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Found 1 result

  1. Some of the players on so many forums and media outlets are crazy to me. I guess I just see it differently. This game is not Dead By Daylight. It's not supposed to favor the counselors. Jason is supposed to murder people, multiple people, every game. There should not be frequent games where every person is surviving. The entire point of the game is to show the movie slasher maniac Jason Voorhees chasing & murdering teenagers. You're supposed to feel panicked, like you're on a time window & that you're constantly struggling to live/survive. You don't WANT Jason to find you or grab you or catch you outside of a building. Everyday there's new threads that pop-up wanting to nerf Jason. Saying his skills are too strong. Saying counselors are too weak. Yet as much as I've played this game, I see people survive every game. I rarely see games where Jason kills everyone. I see people that work together & achieve objectives. I see people that rope-a-dope Jason for a pretty lengthy amount of time every game. I see people, strangers, that communicate & group up. You get to play Jason like 1/8th of the time - do you really want to feel like it's a chore to play as him when you finally get him? It should be fun! You should feel super strong! Do you really want to play as a counselor and feel like the game doesn't have any challenge? Is that worth it for the 1/20 games where he grabs you from farther than you feel you should have been grabbed? Jason goes for a grab & misses (it happens a lot). Jason gets hit with fireworks & stunned. Jason gets hit with a weapon & knocked down. Jason finally grabs you & picks you up but gets stabbed with a knife. Jason grabs you again & a teammate hits him & breaks you free. Jason gets shot with a flare gun & stunned. Jason is frustrated but finally gets you & kills you with a grab kill. OK, that's 1/7 (1/8 if they call Tommy) of the counselors but Jason is too OP because that person still died so it's bullshit..? And that's not counting if that person has a big stamina pool & is close to cabins (as you should be) to be able to window jump & go back-and-forth between two. While Jason has to break windows, break doors, hope to slow you with a throwing knife, listen for if any of his traps go off & wait for his cooldowns to comeback while you're bouncing between. Or if Tommy comes back to help you get away. Or if another teammate comes to help you get away. Or if he leaves because he hears something else that's more important (like a car engine) or believes you when you say into the mic "just take the boat & go, he's on me!" You know when Jason dominates? When people are silent, run around with a thumb up their ass & don't try to accomplish objectives. You got killed in the woods? Why were you in the woods? How much noise did you make? What items did you have? Does anyone else in the game know what items you died with? Did you die to a grab? Did you die immediately, or did Jason have time to walk you out of the brush to an area that required more space for his animation kill? Were you completely unarmed? If you were out in the woods unarmed & got shift+grabbed & died I don't care how far away he snatched you with his grab, that's your fault. Where did you spawn? How many drawers did you get to go through before he found you? Did you have a map? A walkie? What objective were you working toward? Jason is not too OP. You think they put all of those kill animations in the game & had all of those Kickstarter backer goals of kills so that the random Tiffany counselor can escape with the cops every game? C'mon, man. "Oh but it's a bug!" "Oh, but it's a glitch!" "Look at this animated .gif of his grab for the thirtieth time that was set-up by two people in a private game that didn't happen in a game I was in!" You died. You can play again. It's not a big deal. You're supposed to die a lot in this game! Think about the circumstances of how & why you died, even if you died to Shift+Grab into Asphyxiation. Did you have teammates around? Did you have a knife? How early in the game was it? Why were you not in a cabin? How much noise did you make? Were you installing something & messed up? What's the repair of the counselor you were playing? I feel like a lot of times there's other reasons for deaths other than "that's BS, Jason is OP. Nerf pls." Were you communicating with teammates? It sounds like some want the counselors to win all the time & that Jason is supposed to work hard to achieve one kill on a nobody when he's expected to kill multiple nobodies per game. The game is about Jason, not the counselors. Jason has four Skills total. Four. Morph, Shift, Stalk & Sense. I've seen threads already saying that Shift, Morph & Sense are too strong. I've seen threads that his Grab is too strong. That his animation kills are too fast. I've seen threads that a Jason that swings his weapon is "cheap" & that his swing is too fast. I've seen threads that Jason's traps are too OP & putting them on objectives is not fun. Like, I don't know what people want? You want a Jason that only has Stalk & Throwing Knives? It's frustrating to keep seeing all of these nerf threads pop-up when I'm playing & enjoying the hell out of the game. I die a lot. I survive a lot. I've been Jason quite a few times. Sometimes I get quite a few counselors, sometimes I don't get as many as I think I should. That's the name of the game. Ask yourself questions & think of the circumstances surrounding your death after Jason gets you. What could you have done differently? Was the death your fault?
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