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Found 3 results

  1. So the begin cut scene shows that guy being slaughter and all the councelors scattering. Why in the blazes do we start (5 minutes later according to the message) in the middle of nowhere? Three games in a row I die to Jason before even finding a single item. How does this make the game any fun at all? Seriously it's bullshit. Councelors should start inside cabins or something, shouldn't die before any chance at finding a single item. Instead of raising the betrayal xp so much (maybe 500xp would be better) why not give all those losers who leave the game because they're not Jason a HUGE xp loss for abandoning the game. Heck even toss in a cooldown which they can't join another game so quickly. It's seriously annoying for everyone to leave your game and the one who is Jason basically has a free win. I personally would rather see the yellow 2 seater be change into a yellow 2 seater Volkswagen Beetle. I remember in several movies in which said vehicle was used. Also private matches shouldn't reward people the same xp as quick play. Such only favors those who has many friends or are big time streamers. People like myself who don't have anyone to really play with are hindered by this ignorant setting. Open the game up so that Quick Play rewards more. Should be rewarded more by playing Quick Play over Private Match. Edit: Almost forgot the main reason I came here. Stop giving Tommy to people who die and leave the game. Having to wait for Jason to find Tommy because he was chosen to play by one who had already left the game is beyond stupid!
  2. Can something be done to indicate people who gang up with a Jason & other counselors to kill us who are actually there to play the game? I don't know if it's possible but what about the glitch spots people can stand in the whole game too?
  3. What would you do when u got betrayed from 1 of the counselor help Jason by telling and leading him to kill all of you !!? https://youtu.be/Uh7PCHfsUD4
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