlock your items/weapons when it gets jammed up. just dont be too close to the car door when you do so. much easier than dropping your weapon to break the interaction lock. works on xbox. not sure about the other platforms.
  2. Everytime I play the Offline Bots mode, I notice the bots would never do the boat and car repair not even go after the sweater from Jason's shack. Could this be adding content ? or this can be a patch fix ?
  3. So I've noticed that Jason hears the cars when they start, yet he can't hear the boat when it starts. Is this intentional or a bug?
  4. ? I like this game , but, one little toggle Right or Left gets your ass stuck on a rock or worst case -->my last match: me and a poor old newb drowned by Jason. Please, we know the dedication to making it likely that (just like the movies) at best, 2 counselors survive with some stabs and limps, BUT, ironically the rare chance (unless you play 8-10hrs per bloated sitting/gaming) you get to a boat or car undetected then try to escape out of that map,.... Maybe your the last counselor who fought his way past Jason's volleys,, well the last thing you want is movie like STUPIDITY - purposely programmed into the mechanics of the BOAT or car. GUN ! We know "movie teens" in horror movies "twenty somethings" from that genre FILM? are engineered for spectator gawk fetishes.... But my god, we're gamers not sloppy steerers?... Horrible! Siskel and Ebert gave some of the movies of Friday the 13th franchise low depressing scores because of how depressing it was that--> Killer kills, 1 survivor out of a dozen or more. That was a paraphrase. What value is that to a gamer? Whether a player plays to escape, beat up Jason, BOTH , drive around, walk around in a sort of surreal experience that 10% resembles some of these movie recollections (not that it has to come close to movie experience or that you designers are doing a bad job aesthetically -- contrary GREAT JOB AESTHETICALLY!!?). The blueprint and tropes of stupid driver in horror flick is pretty degrading to gamers, not to the movie goer which I am both of these consumers! Well, the feeling one gets from being engulfed by one of their weekly entertainment values by barely escaping or teamworking is good, not great or sub par, it's just good, after a gym workout or work temperatures of 100 degrees where I live; what value does it hold to loose over and over then get the boat and die, due to some patch which made the worst gaming driving or boating experience WORSE?! That's where I start thinking of how valueless it becomes HEARING Siskel and Ebert's criticisms and repeated words depressing, depressing. The people are playing to have fun - generally. They play to be in a "fantasy world" walking around beating up Jason, escaping by run/boat/ car, to be within a few feet from Jason's own breath. And yes, "some of them want to be abused" some play to be the closest to a serial inhuman killer with "magic" powers of appearing out of nowhere (just like the movies) great, it is after all 8 counselors taking up space on a given map within a time frame of 19min and 30 or 45 seconds. Just please fix this boat and car steering. Not that getting stuck unable to interact with any friggin' items and fixtures isn't right out frustrating or inexcusable as well.
  5. I think instead of two cars, there should always be a boat and a car on every map. It takes forever to get boat related badges, especially for Jason. Also, it would make boat perks more relevant. I think it makes the game more challenging in a good way too because there aren't double of every part you need when there is a boat. Anyone else agree?
  6. So I have played games with a boat before, and I have never heard the boat start up as Jason. Is there a boat noise that's just really quiet, or is there none at all? I only hear the boat when somebody messes up on repairs.
  7. One of the major problems in the survival horror games like Friday the 13th Game and especially Dead by Daylight (using it as an example) is that the killer camps the objectives, like Jason putting 4 traps by the phone box and effectively patrolling around the vehicles. Which kills the fun for the rest of the 8 players. So what I propose is make the objectives invisible on the map like the car/boat and phone box for BOTH counselors AND Jason, and make the vehicles more randomized. The power generators should be on Jason's map, but not for the counselors, since knocking out the power is kind of Jason's thing, but by removing the objectives on the mini map, this forces all players, including Jason to roam around a lot more and not just directly at the objectives -- which makes it a tedious camp-fest (pun not intended). When a counselor fails a skill check on repairing a vehicle or phone box, then it should appear on Jason's map, or when a counselor manages to actually start the vehicle, then it should also appear on everyone's map. Right now, the current state of the game, when you start playing, it's safe to assume that most Jason players go directly to the phone box on the map and lay down several traps on it, then patrols directly to the car(s) or boat, during the early stages of the game, and every counselor feels safe, because they know Jason will be around that area. By making the objectives invisible, this should make the game a lot more intense and scary, because of Jason's location will be truly unknown. Thank You guys, for making an incredible enjoyable game.
  8. I was sad to see that in the emotes released there weren't actions to indicate the objectives. Phone: Pinky and thumb raised to the side of your face. Car: Hands at 10' and 2', or 9' and 3' o clock positions, slightly out in front of you with a bit of turning motion. Boat: Oar rowing motions going back and forth from left and right. That way if you need to indicate you know where something is or need to ask if someone knows where it is without making noise you could get the idea across pretty easy.
  9. So in the general discussion forum there is a post about what people think about a motorcycle escape. I think it is a great idea personally. I am also posting this here in the suggestion, well because that is what it is and I have extended ideas on the matter. I also link the original motorcycle post in the bottom. I have searched threads to see where this thought I have will go, maybe someone can place it for me or direct me. Here it is: Add the motorcycle escape, but also have different repairs for things. Like perhaps 3 motorcycle escapes but they require different parts or have different problems. Such as repair tire like they used to have in the game. Fix brake line (could use the wrench weapon but when taken to bike a mini-game pops up to repair). Fill Gas, Keys, Headlight, etc. There could be various options and then it wouldn't be ridiculously fast or easy to get out even if they each only had 2 repairs because you'd have to find the corresponding vehicle. Same goes with car escapes, I feel having different repairs could be fun and would stop people complaining about me putting battery/gas in 2 seat car when I found it there. Also along with different repairs, the different repair characters would be better at certain things. Not trying to be a person that judges, but Deb and Eric look like book smart people that don't typically work on cars so maybe they aren't as good at the mechanical repairs but are still great at electrical such as fuse, generator, battery and things like that. Then make AJ and Adam better at the mechanical repairs such as(if added) Tires, brakes, perhaps door or just anything that would feel more true to their characters. Just some thoughts and I think it'd be fun and they already had the tire thing in the game before so i don't think it'd be hard to put in. I know people will destroy this suggestion as they do most things on here. Again, if you know of a similar suggestion and this belongs somewhere else please let me know, I looked and couldn't find it. Here is the discussion in the General Discussion Forum:
  10. So basically it's a bug that can only be viewed if you are quick enough to switch to people who have escaped on the boat. If you are normally watching people escape on a boat or really any vehicle, the camera stops and the counselors go off to safety. If you switch the camera and somehow land back to them once they passed the escape point, the camera will continue to be on them until the game ends. It's a little thing I just found after playing around with the camera switching after seeing people escape. Switched too fast and came back to the people on the boat. I'll try and see if it also happens to people in the car, but I do remember something like that happening a little earlier. Just didn't know the steps to reproduce the viewing of it like I do now. So basically it goes like this, at least on PS4.... Be dead or have escaped Have a scenario happen where there are counselors about to escape and counselors hiding/doing other things (I think it might also work if you can switch between the escaping counselors, which might work if the counselors escaping are the only ones). Watch the counselors doing other things while also somewhat keeping an eye on the escaping counselors Once the escaping counselors breach the escape point, start changing your camera to the counselors doing nothing and then to the escaping counselors as you now have a brief window before the escaping counselors join you in the afterlife Watch as the boat or car continue on to the outside map. Interestingly when they reach an area where they might fall off the map and into that place where Jasons sometimes die, the boat turns around and keeps on going. PSN ID is Snipe4Life15. It's really easy to reproduce as long as you switch cameras in that small window of time.
  11. Alright so i haven't seen much of this, but "+water speed" on any jason needs to change and this is why. The boat is the highest risk escape you can do, and the reason for it is any +water jason that exists. Now, if he's not in the game that's one thing, but it still doesn't FIX the issue with boat escapes. For one, you're completely defenceless. There's no middle way here. If you get tipped over in the boat, you die. Unless that jason decides to just let you live, but that's arbitrary and isn't an argument that's viable. Once jason catches the boat, it's gg. you have no way to fight in the water, you have no way to fight in the boat, you're just fucked. Now, +water speed jasons have the added problem with being LITERALLY FASTER THAN THE GODDAMN BOAT. So this means that if jason hears you starting the boat (he will/should), you have no way of escape. You can at best ditch the boat and hope to come back with the boat still being functionable. If you have to restart it, tough luck you just have to ditch it again. Now the reason this is a problem is because it's so horribly unbalanced game wise. The Part 2/3 jasons can run, and is therefore a bigger problem when you're talking about the car, since they are quicker to get in position to have you crash into it when driving. however, a skilled driver can still AVOID the jasons that run (and everyone else obviously) and make an escape. Worst case scenario, you are able to get out of t he car and maybe stave of jason for the precious seconds needed to get the car running again. This is completely irrelevant when trying ot escape by boat as mentioned earlier. if your boat gets pushed, you're dead in the water. So as it is, the boat is fundamentally broken. If it spawns in with +water speed jason, you have effectively automatically eliminated one type of escape just by choosing the correct jason, and i don't see how that's good game balancing as it is. Either the boat needs to change, or you need ot add some kind of countermeasure to it so the drivers have some kind of chance at escaping even with jason there, equal to the car. With +water speed, they don't have to outplay you or anything, they can just...swim up to you. Yes, jason needs to be op, but no, he doesn't need to automatically deny an escape measure just for having chosen the "correct" option when starting a match. Also we really need more ways to escape as a sidenote. 1 man escapes, 2 man, you name it. I'll take a unicycle, just do MORE with it.
  12. In my time of playing F13 which is 120 hours. I have noticed when I play Jason I have every audio Que except when someone starts the boat. Is this missing, intentional not in the game, or is the Que so soft/unusual that I might have not noticed it? When I am a counselor I hear the boat start but as Jason I have no way of knowing the boat is started. If anyone could give some feed back on this it would be appreciated. I do not want to have to be constantly opening my map to make sure people are not escaping via the boat. Thank you for your time
  13. I'm sure they've already thought about this, but wouldn't it be cool if you could chain Jason on the bottom of the Lake, like in Part 6 and 7? You have to find the chain and then have Tommy in the boat in the lake, exactly like in Jason Lives. This would, of course, only work for the Jason Lives and New Blood Jason.
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