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Found 6 results

  1. How To Make Jason Scary In F13 The Game Friday The 13th The Game is one of the most fun yet least scary "Horror" games I've ever played. The main reason why it isn't scary is the way counselors treat Jason. The most recent update was a very good start to making Jason scary. Taking away a lot of pocket knives and removing a lot of weapons was a very smart choice. And the slight speed increase does make Jason more fearful. But this fear won't last long. Soon I'll start seeing players team up beat the crap out of Jason and tea bag him which really ruins the experience. I'm gonna go over many reason on how to make Jason scary. And I'm gonna go over one major idea that'll really make Jason so much scarier. Note that I'm gonna be giving a lot of buffs to Jason but I will be giving buffs to the counselors at the end to balance it out. Fixing Tea bagging: Okay so the first thing that you wanna do is get rid of tea bagging. Every time I see Jason get knocked out I don't wanna see a counselor go over his face and start tea bagging him. It's really not scary anymore after you see that. Grabbing counselors while on the ground would be great but pretty hard to animate IMO. The idea I came up with is make Crouching an ability for counselors. Similar to Jason, in one of the corners in the screen there will be a diamond shaped icon with a crouch logo in it. Every time you get up from a crouch you can't crouch again for 5 to 8 seconds. (I would choose 8 seconds). This will make it so that counselors won't be able to tea bag which will definitely improve the scariness of the game. Fixing Combat: To fix groups of people beating Jason's ass, I got you covered. Make it so that once your are in Fear Mode you can't attack anymore. This makes sense and would make counselors much more worried about fear because no one really cares about it. So when counselors are in groups attacking Jason most of the won't be able to because they'll probably be in Fear Mode. It would also make counselors like Jenny more useful since she doesn't get Fear easy. Buffing Rage: When Jason is in Rage Mode every counselor should shit their pants... but they don't. I've got a few ideas to make Rage much more fearful. Note that some of this stuff may sound OP but remember, I'm gonna give counselors a few buffs at the end of this. When Jason is in Rage mode he must feel unstoppable. First, make it so that Jason ignores pocket knives while in Rage Mode. So when Jason grabs counselors while in Rage Mode they wont be able to use their pocket knives. Second, make it so that Jason is EVEN harder to stun while in Rage Mode. While in Rage Mode he should be 25% harder to knockout. Third, when the cops arrive make it so that Jason goes into Rage Mode instantly. This would fix the problem where counselors like to mess with Jason at the exit before escaping. If Jason ignores pocket knives and is 40% harder to knockout while in Rage Mode then counselors wont hesitate escaping. Adding Back Jason's Beta Animations: One of the MANY things that needs to be added back from the Beta is Jason's animations that were left out of the Final Release. (Counselors Beta animations need to be added back too). Right now in the game Jason looks like a robot. there's no startup animation to anything! You need to bring these back! These animations made Jason look and feel so much more real and menacing. Especially the running Jasons. I have some examples down below. Music: In my opinion, this is the biggest reason why people aren't afraid of Jason in your game. (This is the Major idea I was talking about earlier). When your playing as Jason you can't Jump Scare people because counselors constantly know if your around or not because Jason's music will play. The only way to Jump Scare people is to use Stalk... but Stalk straight up lasts 15 seconds m8. So... make it so that counselors CANNOT hear Jason's music even while he's around them unless you or some other counselor nearby sees him. (If you wan't to make it a little more fair, make it so that counselors can also hear Jason's music if he is within 10 feet near them). This is game changing I know but it would make the game SO much scarier. Counselors would constantly be watching their back and Jason could play much stealthier like he is in the movies. You would have to make Jason's footsteps much louder to make it so that counselors could react fast enough. And make it so that Stalk makes Jason music and footsteps not heard at all even when seen or within 10 feet of counselors. This is probably the biggest thing that will make Jason scary in Friday The 13th The Game. Balancing It All Out: Alright time to balance every thing out so Jason isn't insanely OP. I'm gonna go over Nerfs for Jason and Buffs for counselors. Make it so that every Jason has less Traps. With all these things I gave Jason in his favor he shouldn't have to rely on Traps to kill everyone. Normal Amount of Traps = 3 - Amount of Traps = 2 + Amount of of Traps = 4 Make it a bit easier for counselors to break out of Jason's grab. When Jason is stunned make it so that he is stunned for much longer. Make it so that Jason's Mask gets knocked off much easier so killing Jason becomes more of a Escape Option instead of a Rare Occurrence. (As a matter of fact, you should make Killing Jason show up in the Escape Menu showing you how to do it). Make Throwing Knives do a bit less damage. Make going through Broken Windows do a bit less damage. Make going through Windows a bit faster. Thanks for reading this. And please, fill free to comment your thoughts and suggestions. I would love to hear your guy's feedback on this. - Deku Scrub
  2. I've had many problems with the Roy and Pinehurst Update.. so I would like to give my opinion on this. Yes, We can all agree that Jason is meant to be a pretty powerful entity and challenge to go against. But here's my problem. Remember before the update airedLIVE, when the Dev's put this in the Patch Notes? Reduced the number of Pocket Knives and Medical Sprays that can spawn per match At first, I was pretty fine with this change. I thought that maybe they were gonna remove maybe 2 or 3 pocket knives from the entire Camps as a whole, and I thought that it was a pretty balanced nerf for the counselors according to what they said. Now, when that update went LIVE with Roy (Part 5 Jason.) Words cannot describe how furious I was with the update. There's one fucking thing that pisses me off with the fucking devs, which is the fact that they never ever fucking clarify with any of the bullshit they say. How the absolute FUCK are you gonna put " Reduced the number of pocket knives that can spawn per match." But not " Tremendously Reduced the number of pocket knives that can spawn per match." This update pissed me off because now, finding a pocket knife is a fourth of the equivalency of finding a fucking Pamela Tape. Now with virtually no pocket knives in the match, how the hell do you expect me to survive the fucking game? There's rarely even anyone to help save people because a lot of people in this game are very uncoordinated and don't want to fucking work together. You even had the godamn nerves to give Jason a buff with the pocket knives, just to make me waste my stamina EVEN MORE because I fear Roy and Part 6 Jason limping me with only 2 hits from pocket knives. Let's not forget that the infamous pre-nerfed Jason grab has ONCE AGAIN, made a debut in the game. I've even seen NEW PLAYERS as Jason get 8/8 multiple times against lobbies of players level 50 and above, that's pretty godamn terrible. This game is supposed to be BALANCED, not "Oh we favor this side-- Actually no we're fucking retarded, we like this side instead." I understand that not all people are good at Jason, so sometimes you have to resort to buffing Jason, but you don't have to fucking buff him to the point where he's virtually fucking all of us over. As a developer, your job is to make sure that both partiesare happy at the end of the day. Dead By Daylight recently made a mistake, which is buffing the survivors to the point where using skill isn't present anymore. Now when a fucking Nurse or Hag or Trapper picks someone up when they're on the pallet, they can instantly stun them and not have to time it perfectly, which removes skill from the game; They also did the same with Flashlight Saves too. My message to the developers of Gun Media and Illfonic of Friday The 13th: The Game, is: Fix your godamn game, and get your shit together. You need to really wake the fuck up and really think about how other players will react based on the poor decisions that you so choose to make. Edit: It also appears that some players are reporting that all the counselors have a nerf to Stamina. This is one of the reasons why I almost always am exhausted as Deborah... What a fucking shame Gun Media... -Qcici
  3. Hello, I have been an active user and early adopter of this project. I pre-ordered the game and picked up all the skins packs and the savini jason. I have all the available DLC except for the special emotes. All of this being said, I cannot believe where this game has gone development wise. After the beta it really took a turn for the better and it felt like things were really starting to go well. I was pumped to be playing as one of my favorite horror icons in a modern game. Skip forward towards now and all I can recall are nightmarish, bug infested, underwhelming counselor matches, and bed pounding frustration at Jason's entire mechanics. In my dreams I see a massive killing machine in a corner being pummeled to death by teens with nothing but seemingly endless amounts of pocket knives, shotguns, flares, and the occasional (not really) fire cracker. This isn't even the beginning of it though. Lets's move onto the development schedule itself. I've literally lost track of all the pushed back dates, missed windows, late launches, and horrendous connectivity issues. I was fine with Gun Media and Illfonic making the release date a year later because I knew they would take the time to really capture the feeling of Jason in the game. I was fine when they announced single player bots wasn't happening until after the game was released, I mean AI counselors is quite a feat for a game like this right? Then came the inevitable delay for summer/early fall updates . But what broke me? After they promise a Christmas/early winter update they fall though the Christmas break window and fail to keep yet another promise to their loyal fan base and earlier adopters. I don't mind a few delays here and there, but at the end of the day Gun Media and Illfonic ARE A BUSINESS. you have customers and people looking to purchase a valid and complete experience, and this product is just unacceptable. If you don't want people complaining about the state of the product and the timing of releases, patches, and updates, DON't SET A DATE YOU CAN MISS. I understand that you are a growing and learning company, however, bad business is just bad business. Once I see Jason X, the new maps AND a MASSIVE Bug fix, and Jason rebalance (reWORK at this point) I will think of clicking on the desktop icon and playing your game (product). Here are some suggestions I have created to help create positive user experiences and game development: FIX COUNSELOR SPAWN RATES [ The shotgun, flares, and pocket knives aren't candy, don't just hand them out ] Listen I don't mind having a few (1-2) instances in-game as Jason where a counselor has a pocket knife and escapes my grasp. However , 7-12(no I'm not joking) times a game is INFURIATING. Then couple this issue with 1 gun spawning in map and on Tommy when he arrives creates a hell for ANY Jason, reguardless of grip strength, shift speed, morph, or stalk duration. Not to mention just the pure amount of weapons available to counselors on all the maps. Poor J-Man can't even walk 2 feet without getting a frying pan, wrench, baseball bat, axe, or 2x4 to the face! 2. RE-BALANCE OR REWORK JASON. Jason after release was INTIMIDATING. He was not to be played with. If you saw Jason as a counselor it was run like hell, hide for your goddamn life, or fight with all your might, if you have the luxury to be cornered. If you hit Jason it was a relief like you've never experienced before. You felt genuinely glad to have lived to see another cabin or house. Jason didn't fear a group of 7 counselors wielding everything but the nuclear launch codes coming at him. He was Difficult to hit, you couldn't just wait for him to grab you and let your teammates knock you out of his hands, you were mashing E (or your controller) so hard you were breaking your bones. Jason shouldn't be auto stunned the second he is hit from a stick or axe, or if he is create a bubble of time so counselors can't hit him instantly while he has a pal of theirs in his grasp. One idea on how to fix J7 for example is to create a "perma-stalk" ability where no counselors can hear Jason or his music UNTIL he's been seen BY THAT counselor. if two counselors are in a building and one doesn't see him, they can't hear the music or his footsteps. I know you guys have heard enough complaints about 7 and I know you said you were working on it, but hear me out when I say this: The community is being extra loud about J7 because he is the weakest link. a team or product, is only as strong as it's weakest point or link. 3. CREATE A NEW FEAR Jason needs to be scary, unpredictable, inhuman, strong, huge, and 1 step ahead of counselors. He was never lacking in defense OR offense in the movies. He had a weight with him. A subtle, yet very effective, horror about him. He wasn't some doll to be dragged through the mud. Jason was a massive harbinger of doom, not an Eric Lachappa. Instill fear, don't remove it. Sincerely, CTK [Kyle]
  4. Allow me to preface this topic with the fact that I absolutely love this game. After giving it a quick rent to get a feel for the volume of the player base, it was an immediate buy for me. My gaming sessions since have been largely composed of portraying and evading the iconic hockey-masked killer. Even when I tried out the similar title Dead by Daylight, I couldn’t but feel a preference to load up the former game. That being said, this criticism comes from the intention of further improving what I believe to be a thoroughly engrossing experience. So, to the subject at hand, I realize that this has been a topic of debate for some time now, but I’m going to throw my thoughts into the discussion in the hopes of contributing to a solution. Let me start with a brief anecdote of my experience with the issue: Having started as Tiffany Cox (not quite my main, but variety is the spice of life or, as I’m sure you’ll guess to be the impending case, death), I successfully hid from Jason (Part II) in a cabinet despite a high fear level (He cut the power!). Feeling pretty good about myself, I ventured out into the night and found the sabotaged power box. Upon taking a deep breath for confidence (Tiffany being the mechanical savant that she is), I set to work making the necessary repairs to restore power and---success! Continuing on my way, I came across the phone box and, not far away from that, the fuse! Wow (what was her luck stat again??)! All the while, I had managed to avoid further harassment from Jason. Making my way toward the phone box, however, my learning curve kicked in. I decided to look for traps near the objective. Sure enough, my investigation paid off! Now, I know what you’re thinking: “But Blackwater34, did you have a pocketknife that you could use to disarm the trap?” Sure did! But here’s the kicker: There were three traps all neatly arranged in proximity to the phone box and lovingly covered with fallen leaves to await the ankle of a frantic and unsuspecting counselor. What could I do? I wanted to keep my knife for when Jason inevitably showed up. I had to trip the traps one way or another (I mean, admittedly, I could have abandoned the objective, but…really?) and I DID have a med-spray with 2 charges (Gotta love that perk). Here goes! SNAP...spray…SNAP...spray…JASON MUSIC…Combo “Murdered” into submission. Now, from that story, you could probably identify my criticisms of the systems in play for Jason’s traps: 1. Having to use a vital inventory item to thwart a resource that, admittedly, isn’t quite as vital to Jason. 2. Having no recourse in a situation where an objective is positively inundated with traps (when executing certain stages of said objectives requires a decent amount of legwork on the part of the counselors). 3. Jason becoming alerted even when a trap is disarmed without the introduction of hapless ankles (admittedly this wasn’t in the story but this is what I understand to be the system in play). 4. Jason knows where these objectives are, so peppering one with traps is as quick as game-start-morph. So, at risk of being remiss in my criticism of the issue, I propose my solution: Let counselors disable Jason’s traps as with any other bear trap. I do not believe this would in any way mitigate the lethal nature of the resource save for the aversion of rendering objective locations absolutely inaccessible. They are already camouflaged decently well (in exterior environments) and are easy enough to overlook. If a counselor is cautious enough to check for them at vital locations, he or she should be rewarded for his or her better judgment with the opportunity to crouch (thereby avoiding a dead giveaway interaction icon for anybody just wandering about) and disarm them while, at the same time, remaining vulnerable to Jason in taking the time to do so (just as with the other traps). Well, my 2 cents become 20 bucks, but I think you get the idea. I would thoroughly enjoy constructively discussing this topic with anyone who has been likewise been affected by the issue or who is a genuine advocate of the mechanics in place. If you read this far, thanks for taking the time! If you’re looking for the tl;dr, scroll a bit more: tl;dr : Jason’s traps at times render objectives inaccessible to counselors despite the pocketknife disarm system. Possible solution: Allow counselors to disarm Jason’s traps in the same way they would any other bear trap.
  5. Had an idea for how to balance the police a little bit: make a second spawn-in character in the form of the sheriff Mike Garris. Like Tommy, Mike's stats are all 10s and he spawns with a shotgun at one of the road entrances right when the police are called or shortly-there-after. The downside? The police escape will no longer be available if the Police Chief dies before the police get there, and the sheriff can't escape until he is the last one left.
  6. I think that we should be able to see the phone on the map and have a phone in each area because now only Jason can see the phone and the power boxes which means he could cut the power and it would take restoring power and another 3-7 minutes aside from finding the phone box just to repair it by the time the police gets there the match is almost over
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